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Shipping Boxes for Day-Old Poultry

Shipping boxes for chicks, ducklings, baby birds

We now sell the boxes we use to ship our day old birds. These are approved for use by the US Postal Service and meet international air transport standards for shipping day old poultry. We recommend the use of good quality alfalfa or grass hay to put in the bottom of each box to ensure good footing and proper absorption of all droppings.

Chick boxes are currently unavailable.

Prices & Ordering Small & Med Boxes
 2550 - 200225+  
SUMMER SMALL$4.53$4.38 $4.28  
WINTER SMALL$4.53$4.38 $4.28  
MEDIUM$5.81$5.66 $5.56  

  Capacity Dimensions
 PheasantsChicksKeetsDucklings GoslingsLengthWidthHeight InsideHeight Outside
SMALL302520 17812.5"9.5"6" 7"
MEDIUM605040 341618"12"6" 7"