Buckeye Incubators for Sale

Antique Buckeye Incubators for Sale

Do you want a unique wine cooler.... or sauna.... or locker for curing meats?

We have several incubators that will fit any of these needs. Two of our machines are solid heart redwood and were made in the 1940's by Buckeye Incubator of Springfield, Ohio. The third incubator is a more "modern" Buckeye machine made in the 1960's. These machines are available now as we are retiring them and purchasing new incubators. Please look through the pictures and if you have an interest, please call us at 800-424-7755.
For dimensions and prices, scroll to the very bottom of this page.

Notice the writing above the door. This shows it is Model 66 built in 1946.

The original owner of these machines was Donsing Hatchery in Sacramento (long since closed) which bred and hatched chickens. We purchased these two redwood incubators in 1980 and have used them ever since.

Each of the redwood machines has a functional circular recorder chart so you can track temperatures and humidity for a full week.

Incubator #7 is shown ready to go other than we have removed the two remaining metal beams. You could put a wall in the middle and have red wines in front and white wines at a cooler temperature in the back. Or have a walkway down the middle with red wines on the left and white wines on the right.

Click on a picture for an enlargement.

This is one of the two redwood machines we have, Incubator #5.

These machines held 360 trays of duck eggs for a total of 36,000 duck eggs. The temperature was kept at 99.5 degrees and a humidity of 86 degrees wet bulb. We will remove all metal so you are left with an empty box ready for your remodeling. With 3" thick walls, these machines can maintain high temperatures (sauna) or low temperatures (wine or meat cooler).

Notice the older mercury tilt switches along the bottom. These are OLD electronics!

Incubator #7. This is the other redwood machine and is identical to Incubator #5 other than it was built in 1942.

This is our more "modern" Buckeye incubator #6, model 140. It is not built of redwood.

As you can see, Incubator #5 is finished on the front and exterior left wall. It is painted on the exterior back wall, right wall and top. Incubator #7 is painted on the exterior back wall, left wall and top. It is finished on the front and right exterior wall. They are all painted on the interior.

As an incubator, each machine required constant ventilation. Air entered the redwood machines through a 11" diameter hole above the door and exited via eight round 3.5" diameter holes in the ceiling. For incubator #6, air entered through four 10" diameter holes down the middle of the machine on the ceiling and exited through two rows of 3.5" holes in the ceiling.

All three machines can be dismantled and shipped in panels that are from 36"-40" in width. The floors are not in good shape. I would recommend the incubator floors be removed and the walls mounted directly on your present floor.

Outside dimensions of the redwood machines are 10' 5" wide, 15' 4" long and 8' 5" high. Walls are about 3" thick. Control boxes on the front of the machine are about 3.5" thick.

Outside dimensions of Incubator #6 are 10' 2" wide, 15' 2" long and 8' high. The bumpers on front add about 5".

Each machine weighs about 5000 pounds.

We are asking $8000 for each of the redwood machines and $4000 for the "modern", model 140 machine - or best offer. Don't lose out on these unique machines that can be a beautiful addition to your home or business! Please call or visit for more information.

John Metzer | Metzer Farms


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