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Straight Run $6.90 $5.83 $4.35 $3.73 $2.68 $2.40 $2.13
Sexed: Males or Females $8.95 $7.88 $6.40 $5.78 $4.73 $4.45 $4.18

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The table below shows the availability of Jumbo Pekin for the next four months.
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The Jumbo Pekin is our largest strain of Pekin. Commercial Pekin ducks are produced by crossing a male from a large, meaty strain of Pekin with a female Pekin from a medium sized, highly fertile good egg producing strain. With this cross you get a large number of ducklings from the female that grow into good sized birds because of the size of the male. The Jumbo Pekin ducklings are from a pure male line.

They are probably the largest Pekin you can get. For exhibition they are excellent for Meat Pens but do not have the special conformation necessary for show Pekins. They have been bred for size and meat production, not the specialized standards of show Pekins. Please note our breeders do not look particularly large as they have been on a diet most of their life prior to egg production. By keeping them slim and trim we are able to increase egg production by at least 40% and fertility by 10%. If they are not kept on a diet, the males reach at least 11 pounds and the females 9.5 pounds in three months.

To purchase hatching eggs for this breed, go to our Hatching Egg Page.

Jumbo Pekin

Jumbo Pekin

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