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Tufted Toulouse Geese

Tufted Toulouse Geese

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In 2006 we imported Toulouse parent breeder hatching eggs from France so we could produce goslings for a customer with a unique meat market. Surprisingly some of them hatched with top knots or tufts on their head - much like a Roman Tufted or Tufted Buff. Since then we have selected those breeders with tufts and created our own Tufted Toulouse strain. About 85% of the Tufted Toulouse goslings hatch with a tuft. Those 15% that do not have tufts are sold as French Toulouse.

Their tuft is similar in size to the Roman Tufted or Tufted Buff. They are a calm goose with the same, excellent attributes as the French Toulouse Geese.

  Apr 11


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