Raising Ducklings and Goslings

Pekin Ducklings

Commercial Meat Duck Production

  Metzer Farms emphasizes the breeding and hatching of quality Pekin ducklings for our customers that grow Pekin ducks for commercial meat production. We hatch every Monday throughout the year for these customers. Whether you need 100 or 4000, we should be able to meet your needs. Some customers get ducklings every week, others get them every two or four weeks. We can work around your needs.

The main strain we use is the Grimaud Hybrid , a large, fast growing Pekin duck. We have tried a variety of Pekin strains in the past and continue trying new strains of Pekin duck, but the Grimaud Hybrid is the best to date. We have imported breeding stock from Grimaud Freres, an international poultry breeding company in France, since 2000. If you visit their site (www.grimaudfreres.com), our Grimaud Hybrid is the same as their Star 53.

Grimaud Hybrid ducklings are pure Pekin ducks. They are listed as hybrid as a male from a large, fast growing Pekin strain is crossed with a female from a high egg production Pekin strain to produce the hybrid ducklings we sell you. They will reproduce if you use the ducklings we supply you as breeders. They won’t lay as many eggs and there will be less hybrid vigor, but they will produce fertile eggs.

We will send you a Commercial Duck Management Guide with your first order of 120 or more ducklings – just ask for it when you place your order.

Standard Performance of our Pekin Meat Ducks

Grimaud Hybrid
Age at Slaughter, days

Live weight, lbs.

Eviscerated Weight, lbs

Feed conversion


Breast filet

Skin & fat in carcass



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