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Embden Geese

Geese For Sale

Metzer Farms has over 10 breeds of geese for sale and ships to you in the Spring. You can buy a minimum of two goslings and as always we guarantee you arrival of healthy birds. If you go to our Goose Breeds Chart, you can compare Embden, Toulouse, and all the other different breeds to see which has the attributes you want. Such attributes include but are not limited to egg production, bird weight, temperament, and weeding ability.

Geese are the most intelligent poultry. You will be surprised by their understanding of the events going on around them. They enjoy companionship, they play, they seem to have emotions, and they will communicate with you if you listen. They are extremely protective of their family. The bad part of this is they may become territorial during the spring breeding season. The fascinating part of this is they will often adopt and raise baby goslings that are not their own - even if they were not sitting on eggs or being parents at the time.


African Geese

Buff Geese

Embden Goose
Tufted Buff

Tufted Buff Geese
Large Dewlap Toulouse

Large Dewlap Toulouse
Roman Tufted

Roman Tufted Geese
  Brown Chinese

Brown Chinese Geese
White Chinese

White Chinese Geese

Toulouse Geese

Pilgrim Geese
Super African

Super African Geese
French Toulouse

French Toulouse Geese

Sebastopol Geese

Geese Make Great Pets

Having a pet goose, although still very unique, is becoming more common for families. They act as a guard animal by instinct and will love their caretakers. It is well known that each individual goose has its own personality that will quickly distinguish itself from all other animals. Our past customers keep us updated on the joys and stories they have of their pet geese. We would love to hear and spread your stories and comments, too.

Their favorite food is grass so if you have a lawn, orchard or pasture where you need the grass kept under control, they are your happy soldiers. Whether you consider it an advantage or disadvantage, they will let you know when a stranger arrives. And interestingly, more people are afraid of geese than dogs so you can use them as a deterrent to trespassers. Geese are fascinating animals and will live for up to 15-20 years if cared for properly and protected from predators.

Before your baby geese arrive, you will need to learn how to raise goslings. This will guide you through the process of preparing for the birds, receiving the birds, and keeping up with their fast rate of growth. They'll need a clean and warm place to live with plenty of food and water upon their arrival. They will soon outgrow their pen, so it will need to be enlarged as well as continually have fresh bedding added..

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