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April 27, 2021 | Amazing business!
Thank you so much, they're perfect! I ordered 3 ducklings, got the shipping confirmation at 11:30 am Monday morning, the phonecall from my post office at 7:20am the following morning, and picked up the 3 healthy little babies by 8am! Metzer farms Definetly knows what they're doing...they have a perfectly planned routine- and the outcome is wonderful!! Thanks again for these healthy girls! :)
Sarah - Willits, California
April 24, 2021 | Beautiful Ducklings
Thank you to Metzer Farms for the three beautiful female ducklings that arrived safe and sound to the local Post Office on Wednesday. All of the baby ducklings are thriving and already growing. Looking forward to having some beautiful white/green duck eggs to bake with. Already becoming such wondeful birds.
Cassie - Riverdale, California
April 22, 2021 |
I'm so happy to finally get my feather babies. I was so nervous since first time I ordered any by mail. Thank you for happy and healthy feather babies. They are so full of energy and enjoying every thing.
Jenifer - Alabama
April 22, 2021 | Arrived Alive, Happy and Healthy
Being in the northernmost region of NYS, I have been so anxious since receiving my shipping email Monday afternoon. The babies arrived this morning (Thursday) chirping, and in beautiful condition. So relieved! Thank you for sending beautiful, healthy babies across the country!
SARAH - Bombay, New York
April 18, 2021 | Very very pleased!
We ordered 14 mallards. We received them, and they all were alive and healthy. They are all about a month old now, and thriving. It was very easy ordering. I love all the information on the website.
Brittany - Georgia
April 17, 2021 | First time raising any birds....
I have waited years to start my dream of raising geese. I was so nervous choosing the breed, when to get them, how to get them. Even though I had a very small order, the folks at Metzer Farms were so nice during my multiple phone calls with questions, changing my order around, and my worried calls about the shipping process. I received my precious cargo exactly when promised, in excellent condition, and they are growing like weeds! They follow me around like puppies and seem very happy and healthy. I am so pleased and grateful to the staff for their care and patience. I will certainly order from them again and have recommended them to everyone I know that is considering a gosling purchase. My family and I are happily watching our babies thrive!!! Best purchase ever! zer
Susan - Monroe, Oregon
April 10, 2021 | S Leone
Just got my geese and they are so cute!!! Thank you
sean - Green Valley
April 10, 2021 | First Time Having Birds Shipped and Couldn’t be Happier!
Price, shipping time, communication, etc. were all great. I loved that I could have an extra small order of only two ducks. Although there was an extra cost for a small order, I believe it was well worth it as my ducklings arrived safe and warm. They came with the gel, a heating pack, and extra insulation. My ducklings shipped Tuesday and arrived to be early Wednesday morning! I just wish you guys had the other breeds I’m looking for because I’d love to buy from them from you!
Lindsay - California
April 8, 2021 | Grateful!
I am so thankful for the positive experience I had with you guys. You definitely have this down to the science! Your timing with emails, planning and delivery was right on schedule, and I wish more companies took pride in their name and business just as you obviously do. Thank you for settling my fears by providing me two happy and healthy little baby ducklings! I'll be back!!
Gina - Pollock Pines, California
April 8, 2021 | Best hatchery Ever!!!!
This is my third time ordering from Metzer Farms. Every time my birds arrive alert and healthy. I would recommend them to anyone that is thinking about ordering birds.
Jamie - Almont
April 7, 2021 | Very Pleased With Our Silver Appleyards
I recieved a tracking number on Monday. Today is Wednesday and the post office called. I picked up my package of 5 healthy, happy ducklings. I am thrilled with my purchase. My husband and I are second time listeners and skimmed over the pamplet. We cut off the leg band of the first duckling we picked up to realize after the third one that he was our male and now they are mixed up. No problem for us as they will all be together anyways. We had a good laugh and will wait to see which one is our boy.
Sheryll - Illinois
March 19, 2021 | Homestead babies
We decided on the French Toulouse for our homestead. Our little guy arrived very active and healthy, and has had no issues since arriving. Goostave says hello!
- NC
March 13, 2021 | Satisfied
The experience was great. I had ordered 4 ducks, and sadly two passed en route. They promptly replaced the two quickly. All ducks are happy and healthy. I would order again!
March 10, 2021 | Sassy Sebastopols
We have had great luck raising the two females - we bought them primiarly for our gander sebastopol. He is very attached to them. We bought them in April of last year and about two months ago, we noticed some hanky panky in the pool. Well now we have about 20 eggs under the two females and I took four out to incubate them in the house. We have had 2 hatch in the incubator - haven't checked the females' nest yet. We love our geese - thank you.
Nancy - Paso Robles
March 3, 2021 | Thank you!
Our brand new babies arrived all the way to Michigan in just under 48 hours. All are happy and appear healthy. You have a great selection, great prices and great customer service. You obviously take very good care of the new babies when preparing them for travel.
Brenda - Adrian Michigan
March 3, 2021 |
my babies arrived safe and healthy. I waited for a call from my post office for pick up, to my surprise they were delivered to my front door. I was so excited seeing as I didn't have to drive and wait to see them. Best Company to order from. My babies are well and healthy. I always reccomend you guys and will always buy my babies from you!! Thanks Metzer ?? Farms you guys are the BEST!!!
Brenda - Springhill, Florida
February 17, 2021 | Ducklings in December!
This was my first time ordering ducklings by mail. Was I a nervous duck mama! What was I doing ordering in winter? I was afraid of everything, that my days old babies would be frozen in transit, that I would miss the post office call or that my order would end up somewhere else, Surprise, surprise! EVERYTHING went perfectly. The post office was great, the shipping containers were so sturdy, all the ducklings arrived in fine shape (for being in a moving box for a couple of days, fresh out of the shell, they were fantastic). We dipped every little beak in water as we gently placed them in their preheated bins (great set up support from Metzer) and we were off to the races! It's been eleven weeks and the last of the fuzz on their cute heads is fading. We hope to be swimming in eggs this summer. Thank you, Metzer Farms for streamlining this mail order experience.
Maureen - McMinnville, Oregon
February 10, 2021 | At least they have strong healthy lungs!
Just picked up my two females from the post office this morning. The Post Master handed me a very loud, shipping box, with a little heating pad to keep them warm. I got them home, set them in their brooding box to get them aclimated to our climate. I've raised Jumbo Pekin before, and am aware of how fast they grow, so we have some electrolites in their water for strong healthy bones. Once they are grown, we'll introduce them to our mature flock.
Jamie - Chattanooga, Tennessee
February 7, 2021 | Best ducks in the country!
This breed of ducks grows exceptionally well in Pennsylvania. My clientele in the Philadelphia Lancaster area just adore them. They get as many as seven meals per duck. outstanding breast quality.
Earl - Glen Rock
February 4, 2021 | Arrived fast and alive!
After having lots of chicks die in transit with other companies, I am very happy that my three (soon to be four) orders of Metzer chicks arrived alive and, what's better, healthy and perky. I order from Metzer because I live in Northern California and, with the now-world-famous slowed-down Post Office, I was fed up with shipments sitting in a USPS facility in Kansas City for 24 unecessary hours, to arrive with a third to a half of the chicks dead. When I order from Metzer I know they're hatched 90 minutes south as the crow flies, and that they will be to me the day after they hatched, no exceptions, so from hatch to my brooder light is barely 24 hours. Aside from that, the chicks are robust and healthy and I am very pleased with their growth rate and dressout as well. I am coming up on 50 days with my current run and they are plump and healthy and will be ready for harvest on day 56. I will keep ordering from Metzer.
Jason - Rescue
January 28, 2021 | Ducklings
I love metzer farms, It's easy to order. I got my ducklings in January in upstate New York they were healthy, happy. Always a pleasure to do business with, thank you!
January 24, 2021 | Very Happy With my Birds
I am so pleased with my birds from Metzer farms, all arrived healthy and they are beautiful and wonderful egg layers. Very happy and would order again from Metzer!
Christine - Ferndale, Washington
January 21, 2021 |
The golden 300's out lay my khakis 2:1 but they are the most nervous duck I've ever seen. They arrived nervous and any little thing sends them running into the fence. I purchased them because they were suppose to be more calm than khakis. I think you would have more luck taming a wild mallard. Although it doesn't seem to affect their laying. Overall satisfied. Good buying experience.
January 16, 2021 | Love my Buffs
They arrived across the country in 2 days. The post office called at 6am and they were home by 7am. These geese are so friendly yet protective of their chicken friends. They eat out of my hands and if I lean down and "talk" to them they get inches from my face and talk back. Every time I walk out the back door they hear me and call out. Otherwise I barely hear anything out of them. Also, so pretty and just love to see them waddling around.
January 6, 2021 | Love our new addition ?
I ordered these 2 baby ducks for my kids. I was so worried that they had to travel all the way from California to Florida but they arrived in a couple days cute as can be. We will surely order from Metzer Farms again.
Billie jo - Florida
January 3, 2021 | Lovely, healthy ducklings
First time ordering ducklings from a hatchery and couldn't have had a better experience. All ducklings arrived in 2 days, healthy and spunky. They are now close to 5 months old and are such vibrant little creatures. Thank you!
Lauren - Livingston Manor, New York
January 2, 2021 | Can’t wait to order more
I purchased 2 sweet little runner ducks in August and the whole experience has been fantastic. Confirmation of purchase and shipping was timely and clear. The ducklings arrived in the evening and I got to pick them up that night instead of waiting until morning. The ducklings were in perfect condition with grow gel all over their bills, which I understood to mean that they really enjoyed it. They explored their brooder fully right away and bonded to me easily. They have been so much fun. I can't wait to get more this spring. Thanks.
Kristin - Billings, Montana
December 29, 2020 | Great birds
Baby chicks came, had fun raising them. Started getting eggs at 5 months and these ladies lay eggs. Everyday there are 8 giant duck eggs. They are better then my egg laying chickens. Great product
Steve - Ben Lomond
December 29, 2020 | Eggs for hatching
Bought 2 incubators and about 50 eggs. Enjoined watching them hatch. Had to step in one tone to help a little buddy who wasn't gonna make it. Had a great learning experience for the kids. Great company
Steve - Ben Lomond
December 29, 2020 | great birds
We have ordered from you for several years and have always been happy. this year we had a harder time, some our fault, but we did lose some babies right away ( lost 2 in shipping) and then later we also lost some due to our fault with over crowding
Tony - Sebastopol
December 29, 2020 |
The ducks came right on time and very healthy. Thank you Metzer Farms as you now have a customer for life
Teri - Minerva
December 28, 2020 | Fabulous Birds - Super Healthy
The birds from This family owned company are always healthy and are packed with gripe jell and fresh grass. They always arrive happy and healthy .
December 28, 2020 | Amazing white layers
We purchased 3 hybrid white layer ducklings in spring 2018. They arrived happy and healthy! They started to lay in the fall of 2018, and two of them laid an egg almost every day for a year and a half. I've never seen any poultry lay like this! They live outside all year, with an insulated dog house in a 3 1/2-sided shelter, well-bedded with hay. We only put them into the chicken house when temperatures drop to single digits, and they'd rather be outside. And they keep laying no matter the weather. We use the eggs for almost everything. We love our ducks!
R&D - SE Wisconsin
December 28, 2020 | Perfect Ducks
Metzer Farms has consistently produced healthy, beautiful ducks for us. All have been great egg layers and beautiful birds. Thank you Metzer Farms!
Amanda - RYE
December 28, 2020 | Duck, Duck, Goose
LOVE these birds. They've grown into big, healthy birds, full of personality and sassiness. They're beautiful! I can't decide if the ducks think they're geese or the goose thinks she's a duck. Whichever, they are best friends and stay together most of the time.
Joyce - Salem, Illinois
December 28, 2020 |
Great ducks all arrived healthy
Wade - Cat Spring, Texas
December 28, 2020 | The Freshest Duck Eggs!
I needed a reliable source for duck eggs. My daughter is allergic to chicken eggs but does well with duck eggs. I found Metzer farms through an online search, gave them a try, and have been very happy. The eggs arrive packed well and are very fresh.
Cheryl - Michigan
December 28, 2020 | The BEST laying ducks EVER!!
Ok - I was skeptical about the Hybrid 300s. Did some research and figured that if they didn't work out I'd try another breed. Oh my GOSH!!! These girls are laying like crazy!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! So much that we're going to place another order!!! They showed up right on time and healthy!!! Thank you all so much!!!
Robin - Waco
December 8, 2020 | Marc's Test Review
Ducks were awesome
December 3, 2020 | Ducklings: Safe 'n' Happy!
Ducklings shipped on Monday and arrived early Wednesday morning. They were safe and very well fed, with still more gro-gel to spare. There were heat packs, though they were fairly cooled by the time I got the ducklings. But the postal service kept them in a warm environment. They are very healtthy and very perky. One is already running back and forth from one end of their new crate to the other. The drake absolutely LOVES to cuddle.Box was sturdy, the cardboard very thick and flaps securely fastened with heavy duty staples. Plenty of ventilation and bedding. I was sure to bring water with me and the ducklings really appreciated it.Customer service was fantastic, was prompt in answering the question I had when I phoned in, and processing was immediate. They have very fair pricing, but mind you, there is a small order charge (understandably so) if you aren't ordering a large quantity. Just to note: I would recommend calling your local Post Office to alert them to receiving live animal shipments. But note, the post office that received mine were an hour away and I had never entertained the thought to call them. But it was fine, as they deal with live animal shipments a lot. It makes sense for them to have gone there rather than MY very local (very out of the way of anything) Post Office.
Chelsea - Oregon
November 30, 2020 | Great quality.
The ducklings arrived happy and healthy. Almost a week now. They're growing very strong and fast. I will definitely be purchasing more poultry from I'm very happy with this purchase.
Maly - Ca
October 8, 2020 | Metzer Farms is THE place to buy geese!
I got some new geese this spring - Buffs, Pilgrims, and Tufted Buffs. They arrived healthy and vigorous and have grown into GORGEOUS young adults. They're calm, curious, beautiful birds. I could not be happier.I had them sexed, and that was great too - the color bands were easy to figure out and now I know who's who. I will definitely buy more birds from Metzer Farms. I'd recommend this farm to anyone.
I received my shipment of precious baby ducks this morning. They arrived safe and sound. They are eating and drinking, all seems good. I have never ordered through the mail, but I have read many comments on FB Raising Ducks 101, recommending your facility. I will certainly recommend Metzer Farms and purchase again.
Kimberly - Gardner, Colorado
Thank you for helping us. I am truly grateful for you expertise and service after sale!
I got a call from the local post office yesterday morning at 6:30 saying the chicks had arrived, so I picked them up 15 minutes later. They are here and doing fine and I wanted to thank you so much for getting them here so quickly and safely.
Connie - La Selva Beach, California
I'm way happy with my order. They are cute as can be. I'm over the moon in love.
Lisa - Castle Rock, Washington
I purchased seven Welsh Harlequin ducklings from you in April and I just want to say they are beautiful birds and I am enjoying them so much! Thank you!
Christine - Ferndale, Washington
The 3 Runners arrived alert and in great shape. I am so pleased with how they were packaged. I give you a great review. Thank you!
Colleen - Northfield, New Hampshire
The ducklings arrived early this morning, the post office let me come to the back door at 7:30am! They seem totally healthy and very lively. Thank you so much! I'll be sure to recommend you in the future.
Kristin - Orleans, Massachusetts
I just wanted to post a testimonial on your website. I ordered 10 ducklings and they arrived happy and healthy. This is the first time I've ordered from a hatchery and I'm very pleased with my new baby ducklings.
Robert - Reno, Nevada
I got the birds. They look very healthy. Say thank you to all your staff and keep doing a good job.
Johnny - Rexburg, Idaho
I just wanted to say thank you! I am a first time buyer with you all and your customer service is excellent. I bought some Mallard eggs to hatch and they all arrived perfect. I incubated 4 duck eggs for the first time and all hatched healthy and happy. They are adorable. I could not have done it without you all.
Angel - Purcellville, Virginia
Our baby goslings arrived before 8:00am this morning. My husband went right down to get them. I gotta tell you he was like a little kid at Christmas!! By the way he's 68!! To say he was pleased with them, is an understatement! Thank you so much!!
Louise - Earlville, New York
Thank you so much for your help this whole week. I know I've been bombarding you with emails and questions, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your quick responses.
Ashley - Rock Hill, South Carolina
My geese arrived promptly at 6:13am at my post office and they are all in perfect condition. I was surprised at how active compared to chickens they are at only three days old. They immediately started foraging as soon as I took them out of the box and were eager to be hand fed. This was a great experience and I'm already looking forward to future orders.
Justus - Liberty Hill, Texas
Last year we ordered 10 hatchable Pekin duck eggs. We received 15, and hatched 10! It was a great experience for my boys. This year during the sheltering, we are considering the prospects of hatching Mallard duck eggs. Thank you for your attention to detail and for your kindness.
Tim - Sacramento, California
Our order arrived last Saturday and I quickly incubated them. I candled them today and am happy to report that all but one look like they are growing. Thank you so much!! I will gladly recommend your farm!!
Cameron - Wakefield, Rhode Island
Metzer Farms knows EXACTLY what they are doing! These babies were in a sturdy, breathable box with 2 cups of gel food (stapled to the side, smart!), a hay nest and a heat pack (brilliant!). I expected that they would be stressed from the trip, but they settled in playing, eating and drinking right away!
I ordered 4 Muscovy ducklings. I was apprehensive because 1. I've never mail ordered live animals before and 2. I live on the East Coast. I just received them this morning. Let me tell you, they are happy, healthy, and cute as a button! A dream come true for my 15 year old step daughter.
We ordered 8 mallards. They arrived on schedule. They were nicely packaged with bedding, a warm pack and a cup of water. They all appear vigorously healthy. We couldn't be happier. Thanks to the folks at Metzer Farms!
Great birds and quick delivery!
Christian B.
Eggs arrived yesterday! So fast and so beautiful. Clearly labeled. Thank you! I can't say enough good things about you guys! From phone order to hatching!
Elsa - Woodstock, Vermont
We bought 10 Welsh Harlequin duck eggs from you a couple of years ago. Arrived in Alaska beautifully and 10 were fertile (you sent 12). Almost 3 years later, we have adored our ducks and this breed is the sweetest.
Rachael - Anchorage, Alaska
Just wanted to thank you for making all the adjustments to my order. The two ducklings arrived safe and sound. Thank you to John Metzer and his team of workers for the amazing experience. Looking forward to getting more ducks in the future.
Jo - Redmond, Washington
Our 3 replacement ducklings came in this morning. They all seem very healthy and are eating and drinking like normal. I just want to say thank y'all so much for everything. I appreciate y'all and I will 100% be ordering from y'all again in the future.
Margaret - Lucedale, Mississippi
Thanks Metzer Farms! All my ducklings arrived in two days, in perfect condition, active and hungry, and took to feed and water immediately. The neighborhood kids are interested, asking questions and learning all about ducks, as am I. They named them all! Black Jack, Smack Jack, Flap Jack, Cracker Jack, Billy Jack and Bumper Jack.
Steve - Troy, Illinois
I'm new to raising any kind of livestock. Your website is excellent, easy, intuitive interface and loaded with useful information instead of marketing hype, and I appreciate it - a good website is a sign of a good business.
steve - Troy, Illinois
Thank you so much for the two absolutely beautiful baby Cayugas. They arrived happy, healthy and started eating and drinking right away. It was love at first sight! I've named them Annie and Nettie.
JoAnn - Northwood, Iowa
We received the ducklings today, a day early as you stated. The post office called us at 7am and we went and picked them up. The kids are thrilled they're both here, and we thank you for an awesome first experience with you all. Thank you again.
Todd - Seneca, South Carolina
They are here, eating and drinking, and settling in. All alive! So happy!! Thanks again for replying. I am thrilled and will definitely do business with Metzer Farms again!
Brooke - Glendale, Arizona
I'm beyond happy with my order of Cayugas I received yesterday. I was a bit worried since I was on the wait list since June for these babies but after getting them home, they are lively & immediately took to drinking/eating. Thanks so much for the time and effort put into your ducks that's behind scenes and goes unnoticed. I'm very impressed with this order and will order again in the Spring!
Christian - Eubank, Kentucky
I know you deal with 100's of birds daily and that you took time out for Molly means a lot to us. Stay safe. You have a customer life!
Hello!! I wanted to send a message letting you know 2 of our Khaki Campbell ducklings arrived today in perfect condition! Thank you so much!!! They are precious as can be and will make a wonderful addition to our tiny flock.
Courtney - Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
We have had our ducklings for 12 days now and what a joy they are!! Thank you soooo much!!
Nancy - Wildomar, California
I received my ducklings this morning! They made it to Orange, Texas at 5:41am and notified by 7:26am! The service of Metzer has been fantastic. It has been a great experience. Thank you so much for the awesome quacks!!
Kristi - Orange, Texas
Thank you for my order of 3 baby ducks. They're beautiful.
Gayla - Dewar, Oklahoma
Successful delivery! THANK YOU!! I'm in love!
Sharon - Lodi, California
We received our 2 Blue Swedish babies just over two weeks ago, and I just wanted to thank you and give you an update on them. They arrived healthy and happy and are doing really well as an addition to our backyard farm with our 4 month old Mallard.
Ann - Novato, California
Thank you for my new flock of friends! They are growing like weeds. Soon they will be out cleaning the yard and eventually producing wonderful eggs. Much appreciated.
Julie - Anacortes, Washington
I got my ducklings this morning and they are absolutely beautiful and in great shape. Thank you so much for all of your help and please tell Ashley I said thanks to her too. You guys are the BEST!!! I love my little babies. I was afraid when I had them pinioned they would have a big hole in their wings but you can't even tell it! I was so happy to get them and see how healthy they are. Thanks again for all your help with this matter and for being such a great place to order from.
Debbie - Pataskala, Ohio
Our newest additions, Daisy and Ruby arrived safely. They are currently inside getting adjusted. Can't wait to put them outside in their new duck habitat.
Mark - Paramus, New Jersey
Got my six goslings this morning. They came in wonderful condition. Already ate some yard grass, feed and water. Thank you very much for your kindness! Next spring when you hatch some more, I will want more goslings. Thank you very much!
Wally - Pineville, Louisiana
My ducks and goose made it to cute...excited being first time duck and goose mama! Thank you!
Melanie - Benton, Arkansas
Thank you for all you have done. I appreciate your professionalism and consideration. Both babies arrived in excellent condition and are doing well. You went above others I have bought from.
Laura - Purdy, Missouri
We just wanted to let you know that 120 beautiful and active Pekin ducks arrived today at our farm. We are so appreciative of your amazing business and look forward to seeing these guys grow.
Gregg Spiegelman - Yamhill, Oregon
I picked up my Runner ducklings at the post office, they are drinking and eating and so healthy! They were worth the wait. Will be purchasing through you again.
Cheryl - Fort White, Florida
Let me just compliment you on your Cornish Cross chickens. I have always held you guys up as the premier duck hatchery. Let me just say that these birds have outperformed any hatchery I have brought from in the last few years. These birds are huge and unaffected by the Summer heat. I look forward to continuing to order ducks as well as chickens from you all. Thank you!
Derek - Seymour, Tennessee
Thank you, thank you, and thank you. We just picked them up from the post office and they are alive and happy. I appreciate the tracking information and thanks to that was able to coordinate with the post office to get them safely home. I'll definitely be returning on any future purchases and thank you again.
Mike - Milan, Michigan
I appreciate your quickness and understand why this company was highly recommended. Thank you and have a good day.
Mike - Milan, Michigan
New birds arrived today 100% alive, thanks for the great service and will be ordering more in the future.
Patrick - Westfield, Maine
We got our ducks today and were very energetic and happy when we picked them up at the post office this morning. Thanks for customer service over the last 3 months as we prepared for the new family pets.
Wendy - Davis, California
I just got my shipment of ducklings today. They arrived in great shape, and are settling in nicely. The whole process of ordering and shipping was smooth and trouble free.
We have been super happy with your ducklings so far and keep recommending Metzer Farms to friends and on facebook groups. This is the only issue we've had after several orders and this is an easy fix and nothing to do with the quality of the birds. Thank you for that!
Rebecca - Oswego, New York
WOW!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!! My ducklings arrived, way quicker than expected, all very healthy ducklings, eating, drinking and playing with their new one week old Cayuga siblings! Thank you so much, again, you guys are AWESOME!!
Jeff - Guilford, Vermont
I just wanted you to know that Bruce and Irene gosling arrived healthy and strong yesterday. Already loved by the young girl that wanted them.
Jim - Cleveland, Georgia
The babies arrived safe and sound, and OMG are they cute! I'm thrilled with them!
Mary - Stockton Springs, Maine
The babies arrived today and are doing well. They are beautiful. Thank you very much. Another successful arrival.
Lisa - Orange, Connecticut
I received my order of ducks and they are healthy and beautiful. I am impressed with the way they were packaged. From the straw to the gel food dishes to the heat pack that was still warm after 4 days..amazing. I couldn't be happier and will HIGHLY recommend Metzer to anyone ordering ducklings or chicks.
Rebecca - Forestdale, Massachusetts
My first EGG-sperience with getting birds or hatching eggs from a hatchery and Metzer Farms was EGG-straordinary! I ordered 3 Chocolate Runner hatching eggs and 2 Cayuga hatching eggs. All arrived in EGG-cellent condition! And they sent and EGG-stra Runner egg! 100% hatch rate! They are a month old now and thriving. They were my first ducks and were worth it. If you want ducks, order from Metzer Farms!
Lily - Pine Lake, Georgia
I just wanted to let you know our three beautiful ducklings arrived this morning. They are doing fantastic! We are very pleased!
Staci - Duchesne, Utah
Received order no problem what so ever. Always a pleasure doing business with you. Third year with no issues.
Steven - Maybee, Michigan
Just an update to let you know my little ducks arrive in great shape and are doing well. This made my granddaughters day and she has been the mommy figure to these little guys and gals since their arrival. Very happy with the purchase.
Mark - Salmon, Idaho
I received the chicks this morning - all alive and raring to go. I like the green gel cup too...that's a nice touch. Thank you for the great communications and great chicks!
Jason - Rescue, California
Just wanted to let you know we got the 14 chicks and ducklings. They are all healthy and happy in their brooder. The kids were thrilled to see the chicks especially our 10 year old. I joked to my son that the ducks imprinted on him and he will be followed from now on. Thank you for taking such good care of them.
Margaret - Roseville, California
Just wanted to say "Thank you" for my new Buff goslings. They arrived safely and are happily living under a warmer in my porch. They have already started following me around when I let them out of the pen and they are content to be held and petted. As always, great service! Wishing you the best this season and look forward to contacting you next spring for my next order.
Michael - Sharon, Massachusetts
Our Muscovy ducklings just arrived. All are doing great. What fun. Watching and playing with them has given us something to do during our "house arrest". I hope all of you are doing well. Thank you for your service.
John - Pierce, Colorado
Our ducklings came today and they are ADORABLE! Just wanted to say thanks for brightening our quarantine, the boys are so excited to watch their ducklings grow. Gave your website to several friends who saw how cute they are via social media and have asked how we got them by mail, lol.
Lynee - Salem, Oregon
My beautiful Embden name Borris and Henrietta, they are so loving and talkative.... school time they were there to get the babies off the bus. They lay down near you while your outside. I have conversations with my geese. They talk to me all the time. I love them so much.
The 3 little geese have arrived in Apex, NC this Wednesday morning approximate 7am. All three are in excellent health. Thank you for getting them here alive, great job for such a long trip. We are all well, so will enjoy watching the natives grow in our beautiful springtime weather.
David - Apex, North Carolina
Thank you, Metzer Farms for your time, professionalism, speedy delivery and (most importantly) healthy babies!! This veterinary tech is VERY pleased! I will definitely pass on your name and you will have my business in the future!
I want to tell you about my pair of Gray Toulouse geese that will turn 13 years old on April 6th. They have been the most faithful geese to one another. The gander is a great guard to his goose and the goose is the best brooder and mother I have ever seen. They are both great parents. I've purchased them when I was 13 and now I'm 27. Better than any dog. Haha
Ethan - Carson City, Michigan
I just wanted to say thank you for sending our lovely ducklings and goslings. They arrived safe and sound early yesterday morning and were very lively and ready for their adventure. Again thank you so much.
Lili - Sultan, Washington
I ordered a duckling and gosling..I really need a goose to hang out with my ducks at home. I would have purchased more, but it's really tight with fulough. Thank you people so much for continuing your business yet again!
Dawn - Orlando, Florida
The ball ducks arrived today. They are settling into their new home. The family loves them and everyone is eating and drinking great. We are so excited to start our duck journey!
I ordered some Pekin ducklings that shipped on March 2. I want to let you know that they arrived in perfect condition and started eating and drinking immediately! Now they are happy healthy babies with ravenous appetites.
Geri - Mendota, California
Just wanted to say thank you!! I received my babies this morning and they are all doing great!
Sydney - Phenix City, Alabama
Very impressive on your way of customer services and also website information. It gives us full of support for our first try of waterfowl raising.
Mei - Lake Oswego, Oregon
I received 5 healthy Muscovy ducklings this morning, thanks to all involved. They are doing fine.
Roger - Oakland, Oregon
The ducklings arrived this morning and all appear to be in great shape. Thank you so much. You folks rock!
Jeff - Basehor, Kansas
My Grandson's ducklings arrived happy, healthy and warm, thanks to the heat pack. Can't wait until he is able to show them at the fair!
Pam - Hebron, Indiana
All four babies arrived looking well and are already figuring out their new surroundings. Thank you so much! I've hatched and raised Silver Applyards before and they have been by far and away my absolute favorite breed, so I'm excited to watch these little ladies grow!
Liz - Farmington, Utah
Kudos on being able to successfully ship Muscovy across the Country!
Chris - Worthington, Pennsylvania
I received my precious little ducklings this morning. Oh my goodness they are so adorable. They love to be loved. They are so full of energy. I'm excited about raising them. Thank you so much for my beautiful ducklings.
Sheila - Brandon, Oregon
We are happy to say that all of our little ducklings arrived happy and active even after a trip across the chilly country. They came out of the box ready to take on the world!
Jennifer - Medaryville, Indiana