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Metzer Farms has over 15 breeds of baby ducks for sale and we ship year round. With our two bird minimum order and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you will not be disappointed ordering from North America's favorite duck and goose hatchery. You can mix and match your ducklings and choose whichever sexes you want. At Metzer Farms, we take pride in shipping healthy baby ducks to satisfied customers on a weekly basis.

With so many different breeds of ducks, you may have trouble deciding which breed you want. To help with this common problem, you can go to our duck breeds chart to compare Pekins, Khaki Campbells, Mallards, and all the other ducks available. This covers attributes such as egg production, duck weight, foraging and flying ability, egg size, temperament, and many more topics. Although every baby duck develops its own unique personality, we want to start you off with the best duck breed to suit your needs.

We also offer hatchery choice ducklings for sale. This can be a more economical choice for those of you looking for a simple solution to brighten up your day.


Rouen Duck

Buff Ducks
Blue Swedish

Blue Swedish Ducks
White Layer

White Layer Duck
Fawn & White Runner

Runner Ducks
White Crested

White Crested Duck
Jumbo Pekin

Jumbo Pekin Duck
Golden 300 Hybrid

Golden 300 Hybrid Layer Duck
Black Runners

Black Runner Ducks
Blue Runners

Blue Runner Ducks
Chocolate Runners

Chocolate Runner Ducks

Hatchery Choice

Hatchery Choice Ducklings

Pekin Ducks
Khaki Campbell

Khaki Campbell
Black Swedish

Black Swedish Ducks

Cayuga Ducks
Welsh Harlequin

Welsh Harlequin Ducks


Ducks - Amazing Animals

Ducks are typically hardier than other poultry such as chickens or turkeys, some strains can lay as many eggs as the best chicken layers, and they are fun to watch with their antics in your backyard, your barnyard or your pond. They grow quickly and will rid your garden, yard or orchard of slugs, snails, earwigs or any other bug they can find.

Duck manure will increase the fertility of your soil and you can collect their feathers to make many arts and crafts. Don't miss out on impressing your neighbors with beautifully colored duck eggs in spring or the best eggnog in winter. When it comes to cooking, we hear both professional and amateur bakers swear by the virtues of replacing chicken eggs with duck eggs.

Raising Ducks
You should not be worried when starting a flock of 2 ducks or 500 ducks because we will help you along the way. Before you buy any baby ducks we encourage you to read and learn how to raise baby ducklings. As a family owned and operated hatchery, we know what kind of problems you can run into on the farm. This is why we've put a lot of resources into supplying you the best growing and management information possible for raising baby ducks. Elsewhere on our website we have information on what ducks eat, and answer many common questions regarding duck health. If we can not answer all your questions, we recommend visiting the Cornell Duck Research Laboratory website. They are a great source of poultry information with ducks in particular.

Some of the baby ducks for sale are ideal for egg laying such as the Golden 300 or White Layer. These ducks are bred for the highest egg laying production possible. These birds will lay well for anyone under almost any type of care. For maximum egg production, however, the feed must be of high quality and fed at the right quantity. Proper lighting must also be considered because ducks come into egg production as day length increases. These are just some of the things that will increase the productivity of ducks.

Ducks are becoming more popular as a main entree and we offer a couple different breeds to meet this demand. The Pekin is the world's most common duck used in duck meat production. We also offer the Duclair which is exclusive to Metzer Farms and is quickly becoming the duck of choice for white tablecloth restaurants. The Duclair is similar to the Pekin in appearance but is smaller and has a rich taste. Properly grown ducks can be ready for processing at 7 weeks of age.

If you want to try your own hand in duck egg hatching, we offer fertilized duck eggs for sale. If you already have a broody duck or chicken all you have to do is set the fertilized eggs in the nest. Another option is for you to purchase an incubator for your eggs. In 28 days you'll have your newly hatched ducklings. This can be a great project for a class and definitely an experience that will never be forgotten.

Many people come to us in search of a pet duck. Metzer Farms enjoys working with our past customers to come up with a list of pet ducks that we find best fit for you. Although we've heard great experiences with all different types of pet ducks, we make this list based on past customer testimonials.

We offer multiple ways for you to order your baby ducks. You can easily buy online, call the office, or fax a completed order form. We only take credit card or check because bitcoin scares us, dogecoin offends us, and duckecoin doesn't exist, yet.  

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