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African Geese
African Geese African Geese African Geese

African Geese

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The African goose originated from the wild Asian Swan Goose of China. It was introduced into Europe in the late 1700s and into the USA in the mid 1800s. The original Lion Head breed of goose in China is the same shape and coloration as our African geese. How these geese from China got the name African has always been puzzling. Apparently, it was usual to apply the term "Guinea" to anything foreign and of uncertain origin. As Guinea is off the coast of Africa, it appears the African goose got its name in a similar way.

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In northern climates, it is recommended the African geese be provided shelter as their knobs have a tendency to become frostbitten if not given sufficient protection from the cold. If the knob is frostbit, spots may turn orange but then the knob returns to black once the tissue is completely healed the following year. African geese are similar to Chinese geese in that they are a bit noisier than other breeds. They are a beautiful goose and are very active foragers. They are good egg producers with above average fertility. There are two recognized breeds of colored geese from China, the African and Brown Chinese Geese. Our African are midsized between these two and are a very common goose. If you want the larger, show-type African goose with a pronounced dewlap, you want our Super African Geese.

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