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Golden 300 Hybrid Layer Ducks
Golden 300 Hybrid Layer Ducks Golden 300 Hybrid Layer Ducks

Golden 300 Hybrid Layer Ducks

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Because we sell thousands of edible duck eggs a week, it is important we produce eggs efficiently and consistently. In 1996 we developed the Golden 300 Hybrid as they lay more and larger eggs, have a higher fertility and are calmer than the Khaki Campbell. The Khaki Campbell may be a good egg producer in small flocks but we were never satisfied with their production in our larger commercial flocks. Because of this inconsistency, we developed the Golden 300 Hybrid by crossing and utilizing the attributes of different duck breeds.

The Golden 300 Hybrid can be sexed at any age by its color as the males are shades of black and the females are shades of brown. Unfortunately, they do not retain this characteristic in future generations. So if you mate a Golden 300 Hybrid with another Golden 300 Hybrid, their progeny will hatch in blacks, yellows and browns with no relationship between sex and color.

As adults the females range in color from a very light brown to a very dark brown, often with areas of white on them. Males can appear much like a Rouen, or a dull looking Cayuga or with white and dark markings.

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Some of our customers wanted a white bird that laid as well as the Golden 300 Hybrid. In 1999 we developed the White Layer Ducks to meet this demand. The egg production of these two breeds is identical on our farm.

For us, the Golden 300 is a calm bird, much like the Buff, Cayuga, and Blue Swedish. However, we have had reports from some (not all) customers that they are a very nervous bird, much like the Khaki Campbell. We cannot explain why some flocks are calm and some are nervous. Our guess is that at some point they were panicked enough that they were permanently traumatized and spent the rest of their lives nervous. We don't know when ducks are most sensitive to this trauma nor why it happens to some flocks and not others.

If you are interested in producing duck eggs to sell, we recommend you go our Maximizing Duck Egg Production page for more information on this topic.

If you want to find locally produced duck eggs, go to our page Our Customers That Sell Fresh Duck Eggs. If you would like to be placed on this page as a seller of duck eggs, see the requirements on this same page.

Our Breed Comparison chart shows how the Golden 300 Hybrid compares to the Khaki Campbell (historically considered the best egg layer) on our farm.


Customer Reviews of Golden 300 Hybrid Layer Ducks

October 11, 2020 | Arrived Healthy and Happy.

The ducklings arrived right on schedule. They were all healthy and happy and have grown very well. Very pleased, we will order from Metzar again.

December 8, 2020 | Love Them!

Ordered the ducklings and they arrived healthy and active. They settled right in with the others and have been wonderful additions! The colors are outstanding and while they are a bit more skiddish than others in the flock, they do eat from my hand and will nibble on my clothers when I visit with them. Very much looking forward to seeing their egg laying production! Wonderful ducks!

December 28, 2020 | Active and great layers

These birds arrived healthy and happy and starred on my youtube channel: raised these females along with 3 males and have since given them to a friend who says that they are active and laying. They come in interesting colors too!

January 11, 2021 | My Sparta

Our little Sparta is a golden hybrid 300. She arrived in early summer and has been our best layer yet! We have Pekin, jumbo pekin, khaki campbell, Cayuga, blue Swedish and black Swedish. Our little Sparta is the smallest of the flock and lays almost everyday this winter. None of our other females are laying. Her eggs are a little bit larger than a large chicken egg. She isn't our friendliest duck, but she's a close second to our black Swedish. She has a lot of energy and when she was a "toddler" she would cry out for us if she didn't see us in the yard. She is always the first to run for food and treats, yet quite a bit smaller than the rest of the flock. We have seen her fly about 4 feet off the ground and can fly over her kiddie pool. No long distances but we are excited when she gets to take flight. We have been so happy with her that we have ordered many more for the spring.

January 13, 2021 | More like Golden 365!

These girls are great! We thought we would have to wait until spring for eggs. Nope. As soon as they got old enough, they started laying and haven't stopped. 6 layers, and we get 5-6 eggs every day. One day, we had 8! (six the day before, so I don't think I missed any).

February 22, 2021 | Bessie and Bee?

We've had our two Golden 300's for about a year now, and we love them so much! They work so hard to give us eggs and they're absolutely adorable. Our two Golden's are absolute best friends, as well. One of them actually provided us with some fertilized eggs, and she had 4 or 5 babies with our Khaki Campbell drake! The girls are always full of surprises:)

March 9, 2021 | Healthy and beautiful ducklings!

Our Golden 300 ducklings arrived healthy and energetic. They have grown into lovely ducks and they are wonderful layers!

March 17, 2021 | Beyond Eggspectations!

It's been a bit chilly(nights to 10F) here on Long Island this winter, but my five beautiful hens have been producing 4.5 to 5 eggs EVERY DAY!. They overnight in an unheated coop and eat a mix of crumble, cracked grain, black soldier fly larvae and some romaine lettuce. We haven't eaten chicken eggs since they started laying 10 months ago. I just ordered a drake to keep the flock robust. Shipping and service has been great. I heartily recommend Metzer Farms. Cheers - Gary

May 18, 2022 | Arrived quickly and in great condition

My ducklings arrived today, healthy and in great condition. They are settling in great.

July 10, 2022 | Very pretty!

For being a "brown" duck, my girl is very beautiful and I get tons of compliments about her! She is "top hen" in my little flock, the largest, and very friendly (2nd friendliest!). She hasn't started laying yet, but she is a wonderful duck so far. A+ experience, wonderful customer service and babies.

September 9, 2022 | Ducks

Got them on time healthy all alive and on time will be ordering again