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Heritage Duck Package

To help build awareness of those breeds of ducks that are rare and endangered, we are offering a package of duck breeds identified by the Livestock Conservancy as most at risk of disappearing.

It is our choice of breeds but if you order from 6-14, you will receive at least three breeds of ducklings, with at least two of them from the Critical or Threatened breeds. If you order 15 or more, you will receive four or more breeds, with at least three from the Critical or Threatened categories. Those breeds that you may receive are:

Dutch Hookbill - Critical
Buff, Saxony, Silver Appleyard - Threatened
Cayuga, Blue or Black Swedish, Welsh Harlequin - Watch

The Livestock Conservancy defines Critical as having fewer than 500 breeding birds in North America; Threatened is fewer than 1000 breeding birds, and Watch is defined as having fewer than 5,000 breeding birds. Since we feel the Livestock Conservancy is so valuable to our poultry community, we are giving you a $20 off coupon on a first year membership with your Heritage Duck order!