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Refunds, Losses & Insurance

Rarely do we have a problem with losses in a shipment. In addition, we always provide an extra bird if your order is of at least 40 birds. Above 100 birds we provide at least 2% extra. If your shipment is between 10 and 39 birds we provide an extra if we have plenty of one of the breeds you have ordered. So always count the live birds, not just the dead birds as you may still have the number you ordered if there are only a few losses. However, if you do have more losses in your shipment than extras, please call us immediately so we are aware of the problem. We will cover any losses you have within the first 48 hours of the birds' arrival. Please call us within those first two days to report any losses or weak appearing birds. At that point we will do whichever you prefer - refund your money or replace the birds.

Rarely do we insure the birds as there are so few losses. If your birds are insured, however, you will need to sign for them when you pick them up. If you must sign, you should open the box, see if there are any losses and have the postal employee record those losses. If it is a major loss, have them help you complete a PS Form 1000 before you leave. That will be sent to us to complete and sign. After your birds are taken home and watered, fed and warmed, call to inform us of your losses.

Every box that is sent by air is to have a D&R tag put on it by the Post Office. This tag is 5" high and 3" wide and is not to be confused with the postage meter strip which is 3" wide but only 1 1/2" high. The D&R tags shows the flights the box is to take and may help us learn where it was delayed (if it arrives after Wednesday morning). The best thing is to remove the tag from the box, photocopy it and then fax it to us (1-831-679-2711). If that is not possible, use the key below to read the tag and then phone us with that information. We will then contact the airline and post office to determine the cause of the problem.

1. Tag Number - used by the carrying airline to identify the box and route
2. Origin Airport Code
3. Airline Code
4. Destination Airport Code
5. Date of Departure
6. Routing
7. Airport and time of departure
8. Airport and time of arrival

This is the postage meter strip.
We do not need a copy of this for our research.