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Price List for White Layer
Quantity 1 - 24 25 - 59 60 - 119 120 +
Straight Run $6.14 $5.22 $4.77 $4.13
Sexed: Males or Females $8.19 $7.27 $6.82 $4.13
If you order 60 or more females of the Golden 300 Hybrid or White Layer, up to an equal number of males are included at NO CHARGE. This special offer is only for these two breeds.
Please Order your Females First and then specify how many free males you would like.

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The table below shows the availability of White Layer for the next four months.
To view the availability of all the breeds we offer, please see our Hatching Dates Table.
Dec 11 Dec 18 Dec 25 Jan 1 Jan 8 Jan 15 Jan 22 Jan 29 Feb 5 Feb 12 Feb 19 Feb 26 Mar 5 Mar 12 Mar 19 Mar 26

The White Layer was developed several years after the Golden 300 Hybrid as some of our customers wanted a white egg laying bird. The advantage of the white color to these customers is the embryo is a lighter, yellow color which is preferable to the variety of colors in the Golden 300 embryo for balut production. Balut are duck eggs incubated to 17 days, removed from the incubator and cooked. This is a delicacy among some Filipinos, Vietnamese and other southeast Asia populations.

The White Layer has equal egg production to the Golden 300 Hybrid. The only minor difference between it and the Golden 300 Hybrid is that the White Layer lays fewer bluish colored eggs. All the progeny of the White Layer are white.

As many customers want larger quantities of these ducks for egg production, we have special pricing for them. If you want 60-119 females, you pay the prices in the price list for the females and their sexing but there is no charge for up to an equal number of males. If you purchase 120 or more females, there is no sexing charge and no charge for up to an equal number of males. This only applies to the White Layer and Golden 300 Hybrid. Please call for further information or explanation. Most customers do not need the males and typically they cannot be raised profitably for meat production.

If you are interested in producing duck eggs to sell, we recommend you go our Maximizing Egg Production page for more information on this topic.

If you want to find locally produced duck eggs, go to our page Our Customers That Sell Fresh Duck Eggs. If you would like to be placed on this page as a seller of duck eggs, see the requirements on this same page.

This table shows how the White Layer compares to the Khaki Campbell (historically considered the best egg layer) on our farm.

White LayerKhaki Campbell
Eggs In 40 Weeks of Lay230195
Eggs In 52 Weeks of Lay290240
Egg Weight82 gr., 2.9 oz76 gr., 2.7 oz
Average Fertility93%90%
Average Hatch of Fertile88%83%
Mortality During Lay3%4%
Pounds of Feed Per Duck
Per Day During Lay
Consistency of ProductionVery GoodAverage
Age at 5% Egg Production23 Weeks22 Weeks
Number of Females per Male5.756.0
Weight of Female at 23 Weeks4.65 lbs.4.15 lbs.

To purchase hatching eggs for this breed, go to our Hatching Egg Page.

White Layer

White Layer

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