Raising Ducklings and Goslings

White Crested Ducks

Balut & Salted Eggs

One of our most popular duck egg products is our balut (Filipino) or hot vit lon (Vietnamese).
This is a duck egg that has been incubated for 17 days and removed from the incubator for boiling and consumption.
It is considered a delicacy and highly nutritious.

For the balut we sell within Central California, we remove the eggs from the incubator on Thursday, candle them to ensure quality, and immediately deliver them. For those eggs we mail, we will remove, candle and mail them on Wednesday. If you have a party for which you need the eggs by Friday or Saturday, the eggs should be mailed by Express mail to ensure they arrive on time. We do not cook the balut.

Order Balut

QuantityEgg SizeWeight in Ounces
Before Incubation
Weight in Grams
Before Incubation
Price Per Egg 
Pee Wee Under 2.5Under 70$0.75   
Small2.5 - 2.870 - 78$0.80   
Medium2.8 - 3.179 - 87$0.85   
Large3.1 - 3.588 - 99$0.95   
JumboOver 3.5100+$1.00   

Salted Duck Eggs

We also sell salted duck eggs which can be shipped with the balut.
We do not cook or dye the salted eggs.

Order Salted Eggs

QuantityEgg SizeWeight in Ounces
Before Salting
Weight in Grams
Before Salting
Price Per Egg 
Pee WeeUnder 2.5Under 70$0.70
Small2.5 - 2.870 - 78$0.75
Medium2.8 - 3.179 - 87$0.80
Large3.1 - 3.588 - 99$0.85
JumboOver 3.5100+$0.90

Our minimum charge for eggs is $31.00. In addition there is a $5.00 charge for the special foam packaging we use for every 20 eggs ordered plus the actual postage charges. The eggs are mailed by priority mail and should arrive within 2-4 days.
We do not recommend shipping the large or jumbo eggs.
If you order large or jumbo, we are not responsible for any breakage during shipment.


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