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Preventing Nipping, Controlling Noisy Greetings in Geese

I'll tell you what' I've learned. If it doesn't fit your circumstances then don't worry about it. This little 'nipping" was from my goose - I'd go to work with bruises all up and down my arm, on my neck (that took a little bit of explaining!). I always thought it was needy behavior, and it is to a great extent. I learned to gently tap their little bills and say "ouch.!" But Geese like to pull at our hair and our skin. They are grooming us. It's a bonding thing as well. As my gander got older and his nipping got much more of an issue, I followed the advice of one of our members... I picked him up and hugged him up close and whispered in his ear. He loves that. That pretty much put an end to it. He just wanted love and attention. They crave it. Give them all the love they ask for. Now, the NOISE! When we come home, the neighbors know it. The book "Domestic Geese" says this: "Birds that know each other, and their human keepers, always use greeting as part of the family bonding process. A group of tame goslings will rush to their keeper with their necks outstretched and making a series of greeting sounds to establish their bond. To make the birds tame, the goslings need a response- bend down and talk to them. Sometimes the noisier your display, the better. Chinese goslings in particular are very responsive and love to be treated in this way.." The author goes on to relate how after being reunited with his geese after several days, his geese spent several minutes in a greeting display with outstretched necks and calls showing clearly that they recognized him and were pleased at his return. Yes, it will get loud. But it's what they do. They are greeting you to establish their bond with you. If you reciprocate, it shouldn't last too long. They need you to communicate with them. "Domestic Geese" and "The Book of Geese" are two very helpful references. Ignore the parts about butchering. Have fun with your beauties!!!

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