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Pearl Guineas

Pearl Guineas

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Guineas originate in Africa and are excellent foragers. After starting they grow and thrive on bugs (they love ticks), insects and weed seeds. Guineas are also great watchdogs as they call out at the approach of any strangers. Their meat is all dark and highly prized by many restaurants. All of our Pearl Guinea eggs are from breeding stock imported from Grimaud Freres of France and have been bred for excellent growth rate and feed conversion. As this strain has been bred for meat production, not all birds feather out with the pearl coloration. Some are lighter and some are darker. Game bird or turkey feed should be used for the rearing of guineas.

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Customer Reviews of Pearl Guineas

February 23, 2022 | On line Purchase

As a child I have fond memories of guineas on the farm. I Purchased 6 french pearl guinea keets last May Arrived healthy and have remained healthy. My wife and I enjoy them immensely. They are a great addition to our back yard chicken flock. I would recommend Metzer farms to anyone who is looking to start or add to their existing flock of their preference.

July 28, 2022 | Happy and Healthy

We purchased twenty Pearl Guineas during your last sale, and we were so impressed with the health of the Guineas that we were immediately sorry that we did not purchase more. They are now five weeks old and flourishing very well along with the 50 Turkey poults with which they were raised. The Guineas and turkeys are free-ranged, and they both come back to the coop each night, and they are both a joy to watch as they are for now inseparable mates.

October 18, 2022 | Great Birds

I ordered 13 guineas and all 13 showed up happy and healthy. 3 weeks later they are all still alive and doing great. Baby guineas tend to die easily but these seem very healthy and resilient.

December 30, 2022 | First time guinea owner

This is the first time I ever ordered any poultry online. I was really impressed, they all arrived alive and happy. They came really quickly in the mail. This is the only place that you can order a minimum of 6 guineas. Other places minimums are like 30.. I would definitely order more birds from metzer.

October 25, 2023 | Great Purchase!

I bought them on the 22nd of October and they were shipped one day later, they arrived 2 days after being shipped on the 25th. They all arrived in good condition, with food/water for the shipping process. If you're wanting to buy some Pearl Guineas, I definitely recommend going with this company!

February 9, 2024 | Guineas

Very good looking guineas. Arrived dehydrated. Once properly watered they perked right up and moved normally.