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Poult Pak Vitamins & Minerals
Poult Pak Vitamins & Minerals Poult Pak Vitamins & Minerals

Poult Pak Vitamins & Minerals

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Our choice of vitamin packs. Besides vitamins, it also contains large amounts of electrolytes and trace minerals. It is wise to use for young or stressed birds - especially if they are moved, their feed is changed, they have been ill or something else has stressed them. One pack is sufficient for 128 gallons of water or 500 pounds of feed. If kept dry, it can be used a little at a time. One half teaspoon is sufficient for 3 gallons of water.

Customer Reviews of Poult Pak Vitamins & Minerals

March 9, 2021 | Beautiful and healthy goslings!

Our American Buff goslings arrived healthy and thriving. They grew into very friendly and beautiful geese!

April 21, 2021 | Amazing company

I ordered 2 male pilgrim geese on Saturday and they were shipped Monday and i just picked them up from the post office today, Wednesday. My goslings were in a secure box and seem very healthy thus far. I was skeptical because i had never ordered any kind of living animals online much less being shipped. I'm very happy with my Purchase. Thanks again

December 18, 2021 | First 3 Orders I declined, this time I went for it

This poultry pak is excellent. I didn't need to purchase extra Niacin for my ducklings with this. It is orange when mixed - looks like Tang. The ducklings love it and they have been more energetic and healthy than ducklings I ordered previously without adding Poultry Pak. For 10 ducklings, I have made it last 3-4 week - the important years ;) I will add this again on my next order without a doubt.