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Mixed Ducklings
Mixed Ducklings Mixed Ducklings Mixed Ducklings

Mixed Ducklings

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Mix ducklings are whatever we have available after all specific breeds are shipped. It is our choice of breeds. It is impossible to know exactly what will be in mixed ducklings. Normally we are able to include at least three breeds in the mixed but sometimes it may only be one breed if that is all we have available. Any breed can be in the mixed selection - from the common Pekin to the rare Silver Appleyard. You can request sexes for the mixed duckling, but not breeds.

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Limited Availability (<10 birds)


Customer Reviews of Mixed Ducklings

October 11, 2020 | Great Mix of Healthy Ducklings

We got 4 different kinds of ducklings in our mixed package. All of them were healthy. I am very pleased.

January 18, 2021 | Great variety!

We ordered 7 "mixed ducklings" to complete an order and avoid a small order charge on our goslings. We recieved 8 total ducklings of 8 different breeds! Not sure if this is standard or not, but the box also included a label listing the breeds included. The family-favorite was the Blue Swedish drake.

April 25, 2021 | Week old an spoiled babies!!

So I am thinking I have one blue runner and another runner, my drake's are very spoiled boys. They have definitely brought so much joy into my life this week of watching them learn me an how to get me twisted around their little webbed feet. Beautiful healthy happy babies!