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Saxony Ducks
Saxony Ducks Saxony Ducks Saxony Ducks Saxony Ducks

Saxony Ducks

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This beautiful breed of duck was developed by Albert Franz of Germany in the 1930's. He used Pekin, Rouen, Buff and Blue Pommeranian breeds to develop an excellent dual purpose bird that has a light colored undercoat of feathers to make a better appearing carcass.

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Mr. Franz was in the war and was held in a prisoner of war camp. When he returned after the war, his birds were gone and he had to start over in developing the breed. They are a very large duck, second only to the Pekin but are active foragers and also very gentle. They are becoming very popular for exhibition.


Customer Reviews of Saxony Ducks

October 16, 2020 | Beautiful ducks

These are my first experience with ducks and you will not be disappointed.  These ducklings arrived happy and healthy despite being shipped across the country. They love to forage and are my gardening partners following and helping as I pull weeds or dig. Not as friendly as the Silver Appleyard, still friendly but with a little spunk and sas thrown into the mix. Amazing ducks!! 

January 3, 2021 | Champion breeding trio-Mn StateFair 2020

We ordered Saxony 3 males and 7 females. When it was time to select the breeding trio one male and two females, our selection was awesome. Our ducks fit the "standard of perfection " to a tee. The females were easy to pair and our males stood out. Winning Grand Champion Mn State fair Breeding Trio and Runner up , over all Poultry category. Also winning Grand Champion Showmanship. These ducks are easy to handle, and easy to keep clean. (Unlike the Peking's). They lay eggs and are could be used for market as well. Overall raised this breed three times for 4H, and had Grand Champion Breeding trio each year. Thanks Metzer farms