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Metzer Farms is excited to expand our bird selection to include two popular broiler chicks. We have an excellent white Cornish Cross broiler and a red broiler, the Rolin S, for all your chicken broiler needs. With the addition of these broiler chickens, we can better serve the pastured poultry industry and other small and intermediate sized farms that supply farmers markets, local restaurants, CSA's, and local butchers.

Cornish Cross

Cornish Cross Chickens
Rolin S

Rolin S Pasture Chicken
Cornish Cross
This Cobb 500 cornish cross chicken has exceptional feed conversion and growth rate. This chicken will produce the best uniformity for processing with lean, tender breast meat. They can be processed as a cornish game hen in as few as 4 weeks, a 7.4 pound fryer in 7 weeks, or a roaster in 10 weeks.

Rolin S
The Rolin S is an intermediate growth, active chicken which will thrive on the range. This is a great choice for those looking for characteristics of both the economical Cornish Cross and the slow growing, colored heritage breeds. With a great feed conversion rate and healthy growth rate (6.5 lbs. in 66 days), this bird is sure to meet your needs.

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