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Duclair Ducks
Duclair Ducks Duclair Ducks Duclair Ducks

Duclair Ducks

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The Duclair duck is a strain first developed in France and recreated at Metzer Farms in association with Stone Church Farm in upstate New York. This breed will do well as pasture or free range grown. The Duclairs are used by some of the most discerning chefs because of their rich, elegant flavor. In fact, a Michelin three star restaurant in New York includes the Duclair in their menu.

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Customer Reviews of Duclair Ducks

December 18, 2020 | LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the Duclair ducks. We ordered 2, but the second one died the next day. We named the other one Waddles. She is striving and doing VERY well. She poops a lot, but all birds do. She is the topic of conversation. She does not bite and was adorable when she was little. She still is beautiful. I would highly recomend them. Although they are a lot of work they are fun to have around.

January 11, 2021 | Little fuzzy yellow balls

We ordered 5 girls and 2 boys on 28th of December. All in great shape and thriving! Never thought these little yellow creatures would bring so much joy!!! Thank you Metzer!

January 19, 2021 | Review

These guys are great foragers. They keep up with the Khaki Cambells wonderfully. They’re longer bodied than the Pekin, but not as rotund. Really nice dual purpose birds for the homestead.

March 9, 2021 | Great quality

Ordered 12 ducks, 11 females and 1 male in October 2020. All arrived healthy and have grown to maturity. Beginning to lay eggs now. Will be ordering more this spring.

January 7, 2022 | Sweet, goofy girl

There wasn't much information out there on Duclairs, and even less on the white lines, but I am so, so glad I added this girl to the order for her personality alone! I don't think she has started laying just yet (and am curious to see if her eggs will be blue or white!), but she is the boldest of all the ducks we ordered, and loves to climb into your lap for snuggles. She's not as active a forager as the Cayuga, but she is always first in line for food and treats and pets, and manages to keep herself very well fed. I know colorful ducks are more popular, but the personality of these ducks may make you reconsider that. The breed may look similar to some of the commercial breeds because they are a solid white, but the Duclair isn't bred to be as heavy as those, and doesn't seem to suffer from any leg problems or other issues. A very healthy, happy duck!