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Export Requirements

The prices quoted on this website are only for orders mailed to a destination within the United States. This includes US cities near the Canadian or Mexican border where you drive across the border, pick them up at the US post office and drive back across the border into Canada or Mexico. However, if we must ship your birds by using a commercial airline, these prices do not include their air freight charges. Please contact us as instructed below so we can quote you an air freight charge.

We have been able to ship to many countries throughout the world. There are three additional requirements to exporting day old ducklings, goslings or hatching eggs outside the United States. Following the information for these requirements are links to services that will convert prices to your currency and translate text to your language. There are two different health certificates used, one for Canada and another for all other countries.

Please read the information below. However, before we can communicate with you concerning an exportation, we need you to complete the following form. The minimum order size of an air freight export is $250. If we can mail your birds to a US city near the Canadian border, the minimums are the same as those shipments within the United States.

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1) Health Certificate

We can provide a health certificate that is from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It requires about two weeks to process and costs $100.00. The health certificate has the following information:
  • Our name and mailing address
  • Your name and mailing address
  • Date of shipment
  • Breeds of ducks/geese
  • Quantities shipped
  • Date of inspection
  • Signature and date of inspecting veterinarian
  • Signature and date of federal veterinarian
  • Seal of USDA
  • National Poultry Improvement Plan number
  • The following statement:

    " This is to certify that:
    1) the flock or flocks and the hatchery or hatcheries from which the above-described hatching eggs or newly hatched poultry originated were inspected by me or another accredited veterinarian within 30 days prior to shipment of above hatching eggs or setting of eggs for above shipment of day old chicks and found free from evidence of communicable diseases and insofar as can be determined have not been exposed to Newcastle disease, fowl plague, fowl typhoid, ornithosis, and pullorum disease;
    2) during the usual routine inspection of the flock or flocks there was no visible evidence of communicable diseases observed on the inspection dates listed in item 13 below;
    3) the National Poultry Improvement Plan classification is as indicated in item 9 above; and
    4) the prospective exporter has been advised that the hatching eggs must be clean and that the shipment must be made in new, clean containers."

Some countries require additional declarations on the health certificate. These can normally be included if we are given the exact wording required in advance.

We can fax you a sample health certificate for you to take to your veterinary authorities to determine if it meets their needs. All we need is your fax number.

You can also download and print a sample health certificate that you can show your federal veterinarians.


2) Shipping
All shipments are made by air freight except those customers living in Canada or Mexico near the border. These customers can cross the border and receive their birds in a US Post Office. With this method, the only shipping expense is the postage required to mail the shipment. A health certificate is still required.

If we are to ship by air freight, we need to know your airport and the major airlines that fly into that airport. All our birds are shipped from San Francisco International Airport on Monday evening or early Tuesday morning. They must arrive no later than Wednesday morning (our time) at your airport. If they arrived after this it would be too much time for them without food or water.
If connections cannot be made for them to arrive by Wednesday morning, you may want to consider purchasing hatching eggs.

3) Other Paperwork
Most countries require an import permit. Sometimes you send us the original which must travel with the birds. Sometimes you must show your authorities a copy of our health certificate to get the import permit. Every country is different. You are responsible for obtaining the import permit.

Some countries require the invoice and/or health certificate to be certified by their country's consulate in the United States. It is your responsibility to determine if this is required. If it is, there will be additional charges for this.

In addition, some countries require a Certificate of Origin. The cost of this is $32.

Please contact us if you have an importing question for us. We will do all we can to make your shipment easy and stress free. If you are phoning from Canada you can call us at 800-424-7755. From all other countries you need to call us at 831-679-2355.

All our shipments include at least 2% extra birds in case there is any mortality during shipping. This is rarely a problem, however.

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