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The Life and Love of Zyrus

After the passing of our beloved "Pong" in January of 2002, we contacted you regarding the purchase of a new male Jumbo Pekin. Your reply was so wonderfully warm and welcoming, it was nearly etherial and the plan to travel to Gonzales to meet our new hatchling was set into motion. Zyrus was born on a sunny morning on January 28, at 7:01 am (according to the hatchling record printed on his receipt). He was waiting for us when we arrived on the February 2, 2002. We were guided into a room where he was being kept, all warm and cozy, as he awaited our visit. The associate whom helped us was so kind and gracious, and prepared a little box with shredded paper for bedding, etc. But, we did not need any of that, as he was happily "held" during the entire trip back home to Bakersfield. He actually "cuddled" on the chest/shoulder of my daughter, and stretched his little neck out flat and had his legs draped behind him (he looked like one of those little rubber ducks you can purchase at a toy store!).

He was precious, and perfect in every way. We brought him into our lives and hearts, where he grew-up with the love of his life, Zong. Zyrus and Zong lived together for nearly 7 years, nesting and raising their hatchlings in our little pond. They were together on the eve she finally passed away, last January 16, 2009. A week later a friend called to tell us they had a female duck which was a pekin, and she was rescued from a feed-auction held in the outskirts of the town. People operating the auction were carrying the terrified animals by their feet, and poking at them in cages, etc. Our friends knew we had lost Zong, and they purchased "Guinevere" and brought her to our home. It was "love" at first sight.

Gwen, as we called her, loved Zyrus with all her being...and he loved her the same. They were together about 6 months, before Zyrus suffered a stroke. He was rendered paralyzed on one side, but still had a tremendous zeal for life. He used his wings to push himself along and to steady himself to stand. He ate voraciously, and drank plentifully without trouble. Swimming was the great equalizer, as he appeared in perfect health each time he entered the water. The weightlessness made his paralysis seem null and void, and he swam and cleaned himself with the vigor of a young duck in his prime. He was truly something to see, as he held himself so proudly, and had the bluest eyes of any pekin we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Zyrus was a Metzer miracle, and he entered our lives to enhance each and every moment. He was "meant" to be with us, and to live the most wonderful and glorious life he possibly could. And, he did exactly that.

At approximately 7:00 pm on the eve of December 20, 2010, he expired. His frantic love Gwen was by his side. She seemed inconsolable, and would not settle down until we showed her Zyrus laying still (but looking perfect), on a white towel. She stood very quietly, just staring at him. Then she walked into the yard and into her pond area where she proceeded to enter her little house and lay quietly for the remainder of the night.

Saddened beyond belief, we knew we had to find her a mate. She is only a few years old, and needs someone to spend her days with as she free-ranges in the yard and pond. We called the local shelters, and YES...they had a young-looking white male duck. We headed over there immediately, and there he was---Sir. Lancelot. He was to step-in and take over Camelot, and the kingdom which King Arthur (AKA: ZYRUS) had created with his Princess Guinevere. We carefully transported him home, as he sat quiet in the back of the truck. The introduction was wonderful, and she was so thrilled to meet him! Again, another love-story for the ages.

Things seem to always happen for a reason, and life works-out precisely as it should. Our time on this earth is all measured, and every living creature has a beginning and end. What is most important, is the time in between these two places. Zyrus cherished his life, freedom, safety and love. He was special in every way. His arrival was not something we controlled. It came from a higher calling and place. Your farm was the medium, and we were all bonded together by this series of events.

We are indebted and grateful to all at Metzer Farms for providing the wonderful place for our little duckling to enter this world. Thank you, for being so kind and helpful with every aspect of our adoption. And most of all, thank you for caring for your beloved ducks and all fowl as you do on your premises. It truly makes a difference in the perspective of these amazing little creatures. All ducks will die, but very few truly LIVE. Zyrus...LIVED.

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