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We have collected books on ducks and geese for years and felt we should recommend the best ones to you! We have also read many game bird books and feel the following are also very informative and worth reading - whether you are just starting or have years of experience.

Raising Ducks, Books About Geese Raising Ducks, By Dave Holderread - 316 Pages

We feel this is the most complete book for the small duck producer and hobbyist. It is written by a life long waterfowl enthusiast and successful exhibitor. This is a recently revised and highly recommended book on selecting breeds, behavior, incubation, rearing, sexing, butchering, health, etc.
Price: $18.95


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese The Book of Geese, By Dave Holderread - 209 Pages

This is another complete guide by Dave Holderread containing information on selecting breeds, behavior, incubation, raising, sexing, butchering, health, etc. The only book written in the USA exclusively on geese. It will answer 99% of your goose questions.
Price: $17.95


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese Duck! There's a Goose in the House!, By Nancy Townsend - 251 Pages

This is a fascinating book on raising and keeping ducks and geese as house pets. It describes their intelligence and tenderness, how to diaper them, their care, attributes of various breeds, etc. It is full of color pictures and stories from other waterfowl pet owners. This book is an absolute must for someone wanting a duck or a goose as a pet.
Price: $29.95


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese The Ultimate Pet Duck Guidebook, By Kimberly Link - 222 Pages

This excellent book is written by a true lover of ducks. She has the Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary and has seen many abused and neglected ducks. Her insight on care and solving health problems is inspirational. The pictures are beautiful and she has many endearing duck stories throughout the book. You will be thoroughly prepared if you read this book before your first duckling arrives - and looking forward to its arrival even more!
Once I discovered this book, I decided that anyone answering the phone at Metzer Farms must read this book first.
Price: $34.99


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese Domestic Duck Production, Science and Practice, By Peter Cherry and Trevor Morris - 239 Pages

If you are producing ducks commercially for meat or eggs, this hardcover book is critical. It gives an overview of worldwide duck production and discusses different housing systems depending on your environment. It has information on how best to raise ducks for meat and the factors that influence the body composition of meat ducks. It has an excellent section on rearing breeding stock - how controlled feed intake and different lighting regimes during growth affects future egg production. They also discuss fertility, hatchability and genetic improvement. Everything is supported by scientific research with many graphs showing the consequences of different methods of management.
Price: $99.95


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese Ultimate Pet Goose Guidebook, By Kimberly Link - 242 Pages

Very similar to the book above, but exclusively on geese and their unique attributes and needs. An excellent book for someone new to geese. Proceeds benefit the Majestic Waterfowl Rescue.
Price: $34.99


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese Domestic Geese, By Chris Ashton - 192 Pages

This is an exceptional book on domestic geese written by Chris Ashton of England. As with her book on ducks, there is a tremendous amount of little known information on the origin and development of the many goose breeds. The breed pictures are in brilliant color. Geese are very smart animals and this book gives real direction in working with them. The sections on management and breeding are also superb.
Price: $29.95

Domestic Geese is out of stock and currently unavailable.

Raising Ducks, Books About Geese Youth's Guide to the World of Waterfowl, By Patty Pickard - 59 Pages

A fantastic beginners book on ducks and geese. It goes from beginning to end including selection, raising and strong sections on exhibiting and showmanship. It is a work book to keep the reader actively participating and spiral bound for easy use. Great for 4H members and project leaders.
Price: $15.25


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese Choosing and Keeping Ducks and Geese, By Liz Wright - 208 Pages

We found this book while on vacation in England. Every page has at least one beautiful and instructive color picture. There are discussions on How To Get Started, Every Day Care, Handling and Traveling, Pests and Disease, a Directory of Breeds and many other informative sections. It is interesting to see the English perspective on their waterfowl. Whether this is your first or fourth waterfowl book, you will find it very useful and enlightening.
Price: $15.95


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese The Domestic Duck, By Chris and Mike Ashton - 192 Pages

A required book for anyone wanting to learn more about ducks. This book goes into great detail on the origin and evolution of the many breeds followed by wonderful color pictures. The sections on behavior, management and incubation are also very enlightening. You will definitely learn many new things in this book published in England.
Price: $29.95


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese Poultry and Waterfowl Problems, By Michael Roberts - 96 Pages

This book covers all poultry and waterfowl disease and outlines signs, causes, prevention and treatment. Injuries, parasites, paralysis, angel wing and other problems of waterfowl are covered.
Price: $19.95


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese Poultry House Construction, By Michael Roberts - 92 Pages

A do-it-yourself guide to building poultry houses and related equipment, over 70 pages of detailed drawings.
Price: $22.95


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese Gardening With Guineas, By Jeannette Ferguson - 131 Pages

An excellent down home, practical book on guineas. It covers everything you need to know about guineas for a home flock.
Price: $16.75


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese Raising Game Birds, By Dan Scheid - 11 Pages

This book emphasizes the management of open areas to allow the growth of natural populations of game birds. It also explains how to raise them in captivity and operate a game bird preserve.
Price: $12.75


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese Modern Vermin Control, By Michael Roberts - 56 Pages

Every poultry grower eventually has problems with predators. This book gives practical advice on fencing and trapping foxes, weasels, rats, owls, etc. to protect your poultry. Many good pictures to show trap sets, the predators and their tracks.
Price: $18.75


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese Nutrition and Management of Ducks, By Scott and Dean - 177 Pages

An excellent book for the commercial duck grower written by two scientists who spent their lives working with ducks. Some of the book is on management but the majority is on the nutritional needs of breeding and growing ducks.
Price: $18.95


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese A Guide to Better Hatching, By Janet Stromberg - 100 Pages

A good book for the beginner or professional. It discusses formation, structure and fertility of the egg. It shows how to check fertility by candling, has troubleshooting advice and contains the 10 Commandments for successful hatching.
Price: $10.45


Raising Ducks, Books About Geese Wing Disorders in Waterfowl, By Dave Holderread - 35 Pages

This pamphlet goes into great detail on the causes, prevention, and treatment of Angel (or Twisted) Wing, Split Wing and Lazy Wing. There are illustrations of each condition and how to correct the problem with slings and tape. It is the most complete discussion of the problem I have found.
Price: $7.95


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