Tufted Buff

The Tufted Buff goose was developed by the late Ruth Book of Book Farms in Granby, Missouri. She crossed the Roman Tufted with the Buff and continued re-breeding the progeny until she had a buff colored goose intermediate in size and had a distinct tuft of feathers on its head. Occasionally we hatch a Tufted Buff gosling that has large areas of yellow on it (which will turn into white feathers in the adult) but most are colored like a Buff gosling. These multicolored goslings are not sold as Tufted Buff but rather in our Mixed assortment of goslings.

We purchased all of Mrs. Book's breeders and hope to introduce them throughout the United States. Our ultimate goal is to have them recognized as a distinct breed by the American Poultry Association. This requires at least five breeders to have produced them for at least five years and they must be judged in all available waterfowl classes for two years in two shows by APA approved judges. They then must have a qualifying meet at a prominent show where at least 50 birds are shown by at least five breeders.

Several years ago we sold some Buff and Tufted Buff goslings to Andrea Heesters of the Netherlands. You can visit her website for more pictures and information on these wonderful geese.

There is a picture of a Tufted Buff in Storey Publishing's new book "Pocketful of Poultry" which has pictures of over 100 breeds of poultry.

They are a hardy breed with good egg production and fertility. The advantage of crossing two distinct breeds to create a new one is that you are producing birds with true hybrid vigor because of their diverse genetic background. They are also a pleasant breed with a charming personality.