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Minimum Order Size for Ducklings & Goslings

Our normal minimum order size is as follows:
Ducklings: 10
Goslings: 5
Chicks or Keets: 13

The reason we have these minimums is so the birds can keep themselves warm during shipping. It may be warm in your area but remember that our birds go through San Francisco and it is never warm there at night!

We are now able to ship fewer than these quantities. We have done some experimenting and have learned we can ship smaller quantities of waterfowl than before. By sealing the majority of holes on the outside of the box, putting insulation on the floor and using a special heat pack, as few as two ducklings or goslings can be shipped anywhere in the US. This new minimum of two only applies to ducklings and goslings. Chicks and keets still require a minimum order of 6 birds.

Combined orders are calculated based the birds' relative ability to keep warm, compared to ducklings.
For a combined order, a gosling counts the same as two ducklings; each chick or keet counts as 80% of a duckling.
The minimum charges are applied for 2-5 or 6-9 ducklings' worth of warmth.

The Small Packaging & Handling fee is $18.25 and includes the special 60 hour heat pack, the insulation and box sealing for 6 to 9 birds.
The X-Small Packaging & Handling fee is $37.50 and applies to orders of 2 to 5 birds.

We feel this is an excellent way to meet the needs of those that can only raise a couple birds.

Normally we try to include a free bird with most orders. With orders that require the Minimum Order Charge, we do not include extra birds as we understand you are ordering this few as you do not have room for more.