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Canada Geese are in very limited supply. Please contact Metzer Farms with your request for Canada Geese, and we will add you to the waiting list. All orders on the waiting list are typically filled in May of each year. The minimum order of Canada Geese is 6.

Canada geese are often kept for their stately, serene beauty. They are comfortable on land and on the water eating succulent grasses and pond weeds. We offer the Maxima strain of Canada geese which weighs 9-13 pounds. Many customers have told us their Canada geese are the best pets they have had - very calm, curious and friendly.

They are strong fliers and may find "greener pastures" or join migrating geese unless you prevent their flight. This can be done by clipping the flight feathers in one wing annually or pinioning them. The easiest way to pinion them is to remove the tip of one wing immediately after hatching. We can do this if you so request.

Canada geese will pair up by year two and will start producing eggs in their third or fourth year. They are very defensive of their nest and people and pets need to be kept away during this time. They do make excellent parents and should raise a brood every year.

We will supply you a free permit with your goslings. This is all you need unless you sell or give away any of your Canada geese. If you do this, you need to get a permit from the US Fish and Game. You can go to our Fish and Game Office page to find your nearest office. Fines are stiff if you are selling or giving away Canada geese so we encourage you to get the necessary permit once you start producing more geese than you want to keep.

If you have an interest in the Canada goslings, we encourage you to put your name on our waiting list as every year we are unable to fill all orders. Most Canada goslings are shipped in May and early June. We will phone you in April to confirm you still want your goslings. As the female goose starts the setting, we can not tell you the ship date nor can other birds be sent with them. You will be phoned, however, the day before the shipment so you can be expecting them. You can not order Canada goslings for a specific date. You must phone or email us to put your name on our waiting list. All Canada goslings are sent Express Mail.