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Grimaud Hybrid Pekin Ducks
Grimaud Hybrid Pekin Ducks    

Grimaud Hybrid Pekin Ducks

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Straight Run $5.89 $4.71 $3.53 $2.53 $2.30 $2.06
Males $6.47 $5.18 $5.18 $5.18 $5.18 $5.18
Females $8.24 $6.59 $4.94 $3.54 $3.21 $2.88

All our Pekin breeders are purchased from Grimaud Freres, a French poultry breeding company. Their first breeding efforts were with Muscovy and Mule ducks but quickly expanded to Pekin ducks, rabbits, geese, pigeons, turkeys and chickens. The strain of Pekin ducks we use is the Grimaud Hybrid Pekin, Strain 53. This is a fast growing, feed efficient duck. It is of 100% Pekin blood. It is called a hybrid as we cross males from their Line 50 with the females from their Line 30 to produce the commercial duckling we sell. The Line 30 ducks are a good sized bird and lay a high number of fertile eggs. The Line 50 ducks are a very large duck with outstanding meat characteristics. We sell from 5,000 to 12,000 ducklings per week of this strain for meat production.

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Not Available

Limited Availability (<10 ducks)

Following is the standard production performance of the Grimaud Hybrid:

Age at slaughter, days49
Live weight, lbs.8.1
Eviscerated weight, lbs.5.26
Feed conversion2.29
Mortality, % 2.5
Breast filet, % 25.5

If you do not want as large a bird, you can process at a younger age. Some of my customers are processing at 41-42 days of age as they only want a 7 pound live weight bird.
We will send you a Commercial Duck Management Guide with your first order of 120 or more ducklings - just ask for it when you place your order.