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Exporting Ducklings and Goslings Around the World

Wednesday, September 15, 2010
We export ducklings and goslings around the world. Within the past twelve months we have shipped to:

North America: Mexico, Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec,New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island)

Central America and Caribbean: Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Bermuda, Panama

Southeast Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea

Middle East: United Arab Emirates

South Pacific: Tahiti

All these birds are shipped from San Francisco International Airport and we utilize Delta or United airlines the vast majority of time. Both have excellent customer service, travel to many destinations and have reasonable rates. For Canada shipments we typically use Air Canada, which is also an excellent airline.
We have had inquiries from Africa and countries in the Indian Ocean but the difficulty there is getting the birds to their destination soon enough. We normally deliver them to the airport at noon on Monday and they must arrive at their destination by Wednesday morning (our time). After landing they must still go through customs and travel to the farm which normally takes several hours. In addition, we must use one airline for the entire trip. Airlines will not accept live animals from a different airline along the way.
Luckily, most countries accept our health certificate, though some countries require additional tests. For example, Mexico requires an Avian Influenza test within 30 days of departure. The first step is for you to contact your federal veterinary authorities and ask them what is required to import from the United States. is our standard health certificate sufficient or are additional tests required for your country? Then you can contact us to see if we can get the flights to get the birds to you within an appropriate period of time. Please email us directly at or phone us at 1 831 679 2355. We ship all types of birds, from meat birds to layers to some of the more special goose breeds. If you have an interest in importing our birds or learning how to export from the USA, visit the Exporting Page on our website.