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Hidden Duck Contest

Find the little black duck on our website and enter yourself in a monthly drawing for a $40 gift certificate!
Look closely, it could be anywhere!

Here's how you enter:

Somewhere on this website is the little picture of a black duck. A sample is shown above. If you find it, just click on it to go to the entry form. Fill out the simple form, and enter!

One winner will be chosen every month. On the first of every month the duck will be moved. You can enter once a month. Enjoy your search and good luck!



1) m. h. - Stockton Springs, ME
2) T. P. - Wilsall, MT
3) N. C. - Garnett, KS
4) C. N. - Princeton, KS
5) S. N. - Princeton, KS
6) C. C. - Garnett, KS
7) T. N. - Princeton, KS
8) D. H. - Gordonsville, VA
9) J. H. - Gordonsville, VA
10) K. P. - Harrisville, WV
11) E. A. - Oakton, VA
12) E. S. - Nicholasville, KY
13) K. S. - Princeton, KS
14) D. J. - Tuolumne , CA
15) J. A. - Groton , CT
16) B. A. - Groton , CT
17) E. L. - Lyons, TX
18) J. R. - Newport, PA
19) M. M. - Redding , CA
20) E. Y. - Portland, OR
21) T. N. - Portland, OR
22) N. N. - Portland, OR
23) A. A. - Flagstaff, AZ
24) J. M. - Linville , VA
25) L. Y. - Portland, OR
26) J. Y. - Portland, OR
27) J. K. - Deptford, NJ
28) K. M. - Saint Albans, WV
29) A. B. - Saint Albans, WV
30) K. K. - Black Hawk, SD
31) J. M. - , OH
32) W. H. - Susanville, CA
33) D. B. - Chillicothe, OH
34) L. C. - Westfield, IN
35) S. W. - Santa Paula , CA
36) J. W. - Santa Paula , CA
37) M. W. - Santa Paula , CA
38) D. A. - Mt. Vernon, IN
39) E. H. - Clinton, MS
40) D. T. - dorr, MI
41) V. F. - Pleasant Hill, MO
42) T. K. - Black Hawk, SD
43) S. L. - Roseburg, OR
44) J. H. - Allen, TX
45) D. B. - Jena, LA
46) M. B. - Pipe Creek, TX
47) S. B. - Pipe Creek, TX
48) J. G. - Chesapeake Beach, MD
49) S. S. - Cogan Station, PA
50) J. S. - Cogan Station, PA
51) L. D. - Shreveport, LA
52) C. H. - Balfour, ND
53) K. C. - Chesapeake, VA
54) M. K. - Hagerstown , MD
55) J. T. - Shiocton, WI
56) J. K. - Shiocton, WI
58) E. F. - Spanish fork, UT
59) D. H. - , AK
60) A. E. - Healdsburg, CA
61) L. Y. - CATAWBA, VA
62) M. D. - Seale, AL
63) K. N. - Bridgeport, NE
64) J. A. - Boise, ID
65) B. M. - Jonesboro, IL
66) M. L. - Roseburg, OR
67) A. W. - Barnet, VT
68) J. S. - Chico, CA
69) C. S. - Chico, CA
70) C. L. - Leesville, SC
71) J. Z. - Pine Lake, GA
72) A. M. - Santa Rosa , CA
73) L. P. - Petaluma , CA
74) K. C. - Bethlehem, PA
75) L. S. - Loyalton , CA
76) A. B. - Wheaton, KS
77) C. F. - Hastings, FL
78) B. A. - Bakersfield , CA
79) S. K. - Hookstown, PA
80) D. M. - , NY
81) K. M. - Greenview, CA
82) T. H. - Crest Hill, IL
83) J. W. - KINGSTON, WI
84) L. E. - Portland, OR
85) L. M. - Benton, LA
86) J. H. - Ortonville, MI
87) B. L. - Sandy, OR
88) B. D. - Traverse City, MI
89) H. M. - Lookout Mountain, GA
90) M. G. - Gallup, NM
91) S. M. - Kingsport, TN
92) L. P. - Gate City, VA
93) I. M. - Kingsport, TN
94) R. G. - Muskogee, OK
95) B. W. - Honey Brook, PA
96) A. W. - Paso Robles , CA
97) M. P. - Fort Lauderdale, FL
98) P. P. - Perth amboy, NJ
99) A. P. - Kingsbury, TX
100) A. O. - Cypress, TX
101) N. D. - Derry, NH
102) L. Z. - Pine Lake, GA
103) B. H. - West Haven, UT
104) B. H. - WEST HAVEN, UT
105) C. K. - Elizabeth, IN
106) E. H. - Longmont, CO
107) C. C. - Berkeley Springs, WV
108) G. A. - Flagstaff, AZ
109) K. D. - Seaside, OR
110) C. B. - Russellville, KY

Our list of winners to date:

Our February hidden duck winner is Kelly P. from Harrisville, WV. Congratulations to Kelly!
Our January hidden duck winner is Rachel B. from Jackson, ME. Congratulations, Rachel!

Our final hidden duck winner for the year is Janet F. of Henderson, NV. Congratulations to Janet!
Congratulations to Aleksander R. from Dodgeville, WI! Aleksander is our November winner!
Congratulations to Jake R. from Newport, PA! Jake is our winner for October!
The hidden duck contest winner for September is Mitchell E. of University Place, WA. Congratulations, Mitchell!
Our August winner is Andrea B. from Saint Albans, WV. Congratulations, Andrea!
Congratulations to Micah L. from Roseburg, OR! Micah is our winner for July!
Our June winner is John L. from Melrose, MA. Congratulations to John!
The winner for May is Katie B. from New Hope, MN. Congratulations, Katie!
Congratulations to David M. from Louisa, VA! David is our winner for April!
Our March winner is Treena K. from Black Hawk, SD. Congratulations to Treena!
Our winner for February is Jennifer S. from Chico, CA. Congratulations to Jennifer!
Our winner for January is Matt K. from Pleasanton, NE. Congratulations, Matt!

Our December winner is Kathleen L. from Portland, OR. Congratulations to Kathleen!
Our November winner is Patrick C. from Chillicothe, OH. Congratulations to Patrick!
Our winner for October is Jennifer S. from Chico, CA. Congratulations to Jennifer!
Congratulations to Katie B. from Charlestown, IN.! Katie is our winner for September!
Congratulations to Payton W. from Jay, FL.! Payton is our August winner!
Our July winner is Micah L. from Winston, OR. Congratulations to Micah!
Our June winner is Lynne L. from Wellington, KS. Congratulations, Lynne!
Our winner for May is Doug J. from Sonora, CA. Congratulations to Doug!
Congratulations to Joseph C. from Harrisville, PA! Joseph is our April winner!
Our March winner is Karen M. from Lewistown, IL Congratulations to Karen!
Our winner for February is Justin L. from Portland, OR. Congratulations, Justin!
Congratulations to Jamie L. from Newberg, OR! Jamie is our January winner!

Our winner for December is John A. from Groton, CT. Congratulations to John!
Our winner for November is Ben B. from Ballico, CA. Congratulations, Ben!
Micah L. from Winston, OR is our winner for October! Congratulations, Micah!
Congratulations to John L. from Melrose, MA! John is our September winner!
Congratulations to Doug J. from Sonora, CA! Doug is our winner for August!
Our winner for July is Eunice C. from Victorville, CA. Congratulations, Eunice!
Our winner for June is Allen H. from Hampstead, NC. Congratulations, Allen!
Our May winner is Trina D. from White Cloud, MI! Congratulations to Trina!
Congratulations to Mike T. from Hampstead, MD ! Mike is our winner for April!
Our March winner is Ronnie M. from Quinwood, WV! Congratulations, Ronnie!
Our winner for February is Isabella W. from Schellsburg, PA. Congratulations, Isabella!
Our winner for January is Clinton F. from Buffalo, MN. Congratulations, Clinton!

Congratulations to William G. from Phoenix, AZ! William is our winner for December!
Congratulations to Joyce H. from Allen, TX! Joyce is our November winner!
Our October winner is Steve N. from Westport, CT! Congratulations to Steve!
Our September winner is Jeffrey L. from Newburg, OR! Congratulations, Jeffrey!
Our August winner is Jody C. from Leadhill, AR! Congratulations, Jody!
Congratulations to Cory G. from Florence, OR! Cory is our winner for July!
Our winner for June is Susan M. from Springfield, MO. Congratulations, Susan!
Our May winner is Morgan S. from Allegan, MI! Congratulations, Morgan!
Our winner for April is Leslie F. from Oklahoma City, OK. Congratulations, Leslie!
Congratulations to Jessica R. from Batesville, AR! Jessica is our March winner!
Our winner for February 2016 is Jason L. from Portland, OR Congratulations to Jason!
Our winner for January is Timothy D. from Oak Grove, MN Congratulations, Timothy!

Our December winner is Nick C. from Oneonta, NY Congratulations, Nick!
Congratulations to Jessica C. from Holdenville, OK! Jessica is our Hidden Duck Contest Winner for November!
Congratulations to Jay L. from El Monte, CA! Jay is our October winner!
Our winner for September is Michael C. from Concord, CA Congratulations, Michael!
Congratulations to Luke J. from Sullivan, IN! Luke is our winner for August!
Our July winner is Tarah B. from Susanville, CA Congratulations to Tarah!
Our June winner is Chad H. from Vandergrift, PA Congratulations, Chad!
Congratulations to Robert A. from Oklahoma City, OK! Robert is our winner for May!
Congratulations to Anna M. from Seward, AK! Anna is our April winner!
Our March winner is Ed P. from Brecksville, OH Congratulations, Ed!
Our winner for February is John L. from Melrose, MA Congratulations, John!
Congratulations to Kathleen H. from Greensboro, MD, our January winner!

Congratulations to Sandy H. from Oconto Falls, WI, our winner for December!
Our December winner is Monica D. from Quantico, VA Congratulations to Monica!
Our winner for October is Jason V. from Menifee, CA Congratulations, Jason!
Our winner for September is Eileen Y. from Portland, OR Congratulations to Eileen!
Congratulations to Vonda C. from Salinas, CA, our winner for August!
Our July winner is Dana W. from Blaine, WA Congratulations, Dana!
Our winner for June is Amanda T. from Williamstown, NY Congratulations, Amanda!
Congratulations to Daniel B. from Jena, LA, our winner for May!
Our April winner is Daniella L. from Corryton, TN. Congratulations, Daniella!
Our winner for March is Colton S, from Auburn, IL Congratulations to Colton!
Congratulations to Jay A. from Lakewood, CO, our winner for February!
Our winner for January is Beth V. from Howell, MI Congratulations, Beth!

Our winner for December is Mark C. from Colombiaville, MI Congratulations to Mark!
Congratulations to Olivia S. from Pittsburg, PA, our winner for November!
Our winner for October is John A. from Groton, CT Congratulations, John!
Our September winner is Allen K. from Freeport, IL. Congratulations, Allen!
Congratulations to Beth V. from Howell, MI! Beth is our August winner!
Our winner for July is Philip M. from Ames, IA Congratulations to Philip!
Our June winner is Nixsa S. from Staunton, VA. Congratulations, Nixsa!
Congratulations to Toni D. from Hulett, WY our winner for May!
Our winner for April is Melissa L. from Richland, WA. Congratulations, Melissa!
Our March winner is Gene G. from Phillips, WI. Congratulations to Gene!
For February, our winner is Carol D. from Alstead, NH. Congratulations, Carol!
Congratulations to Rachel D. from McArthur, OH. our winner for January!
Our winner for December is Robert M. from Oak Park, MI. Congratulations, Robert!

Congratulations to Jamie B., from Mount Aukum, CA, our winner for November!
Our winner for October is Marci N., from Lowville, NY. Congratulations to Marci!
Congratulations to Katrina D, from Bath, NY, our winner for September!
Our August winner is David L. from Chapel Hill, NC Congratulations, David!
For July, our winner is Brennan W. from Crane, MO.
Brennan is a lucky guy. He also received certificates for his taking a picture with our catalog at Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore! Metzer Farms Catalog Travels
June's winner is Dana W. from Blaine, WA! Congratulations to Dana!
Our winner for May is Michelle A. from Elba, AL! Congratulations, Michelle!
Our April winner is Katie H. from Fowlerville, MI! Congratulations, Katie!
Congratulations to Jeff L. from Shelton, CT, our winner for March!
February's winner is Peggy A. from Warrenton, GA! Congratulations, Peggy!
For January, our winner is Heidi D. from Parkers Prairie, MN! Congratulations to Heidi!

Our December winner is Katie B. from Grass Valley, CA! Congratulations, Katie!
Congratulations to Tonya M. from Rochester, IN, our winner for November!
Our winner for October is Frank L. from Houston, TX! Congratulations, Frank!
Congratulations to Justin B. from North East, MD, our winner for September!
Our winner for August is Maddi M. from Milton, Florida! Congratulations, Maddi!
Congratulations to Amber S. from Osseo, Wisconsin, our winner for July!
Our June winner is Joel S. from Neosho, Mississippi! Congratulations, Joel!
Our winner for May is Preston G. from Kentwood, Louisiana! Congratulations, Preston!
April's winner is Farrah S. from Crestline, Ohio! Congratulations, Farrah!
Congratulations to Wendy Q, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the winner for March, 2011!

Each month, we will post the winner's first name, last initial, and city/state here on the winners' list.
If you don't win this month, try again next month!