Raising Ducklings and Goslings

Bogenfurst Goose Hatchery, Hungary

General Poultry Information

Offering quality organic and non-medicated feeds for chickens, ducks, and cattle.

Avian Fashions
Diapers for your homebound duck or goose

Cornell University Duck Research Library
Much information on ducks -especially on health and disease.

Insights, news, tips, and knowledge on raising ducks

A pet duck care website with live webcam of ducks

An on-line zoological garden of domestic poultry. Includes photos, video and information about various breeds of fowl, including chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas, etc.

New Agrarian
My experiences raising ducks in a suburban backyard. Includes management, housing, and a journal of duck development from birth through adulthood.

The Coop
The Coop is dedicated to all the folks around the world that raise, breed or show poultry, waterfowl, gamebirds and related species.

The Poultry Connection
A good place to start with lots of poultry and waterfowl info.

Raising Ducks
University of Minnesota pamphlet

Raising Geese
University of Minnesota pamphlet

The Goose Mother
Excellent information for those raising one or two ducks or geese as pets.

A website for those raising ducks and geese

Guinea Fowl General Store
Lots of info and guinea products

Discount supplier of egg cartons, egg trays, & poultry supplies. They have cartons designed for duck and goose eggs.

Purina Mills Poultry
Feeds and Information

V & W Incubators
Incubators for chicken, quail, duck, turkey, goose and ostrich eggs. A Chinese manufacturer with a website furnishing detailed information on incubation techniques for the expert and novice.


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