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Oftentimes feed stores do not have a feed with the protein content you want. If you want to combine two feeds with different protein percentages to achieve a specific protein level in between the two percentages, use the following calculator. The protein level should be given on all sacked, mixed feeds. If you are wanting to mix in a single type of grain, the table at the bottom has typical protein levels for these grains.
What is the percent of protein in Feed A? %
How many pounds of Feed A will you be using? lbs.
What is the percent of protein in Feed B? %
What is the percent of protein you wish to achieve? %

Press ,wait for a new page to appear and then scroll down for the answer.

You can use this calculator for balancing any two nutrient levels, not just protein. Use it to balance energy, or calcium, or niacin, or...

Protein content of various feeds:

Wheat, Hard13.51440
Wheat, Soft10.81460
Millet, Pearl12.01470
Alfalfa Pellets15.0881

**Source: 2009 "Feedstuffs" Reference & Buyers' Guide

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