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French Toulouse Geese

French Toulouse Geese

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We imported Toulouse breeding stock from France in 2006 and have been offering their progeny for the last couple of years. They are not an exhibition Toulouse, they are a utility goose that are very hardy and are grown commercially in France.

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They are fast growers and make a nice carcass in the fall. Some hatched with tufts and we are offering those as Tufted Toulouse Geese.

With these French Toulouse, you will have geese that are direct descendants of breeders from France - your own authentic Toulouse geese!


Customer Reviews of French Toulouse Geese

December 26, 2020 | Great Guardians

I bought two of these unsexed, which ended up being two males. I got them along with 8 ducks. They have been incredibly protective of my flock and are rather fearless. They have stood up to my large German Shepard and neighborhood kicks. I also have lots of birds or prey where I live (owls, hawks, etc). Whereas neighbors have had their chickens grabbed, once the geese see a hawk and make their presence known, the predators stay away. With that all being said, since I raised them from goslings, they are never aggressive with me, but do have the usual fear when I am attempting to heard the flock where I want them. I like them enough to get them some lady friends and hopefully get some goose eggs.

January 18, 2021 | Excellent birds

We ordered 3 straight-run French Toulouse almost 2 years ago and are still very pleased with them. We ended up with 2 males and 1 female. A year and a half later and all three are were going strong. They get a bit feisty for about 2 months during the breeding season, but otherwise are pretty docile. Great looking "farm geese" that fit in well aesthetically with our sheep and chickens. Good fertility as well. We successfully hatched one of their off-spring this year. I processed one for Christmas dinner this year and it turned out well. It was a bit tough, but I waited till they were 1.5 years old. Probably should have processed at 6-8 months old instead. We've all grown attached to the remaining mated pair (Maude and Claude) and hope they stick around for many seasons to come.