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Fancy Goose Package

Fancy Goose Package

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The Fancy Goose Package includes goslings from our more rare breeds including Brown Chinese, Buff Geese, Buff Toulouse, French Toulouse, Large Dewlap Toulouse, Pilgrim, Roman Tufted, Sebastopol, and Super African. There will be no White Chinese, Embden, Toulouse, or African goslings in the Fancy Goose Package.

If you order at least 9, we will have at least three breeds included. If you want them sexed in pairs, that can be done also. But the choice of breeds is completely ours. You cannot choose the breeds in the Fancy Goose Package.

There are none available right now for this year. Check back as our availability might change.
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Customer Reviews of Fancy Goose Package

June 23, 2022 | Beautiful goslings

Got my 3 female fancy goslings today I needed American buffs ( they were sold out) I took a chance and ordered the fancy goslings in hopes of I may get lucky and get a buff female gosling. I got 2 buffs and a Sebastopol . Im beyond happy Thank you very much .

June 1, 2023 | Beyond happy!

We ordered two females and just received our order this morning at the post office. We got 1 Buff and 1 Pilgram. They are both so sweet and perfect. So very happy with our order.

July 25, 2023 | The best geese ever!

I'd hoped to get 2 buff females, and thought I'd take a chance with the Fancy Goose Package, since the other prospects sounded interesting, too. I was so lucky to get the 2 Buffs I'd wanted - they are the BEST geese! I absolutely adore them - they're friendly, just beautiful and very healthy. I got them with 3 Appleyard ducklings, & the geese immediately took care of the little ones, and they go everywhere together. The ducks copy the geese in movement and march around like a little gang. They've fit in well with my chickens, oddly befriended my rooster & are ok with my older ducks, too. If I had known geese were this amazing, I'd have gotten more! Maybe next year.