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Newcastle Disease Restrictions

There are two areas in Southern California that are affected by the Newcastle Disease outbreak - shown in the map below.

The Quarantine Zone No birds are to enter or leave this area. This is the area in which the disease has been detected. Please use our Quarantine Zone Map or Zip Code List to determine if you are within this zone.

The No-Mail Zone All mail for this area goes through the Los Angeles airport and distribution centers and these facilities are all in the Quarantine Zone. As day-old birds cannot leave the Quarantine Zone, they cannot be distributed to the No-Mail Zone by the US Postal Service.

newcastle quarantine map

What are your alternatives?

If you are in the Quarantine Zone, there is nothing you can do to receive or ship birds.

If you are in the No-Mail Zone, you can receive your birds outside the quarantine area and drive them back to your home or farm. This is completely legal as long as you do not drive through the Quarantine Zone.

There are five main North/South highways in California. The southernmost towns outside the No-Mail Zone to which we can mail your birds are the following:

Hwy 1 Gorda 93920
Hwy 101 San Lucas 93954
Hwy 5 OR Hwy 99 Riverdale 93656
Kingsburg 93631
Dinuba 93618
Orosi 93647
Hwy 395 Markleeville 96120
Any towns in Nevada or Arizona

When ordering on our website, you can use the Post Office as your Ship To Address as follows:

Your Name
Hold At Post Office and Call
Kingsburg, CA 93631 (for example)

The post office will phone you upon your birds' arrival. To obtain the physical address of the ship-to Post Office (so you know where to go to pick up your birds), phone the USPS at 1-800-275-8777.

For more information on this Newcastle situation, you can access the State of California's website.