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Incubation and Hatching
Supplying Food and Water in Hatcher?
Want to Watch Ducklings Hatching on Your Computer?
What Temperatures Kill In An Incubator?
What's So Special About Constant Incubator Temperature?
How to Improve Your Duck Egg and Goose Egg Hatch Rate
Sebastopol Geese Hatching and Raising Their Own Goslings

Duck and Goose Management
Are Your Ducks and Geese Overweight?
Nine Steps for Effective Building Cleanout
Time to Prepare Those Duck and Goose Nests
Can You Move Laying Ducks During Egg Production?
Sources of Poultry Flooring
How Do I Keep It Dry Around My Duck & Goose Drinkers?
Best Bedding Materials for Waterfowl
An Experiment to Reduce Cracked Eggs
Clipping Duck and Goose Wings to Prevent Flight
Six Steps to Keep Ducks From Eating Their Eggs
Are My Ducklings' Leg Problems Due to a Niacin Deficiency?
Do Ducks Prefer Showers or Baths? - Research Results
How to Use Lights to Increase Duck Egg Production
Using Lights to Maximize Duck Egg Production (Part 2)
Seven Steps to Reduce Salmonellae in Your Ducks and Geese
Results of Duck Breeder Flock Culling
How Do I Know Which of My Ducks Are Laying?
Domestic Duck Production, Science and Practice - The Book

9 Steps for Taking Blood Samples From Ducks and Geese
Can Medicated Feed Be Used For Waterfowl?
Mixing Medicine for Small Flocks of Ducks and Geese
How You Can Use Your State Veterinary Laboratory
Insuring Poultry Flocks In Case Of Catastrophic Disease

Duck Eggs for Consumption
Comparing the Nutrients of Duck Eggs and Chicken Eggs
Fresh Duck Egg Survey Results
Fresh Duck Egg Survey
Salted Duck Eggs - How to Prepare, Where to Sell
How Do You Make Duck Egg Yolks More Orange?
Seven Steps to Reduce Salmonellae in Your Ducks and Geese
The Growing Demand for Fresh Duck Eggs

Feed and Nutrition
Can Medicated Feed Be Used For Waterfowl?
Is Your Feed Company on Our List?
Are My Ducklings' Leg Problems Due to a Niacin Deficiency?
Mixing Your Own Duck Feed and Goose Feed

Genetics and Breeding
How Do We Know Pekins Originate From Wild Mallards?
Two Duck Breeds Only Available July 18 and July 25
Our Pekin Duck Breeding Program
Classic Roman Geese
American Livestock Breeds Conservancy - A Valuable Organization
No Ducks Allowed in Hawaii??
Our Purchase of the Holderread Buff and Pilgrim Goose Flocks

Exhibiting Your Birds
Hints For First Time Poultry Exhibitors
Crossroads Poultry Show Report
New Poultry Event Calendar
Metzer Farms at Crossroads Poultry Show

Government and Post Office
Insuring Poultry Flocks In Case Of Catastrophic Disease
Post Office Proposing 75% Increase in Postage for Day-Old Poultry!
Will Postal Changes Affect Mail Order Hatcheries?
Proposed Regulations for Muscovy Ducks
USDA Webinar - What You Need to Know About Raising Healthy Backyard Poultry
No Ducks Allowed in Hawaii??
Testimony to US Postal Commission on Mailing Day-Old Poultry
Will Incandescent Heat Lamps For Brooding Be Banned, Too?

Metzer Farms
A Map of Metzer Farms!
Metzer Farms Traveling Catalog
Hidden Duck Contest on Metzer Farms Website
Six Fall Projects at Metzer Farms
Best Blog Ever!

How Do Our Ducklings and Goslings Actually Get to You?
Exporting Ducklings and Goslings Around the World

Great Blogs That Don't Fit Anywhere Else!
Geese and Children
The Absolutely P.C. Calendar
A Friend's Great Duck Poem
The Popularity of Christmas Geese in England
How to Differentiate African and Toulouse Goslings