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Rolin S Meat Chicken The Rolin S is an intermediate growth, active chicken which will thrive on the range. This is a great choice for those looking for characteristics of both the economical Cornish Cross and the slow growing, colored heritage breeds. With a great feed conversion rate and healthy growth rate (6.5 lbs. in 66 days), this bird is sure to meet your needs.

The Rolin S is a moderate growing red broiler best suited for free range and pasture growing. This bird has a full and robust flavor due to its slightly higher fat and red meat content. Because of its moderate growth rate and superior genetics, you will find the aesthetic and flavor qualities of a heritage chicken coupled with good feed conversion and ruggedness many growers desire.

Rearing this chicken under Label Rouge guidelines or simply with an organic diet supplemented with foraging, the Rolin S is the best red broiler available. With a slightly higher fat content than the Cornish Cross, you'll have a more flavorful bird. Customers will accept nothing less once they are given the opportunity to taste this chicken from your farm.
For best performance, it is recommended at days 1-21 to start the birds with 21% protein. From days 21-30 the protein can be lowered to 19% and then the birds can be finished with 17% protein from 31 days to market. With good management, this bird will grow to a very healthy 6 pounds in 10 weeks.

If you are looking for a faster and more economical chicken, it is best you try the Cornish Cross.

Order Rolin S Chickens
You must order a minimum of 5 chicks. Please note that chickens cannot be shipped with other birds. If you wish to order chickens as well as waterfowl or guinea fowl, please place separate orders.

For orders of fewer than 15 birds, the Extra Small Order Charge will be added to shipping cost - $33
For orders of 15 to 20 birds, the Small Order Charge will be applied - $16

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