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Large Dewlap Toulouse Geese
Large Dewlap Toulouse Geese Large Dewlap Toulouse Geese

Large Dewlap Toulouse Geese

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The Large Dewlap Toulouse was developed from the common Toulouse goose in the 1850's in England for exhibition purposes. Their unique characteristics are the large dewlap of skin hanging below their beak, a deep keel hanging from their breast and two lobes in their full paunch. They continue growing for several years and do not reach their peak development until they are at least three years old.

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They are a very calm breed and we have never seen the males fight. Though fertility can sometimes be a problem with this breed, the fertile eggs hatch as well as all other breeds. If you do show your Large Dewlap Toulouse you will want to get them as heavy as possible. But for the breeding season you want to keep them trim with very little extra fat on them (as with all goose breeds). Fertility and egg production in both ducks and geese are much better if the birds are trim and fit during the breeding season.


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