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Equipment & Supplies for Raising Ducks & Geese

Following are supplies you can use to start your baby birds. We have chosen the best from several different manufacturers.

It is best to ship the equipment and starter feed at least one week in advance of your birds to ensure the equipment arrives and is set up when the babies arrive. If these are mailed at the same time as the babies, the babies will probably arrive a day or two before any regular boxes as live animals take priority at the post office. We can include the Brooder Thermometer, Poult Pak or five pounds of Waterfowl Starter Feed with your duckling or gosling order. The remaining supplies cannot be included in the chick box with the babies.

If this is your first time raising ducklings or goslings, we recommend you look through our collection of Books.
Many of these will make an excellent reference as you raise your birds.

Waterfowl Floor Panel

Plastic waterfowl floor panels to keep your bedding dry.

See more information about these panels and how to use them here: Waterfowl Floor Panels.

Price: $45.00
50 Duck Egg Cartons

Pack of 50 Duck egg 6-packs made with 100% recyclable PET plastic. These cartons are custom made for large duck eggs up to 95 grams. The cartons are individually made, so no having to tear apart dozen cartons leaving sharp edges. All corners throughout 6-pack are rounded and smooth. Labeling can be applied as a sticker on top and sides of carton. Another option is to place the label inside the carton, viewing label through the clear plastic top.

Price: $46.00
Quantity of 50-Pack:
100 Duck Egg Cartons

Pack of 100 Duck egg 6-packs

Price: $99.00
Quantity of 100-Pack:
200 Duck Egg Cartons

Pack of 200 Duck egg 6-packs

Price: $165.00
Quantity of 200-Pack:
600 Duck Egg Cartons

Pack of 600 Duck egg 6-packs

Price: $380.00
Quantity of 600-Pack:
Starter Kit

This kit has all the equipment you need to start your young birds: a one gallon watering fountain, one feeder, a brooder lamp and bulb, 15 feet of cardboard brooder guard (to contain your birds and prevent drafts) a Poult Pak Vitamin Pack and brooder thermometer. All you need to supply is the bedding (shavings or straw), the birds and the feed.
We are unable to ship a Starter Kit with an order containing birds.
Please purchase Starter Kit in a separate order.
Price: $99.50
One Gallon Waterer

One of the most popular waterers worldwide. Use with very young turkeys or waterfowl. Easy cleaning. One gallon capacity.
We are unable to ship a One Gallon Waterer with an order containing birds.
Please purchase One Gallon Waterer in a separate order.
Price: $17.95
Baby Feeder

Strong, versatile feeder for young waterfowl or gamebirds. Hinged lid opens for cleaning/filling and snaps closed for feeding. Can also be used as a waterer.

Price: $17.39
Brooder Thermometer

Use this to monitor the initial temperatures during brooding. Can be used indoors or outdoors (after brooding) as it is weather resistant. Contains multi-position mounting bracket. Easy to read.

Price: $13.49
Brooder Lamp with Bulb

This heat lamp is excellent for brooding your young birds. It has an aluminum reflector, steel safety guard and polarized 120 volt plug. It can be hung from a chain or clamped onto a solid surface.

Price: $34.99