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Published Articles on Metzer Farms

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Local Fowl Breeder Unaffected By California Ban on Foie Gras by Deborah Mills published by Gonzales Tribune, July 18, 2012
What Would You Do If Your Birds Tested Positive for Avian Influenza? by John Metzer NAGA News, May/June, 2011 (PDF - 785 KB)
Duck, Duck, Goose By David Frey published by Tractor Supply's Outhere magazine 2010. (PDF - 787 KB)
Single Stage Incubation, John Metzer NAGA News, 2009 (PDF - 776 KB)
Ducks And Geese, Oh My! Salinas Californian, 2008 (PDF - 604 KB)
Holiday Chefs No Longer Flock to Geese Sacramento Bee, 2001 (PDF - 160 KB)
Hatching a Plan San Francisco Chronicle, 2001 (PDF - 725 KB)
Hatcheries Hit Hard by Ban on Air Transportation of Young Birds California Farm Bureau Ag Alert, 2001 (PDF - 948 KB)
Duck, Duck, Goose Monterey County Herald, 2000 (PDF - 1.06 MB)
Delving Into Duck Dividends AgVentures, 1999 (PDF - 1.88 MB)
Ducks, Slugs, and Snails P. Allen Smith Gardens Television, 1998 (PDF - 172 KB)
Hatchery Delivers Quacking Crop Salinas Californian, 1998 (PDF - 358 KB)
The Golden 300 Hybrid International Hatchery Practice, 1997 (PDF - 285 KB)
All of Rancher's Goose and Duck Eggs Are Golden Salinas Californian, 1996 (PDF - 136 KB)
Duck Breeder Likes County's Fowl-Friendly Climate Monterey County Herald, 1995 (PDF - 164 KB)
Jesus Portillo, Hatchery Assistant Salinas Californian, 1995 (PDF - 384 KB)
The Duck That Lays Golden Eggs International Hatchery Practice, 1995 (PDF - 1.57 MB)
Embden Geese, Eggs From Denmark Will Launch New Project California Farm Bureau Ag Alert, 1991 (PDF - 724 KB)
Farmer Looking to Break Into Danish Duck Business Salinas Californian, 1998 (PDF - 712 KB)
Duck Ranching, A Marketing Production Challenge California Farm Bureau Ag Alert, 1984 (PDF - 3.04 MB)
Janelle Metzer Santa Rosa Press Democrat & Honolulu Advertiser, 1983 (PDF - 488 KB)
John Metzer's Ranch Has Gone to the Ducks Salinas Californian, 1980 (PDF - .98 MB)