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Customer Testimonials & Reviews

You're amazing. Thanks so much. I truly appreciate it! We will definitely purchase more birds in the future due to your excellent customer service!! Heidi from Pharr, Texas
Wow thank you much for your speedy response and A+ customer service! Can’t wait for my babies to arrive ❤️! Definitely will recommend! Sara from Franklin, North Carolina
Just wanted to let you guys know that the apple yard ducks and the guineas all arrived in great shape and are growing well. We could not be happier and more satisfied with them and your company. Thank you guys so very much! Arvie from Sparta, North Carolina
Thank you again for everything! You have been amazing and given me so much joy with these beautiful little ladies. Sara from Panama City, Florida
Thank you all so much for our sweet baby duckies. Everyone made it home safe in just 24 hours!! We were worried about them as the temperatures dropped to 35°F but their pad was still warm when we picked them up at the post office this morning. Everyone is doing great - they are healthy and active. Thank you so much!! Pati from Placerville, California
Thanks so much Ashley! We are looking forward to having all of our batches come from you all this year! We tried some others last year and weren’t thrilled with the results. Thanks for providing such a great service and product! Justin from Putney, Vermont
That is excellent. I am super happy you guys offer insurance. Ducks are such beautiful joys to have apart of our flock. I would love a surprise duckling for my 2nd one. I just want to say thank you all. It was my first time with my original order. It was an easy fast process. You all rock Joanna from Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania
Appreciate the quick response. For what it is worth, Metzer's quality and customer service is what brought us back. Geoff from Fayetteville, Tennessee
Hi Ashley, Thank you. This is reassuring! I will proceed with my Christmas week order. I have two runner ducks from Metzer and they are the best pets/garden helpers. I really appreciate what you all do at Metzer Farms. Stayward from Portland, Oregon
I just wanted to let you know I picked up my 3 ducklings. They are safe and sound in their brooder. Thank you for getting them to me so quickly. Happy customer. Morgan from Dixon, California
The babies are doing great! Our small local lost office was impressed with your companies shipping. It is the best they have ever seen! Mandi from Rock, Michigan
I appreciate you! My wife and I love our birds, they bring us so much joy. As well as a lot of eggs! Thank you for what you do. Austin from Saint James, Missouri
Thank you for the order!! Babies came on time - earlier than expected!! Healthy and happy! Amy from Kansas City, Missouri
I would like to give you an update on my ducks. They are so awesome and happy! I am so glad I got them. Thank you so much for safe arrival at my home. I'm sure we will have many years to enjoy them! Thanks again. Mary from Fountain, Colorado
Thank you so much for the previous help. It really did help. Thank you for the advice. A huge help all around while I'm stressing. Theresa from Cathlamet, Washington
Dear Metzer Farms, Our Goslings arrived this morning and we are delighted. Thank you so much for making sure they had nourishment for the journey. Thank you so much - they look so healthy. We will be sure to order from you again and give you our recommendation. Suzanne from Pipe Creek, Texas
Thank you for everything and I just wanted to also express my appreciation for your awesome website. Very informational, helpful and user friendly! Kind Regards. Kiersten from Ancramdale, New York
I took the moment and thank you for providing the Duck Eggs. Our daughter has a severe allergy with chicken eggs. Thanks to your farm, she is able to lead a normal dietary life. Dennis from Loomis, California
Just wanted to say I am thrilled to have my ducklings arrive in Texas so quickly, they left y’all midday-ish Wednesday! They arrived in excellent condition and are settled in to their brooder pen happily. Teppi from Fredericksburg, Texas
Thank you for all you and everyone there has done for us. We are hopeful that our future will allow us to winter in California and summer in Montana. I really hope our paths will cross. Wishing you all the very best. Jim & Wendy from Riverside, Washington
I received my goslings yesterday!!! They are in perfect health and are beautiful. Thank you so much! Susan from Carriere, Mississippi
Thank you so much! And yes I just seen that Email looking forward to getting my girl back! I just love the ducks so much! Also thank you for the quick response and action! Best place ever! Best experience ever! Have a great blessed day. Felicity from Underwood, Indiana
Wow that would be great. You guys are a real ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ company that cares. I am so glad to have used you. A good review coming your way. Daniel from West Jefferson, Ohio
Thank you so much, you guys are always so wonderful and take such good care of your customers! Ari from Roseville, California
Thank you for taking such great care of the Muscovy at your Duck Farm. They are excellent companions as well for PTSD companionship and just straight entertainment. They are excellent breed of duck and I really appreciate your hard work and aggressive healthcare in regard to their concern. Jennifer from The United States
Thank you so much for the prompt response. I'm hoping to get ducks in the next couple of years and I will definitely be using your hatchery! Susan from Coweta, Oklahoma
Thank You Metzer Family for my adorable babies. They were literally running around like a ' house on fire', and grooming each much love- ALL ALIVE and KICKING! Vimla from Pensacola, Florida
Thank you so birds are doing excited to watch them grow 🙂 Crystal from Camas, Washington
Wow you guys are legit awesome. That sounds wonderful. By the way these ducks are amazing already! Mitch from Bellingham, Massachusetts
Hey Metzer Farms Crew! My family and I wanted to say thank you again for the amazing Cayuga and Silver Appleyard ducks! They've grown out so nicely over the past few months and we even got our first few eggs about a week ago. The birds are truly stunning, especially the drake Silver Appleyard. He's a real head-turer and he knows it. The beetle green and purple hues on our Cayugas are beautiful as well. We proudly brag to all of our friends that ask that they're Metzer Farms ducks. Keep up the good work y'all! We're customers for life! Max from St. Petersburg, Florida
Thank you. They the sweetest addition to our family. They love music and enjoy the Florida heat. Ayala from Boca Raton, Florida
You guys are great! These chicks are very efficient foragers! They're crazy for crickets and will even nab a wasp. It's always nice when they'll eat the free protein. And they're feathering out nicely. I'm not sure how you do it, but you get quality birds to me at 1/2 the cost of the hatchery that's only 1.5 hours away. Judith from Walnut Grove, Missouri
Y'all are the only hatchery I choose to work with for our waterfowl needs and you have continuously been so patient with me and my account and I am very very grateful ❣️🤠❣️ Kelly from Valley Ford, California
I just wanted to say I picked my blue Swedish ducklings up this morning and they beat the hurricane. They are perfect and we are totally in love! I will be sharing your site with my other friends thank you so very much! Brandy from Okeechobee, Florida
I got two gossling from your farm earlier this year. I got them for my Mom; who absolutely adores them and they are living their best life. Thank you so very much for helping me make my mom so happy. Misty from Hendersonville, North Carolina
Thank you. This is our second time we have ordered ducks from you. They again came perfect. We now have Aa wife for our other duck and a Girlfriend. lol. Thank you again. Heather from Homosassa, Florida
I just got my shipment! These babies seem to be active and alert! Thank you so very much for all of your help and kind assistance! You guys made a lonely duckling very happy this morning! Thank you so much! Rustie from Semmes, Alabama
I wanted to let you know the ducks arrived yesterday. All six are happy and healthy and they look so good. Metzer Farms is awesome. Elijah from Belpre, Ohio
We would love a replacement please and thank you so much. Any random duck will be just fine. Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service. It's my first time ordering from Metzer and I'll be sure to do so again in the future. You all have been absolutely amazing. Miriah from Batesville, Arkansas
Also, I wanted to thank you for all your help in the past week, you have been wonderful. I left a 5 star review and hope more people order from y’all. Olivia from Edmonds, Washington
They just arrived and they are the most precious babies ever they are so beautiful! They seem to be doing great, already drinking water! ...They are making friends with my very slightly older duck named cheese, so sweet! Rebekka from Ennis, Texas
Thank you for getting back to me. I look forward to ordering some more next spring. I know to some they are just egg layers or meat providers but compared to other birds we have seen yours come with the best quality and fit right along any other birds being shown! Bill from Milton, New Hampshire
I wanted to let you know that my ducklings arrived in good health and are doing very well. Thank you. I am very happy with my experience and I will always recommend to others as well as order from you again in the future. Angela from Fort Fairfield, Maine
Thank you for these lovely little ducks!! They are so Adorable!! My dream of having ducklings have finally come true. Thank you!! Amy from Kansas City, Missouri
Just want to let you know that the ducklings arrived healthy and safe this morning at the post office. They are now roaming in the brooder and seem to be adjusting well. Thank you for the shipment! Emily from Colorado Springs, Colorado
I just wanted to let you know I am very impressed with the health and care with my baby ducks upon arrival. They are a vivacious pair, and I thank you for a job well done. Shellie from Harrison, Arkansas
Thank you so much for your quick response and reassuring they are females. They arrived happy and healthy. I am so happy with my ducklings. Thank you. Vanessa from Council Bluffs, Iowa
I received my two ducklings this morning and thrilled to find out that my mixed duckling companion was another Welsh Harlequin female. That was very, very thoughtful of you!!! Thank you and a special thanks to who ever filled the order!!!! Thank you so much again!!! Cindy from Chester, New Hampshire
You guys have the best customer service! Antonella from New River, Arizona
Just received my ducks today. All arrived safe and sound. I can say my wife has never smiled so much in her life. Was worried about the little guys traveling by mail but all was well. Thanks. Brad from Waukesha, Wisconsin
No questions. Compliments. My lil' girls arrived Thur....Thank you for these beautiful lil' girls. Wish I had room for more ducks. They have qualities hens do not. A sense of humor. And it is very fun to hunt with them as partners when I am working in the yard. Karen from Charlotte, North Carolina
Good afternoon! I am glad to inform I picked up all alive goslings in the morning at the post office. They are so cute. Everyone is perfect. I appreciate it very much! Chantale from Pinecrest, Florida
Great! Thank you so much!!! ...We want to be around when we have new babies. You guys just moved to the very top of our list of breeders! Thanks again!!! Anthony from Knoxville, Tennessee
Thanks so much for your time and assistance. We love your company and have always had the most healthy babies arrive. We may order a couple of babies. Erin from Magalia, California
We received our ducklings today safe and sound. They are adorable. Kristine from Phoenix, Arizona
All arrived safe and sound! Just like our Cayugas last year! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Keith from Spencer, New York
We just received our Golden 300's. They arrived safe and sound. We are so excited to add them to our flock when they get a little bigger. Thanks so much! Glen from Grimesland, North Carolina
Just letting you know the baby ducks arrived safely and they are doing great.Thank you for all your help. Timothy from Marble, North Carolina
Just want to said that I just pick my order. You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much. Roberto from Windsor, California
No question, just wanted to say that the babies arrived healthy and way earlier then last time! Thank you guys so much! Joe from South Salem, New York
I greatly appreciate it. Thank you, and you will be getting more business from me and my friends and family. Have an great day. Mona from Tell City, Indiana
Thank you for such great service and stock. I am raising these in my class before they make a permanent home with me this summer. Deirdre from Eureka, California
Hello to everyone at Metzer farms! A big thank you to all! We received our khaki campbells yesterday and they are healthy, active and of course adorable! Looking forward to raising them in our small backyard homestead with their little chickie sisters! Peace to you all! Susan and Mark Vazzana 😎 Mark & Susan from Vero Beach, Florida
We received a much anticipated phone call from our local post office early this morning that our birds had arrived. We now have 2 strong and vibrant African Gray Female goslings and 3 beautiful female Khaki Campbell Ducklings. We are truly grateful for the new additions to our homestead. Thanks for all that you guys do, it’s very much appreciated. Bamby from Baxley, Georgia
My goslings arrived and I picked them up at the post office 3:30 a.m. this morning. They both started eating and drinking when I got them home. They are very healthy and doing well. Thank you 😊 Marla from Riverton, Wyoming
Thank you very much for being so helpful. I ordered from you guys because I’d heard great things about your customer service. I’m glad it was all true. Heather from Cedar Bluff, Alabama
Hi Metzer - I just want to take a moment to say thank you. In December (four months ago), you sent us some Rouen ducklings. Just wanted to let you know that after taking watchful care of them, they are now beautiful, happy, ducks. We are a family in Connecticut with four kids, and we all love the duckies so much! They are the best pets we could ever have imagined. We have so much fun playing with them and taking care of them. They have injected so much happiness into our home. We named them Giggles, Hope, Apricot, & Nutmeg. Lately, they have been trying to fly. Every day is a fun new adventure with them. Can't thank you enough! Emily from New Canaan, Connecticut
Omgosh I’m so glad I had faith in Metzer! Got up at 5. Only notification I got from tracking was - arrived 3:55 at local Post Office! Picked them up 5:30 am. Swear they’ve already grown. Thank u so much. I know you ship hundreds, but to me they are singularly precious so thanks for tolerating my helicopter Duck mom-ness. Gratefully. Judy from Denver, Colorado
Thank you Ashley. I am in love with my girls! Thank you everyone at Metzer Farms😁 Kaleigh from Cedar Springs, Michigan
I'm a very small customer having purchased only 11 ducks/geese over this year and last. I really appreciate the personal attention many businesses reserve only for their big clients. Love me some Metzer. lol Eric from Lexington, North Carolina
No question, just a profound thank you for the beautiful ducklings! Arrived healthy and happy. They ate and drank as soon as I moved them into their home. Thanks again! Dawn from Summerville, South Carolina
Just wanted to reach out and thank you all for making the process so smooth! Our ducklings arrived happy and healthy. All five have made it to the one week old mark without any health issues or complications. Their markings match APA standards perfectly and their temperaments are incredible. We can really tell how much care and expertise you all put into it all. So from us, and our new five ducklings thank you! Abigail from Tampa, Florida
Thank you so much, Ashley! I’m blown away with how helpful you’ve been & how great Metzer Farms has been. All our future bird orders will be through you guys! Thanks a bunch. Esther from Westfield, North Carolina
My duckings arrived looking good....Well I am at awe...I will definitely order from Metzer again if I do any future orders and I will definitely recommend Metzer to everyone that asks where to order their chickens or ducks from. Monica from Ann Arbor, Michigan
Thank you everyone at Metzer Farms! Our 3 female Rouen ducklings are precious. They came delivered to my post office today alert and ready to eat, play and snuggle by the heat. Thank you for having an amazing hatchery and the travel box they came in. Well done! Rebecca from Brooklyn, Connecticut
Thank you all for your patience and kind replies. My husband has been anxious about them traveling. They all made it here alive. Colleen from Port Townshead, Washington
Thank you for the African geese. The arrived quickly and healthy. The first week of life was wonderful and they are growing well. Thank you. Kevin from Hammond, New York
We picked up our new little male today from the post office. My children were delighted. Thank you so much for all of your help and your exceptional customer service. I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate the replacement and your kindness. Thank you again. Very best regards. Margaret from Jamesville, New York
Hi - We are writing to let you know that, we just picked up our goselings/Ducklings order, and praise the Lord each and every single one of them arrived alive. When we heard their peeps on the post office, is like we heard the heaven sing. Thank You for everything you do at all times. We appreciate it 🌷 Michael & Gina from Sterling, Colorado
You guys are a class act. I received my order of 6 Mallard eggs, plus 2 extra. They were packaged so well. I think they would've survived a train wreak. I had my Brinsea incubator set up, and double and triple checked the settings for their arrival. I candled them after a week. Seven of the 8 eggs are fertile and appear to be thriving. Pics to follow in about 18 days + or -. I’m a very happy new customer! 😎 Ken from Oakwood, Texas
My order arrived safely this morning, and all 6 Embden Geese are doing well. Thank you very much. Lawrence from Greenwood, Florida
Thank you so much for the fantastic service! My goslings arrived safe and healthy. They are some of the best looking goslings I've even seen. They were so cozily packed up and they still had so much spunk when we opened them up. This was my first time ordering birds through the mail and it was an ideal experience. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the work you did to make my order perfect. Masha from Hebron, Maine
Thank you so much!!!! You have no idea how this made my day. I love Metzer Farms! And I love my ducks...They are the happiest creatures! Judy from Denver, Colorado
The ducks arrived this am both healthy and active. The ducklings are beautiful. They will be taken care of and we will give them a wonderful home. Thank you guys so much. Karen from Albemarle, North Carolina
Our 4 babies arrived safe and sound! Epitome of poofy adorableness! Thank you all so much. Now that they are fed, watered, heated and settled in I'm pouring over your info paper with a hot cup of chai tea. Have a blessed day! I'll be writing a shining review in time 😊 Holly from Normandy, Tennessee
Just a quick note to let you know that we received our duck order....and all of the birds were in great shape!!! We even had a bonus chicken in the box! Thank you for the wonderful service and the addition to our homestead!! We appreciate you!! Renee from Grand Junction, Colorado
Thank you Ashley, the babies have arrived, safe and sound. 🦆❣️ DeAnna from Glencoe, Kentucky
Just wanted to say that all 7 feathered friends arrived in excellent condition yesterday! Very pleased! The goslings are darlings... Nice job! You have one very happy customer! Billie May from Saint David, Arizona
Thank you very much for that. I would have been happy with just the 2, but you have gone far and beyond for me!!! I will refer you to everyone I know looking for birds, and if you have a Facebook page I would love to write a great review for you and your company. Again, thank you so much, and I look forward to doing business with you again soon. Chris from Williamstown, Vermont
Y'all have been awesome and I really appreciate all you have done. Brian from Forest, Virginia
I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate your customer service. I truly appreciate the refund, these babies are amazing. Big smiles for great service!!!! Kelly from Suffolk, Virginia
YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!! Thank you again for everything. Leaving positive reviews wherever I can. Kathryn from Harvard, Illinois
Oh that is so awesome of you guys. I was not expecting a refund. Thank you! And that is great there was a probiotic. I will make sure I refer people to you guys. I am really liking the shape of chick's, hydration, bedding and customer service. You're fantastic. Thank you again so much! Stevie from Redding, California
Wow.... You guys are incredible!!! Thanks so much... Candy from Riverview, Florida
I just want you to know how happy I am to get these little ducklings.... So thank you so very much for being able to get me my specific breed and a female that means a lot. The care and reviews you have on your website showed the care you put into your ducks! Thank you! Stephanie from Florence, Kentucky
Hey I picked them up. They are all alive 🙂🙂 I'm so happy with them. Thanks again. Isabel from Palmdale, California
Thank you so much for being such an awesome place to order ducks and eggs! Rachel from Los Angeles, California
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the care you took in getting the duck eggs I ordered shipped to me. I had trouble finding a local place to get duck eggs to hatch. I was leary of ordering online. The eggs were packaged so well and I received them In Pennsylvania all intact. My four kids are excited to go through the process. I know you may only receive complaints. I candled my 14 eggs and only two are questionable. I am very happy with my experience and would recommend you in the future! April from Millerstown, Pennsylvania
I received my order of 3 Pilgrim geese this week and am in love with them!!! They arrived happy and healthy. Thank you so much for the assistance with ordering them. Regards. Angela from Micanopy, Florida
Thank you so much though we will definitely be ordering from you in the future!!! Thank you for understanding!! Amanda from Saint Ansgar, Iowa
I just wanted to reach out and say that the Silver Appleyard ducklings that I ordered arrived in amazingly wonderful condition this morning. They were not stressed in the least and seemed very content in their shipping container. Thank you very much and I will certainly order from you again and will highly recommend you to my friends. Kristina from Pittsburg, Illinois
You guys are great thank you for all your help! Lori from Cape May Court House, New Jersey
Thank you for your excellent customer service! My goslings arrived safe and sound today and faster than expected! Hilary from Pryor, Oklahoma
I just got my shipment and every one of them was alive and healthy. Thank you very much for being a company with integrity and provided a great product. Jason from Graham, Washington
I have a few ducks from your farm that are 7 months old and they are amazing. Mary from Key West, Florida
They all arrived safely today and are in their new enclosure now. Thank you! I'll be sure to use y'all's farm when we are ready to increase our flock size. Donald from Magnolia, Texas
FYI — All the ducklings arrived healthy and happy. Thank you for the updates and information. It’s been a great experience working with you guys. Al from Pengilly, Minnesota
Arrived this morning in GREAT shape!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! Robin from Waco, Texas
Good morning, [I'm] just letting you know that the order arrived all for baby female Peking ducks were in great shape. They’re now in the hatchery, got heat lamp on, they’re eating well, drinking well, and I’m so pleased with your performance... I’ll let everybody know that I know. Again thank you very much and the birds are all GOOD. Chuck from Harleysville, Pennsylvania
You will not believe how happy your goslings made the staff at this post office! They wanted to play with them. Oh my gosh! Lol Thank you thank you! They are crazy adorable! Lily from San Antonio, Texas
Letting you know I picked up my ducklings this morning from the Post Office. They arrived healthy and active and 100% cute! They have been drinking, eating, and are finding their way back to the heat platform for regular naps. All is well in the brooder. Looking forward to their continued growth. Thanks so much! Catherine from Sugar Hill, Georgia
Awesome. Thank you! You guys have always been great. Carrie from White Bluff, Tennessee
Thanks! Everyone arrived safe and sound this morning! Thank You for your attention to the packaging of these precious little critters! Fred from Troy, Missouri
Thank you. I just received them a few hours ago! Both are doing great. Analise from Greenville, South Carolina
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it and it looks like we’ll be getting birds from you in the future! They are absolutely adorable, and [we] can’t wait to show them! Thanks again 💕 Erika from Catheys Valley, California
My African geese goslings arrived on Thursday am. They are healthy and very active and chatty. We are looking forward to see them grow. Thank you!! Monika from Baker, Florida
Very happy with your companies service and ducklings, you guys have been wonderful. Thank you! Kasey from Butte, Montana
Thanks so very much. Getting excited about my babies coming. Have heard wonderful comments from folks about your stock. Vicci from Salmon, Idaho
I received my ducklings this morning. They are happy and seem pretty healthy running around their brooder. Have a great day. I will with my new girls. Thank you. Laura from Naples, Florida
Seven ducks arrived at 8:00am PST this morning in Harrison Idaho. All healthy and active. Thank you very much. Mike & Joann from Harrison, Idaho
Love your babies. So happy with last year's girls and excited to add to my little flock. They are lovely, happy, healthy, great layers and totally spoiled delightful companions. Thank you for all you do. Judy from Denver, Colorado
Yay! Thank you! The baby ducklings I received last year were precious and healthy. I was anxious about getting babies shipped but you all do such a fantastic job at this ❤️ Sherry from Peoria, Arizona
I received my ducklings this morning, all healthy and safe! Brenda from Antwerp, New York
Wow! I love you guys. Thank you that was so fast. 😊 Chris from High Springs, Florida
Oh my goodness! Thank you so much. What an incredible company!!! I’ll definitely be ordering from you again. Sammi from South Prince George, Virginia
Thank you for the quick follow up Ashley, I appreciate it. I have always appreciated the prompt and great service from Metzer. Thank you again. Brendan from Foxfield, Colorado
I really like you put the gel in with the birds, think that makes a huge difference. James from Delhi, New York
We just wanted to send a thank you for the amazing eggs. Out of the six eggs we had four viable fertilized eggs 🥰. The last one just hatched and we are so excited with our four new runner ducks. Meagan from Little Rock, Arkansas
Just wanted to let you know the eggs arrived safe and sound. And I am delighted! I will be ordering from you again! Jan from Lake Peekskill, New York
We've ordered from many places in the past before but last year we ordered from you and were very pleased with the way you ship. We'll definitely be ordering all of our Cornish Cross from you in the future. Rhonda from Henry, Tennessee
I absolutely love my runner ducks I got from you last spring! Thank you for doing what you do. Kris from Nokomis, Illinois
Thank you so much, Ashley, for taking the time to answer all my questions so promptly, and for helping to alleviate some of my concerns. I appreciate you! Sandy from Escondido, California
We love the geese we got from you last spring. Ashley from Orofino, Idaho
Thanks so much for your assistance. I was so grateful for your patience. Thanks. You are a great company! Barb from Zephyrhills, Florida
You are amazing!!! Thank you so much!! I hope you have the most wonderful day. They’re luck to have you. Best customer service ever. Take care! Natasha from Clements, California
Currently, the five are doing well and flourishing. I have nothing but good things to tell folks about your hatchery! You're the best! Andrea from Siler City, North Carolina
It was my son's 8th birthday and we were over the moon when we received the call from the Post Office that the girls had arrived. They are such wonderful pets and we are so happy with our purchase. They are fun, hilarious, smart, and messy members of the family. The kids make a point to say goodnight to them every night. Sincerely, Very Happy Customers and Very Happy Ducks (Charlotte, Delilah, and Daisy) Kelly from Placerville, California
Thanks. The ducks arrived in very good condition. The heat pad & extra green gel really helped. With priority express mail received in a little under 2 days. James from Port Townsend, Washington
Our twelve beautiful baby ducks and two baby geese arrived healthy and well this morning. Thank you so much for these lovelies! They will be loved and well cared for here at our happy farm. Catherine from Ringoes, New Jersey
I've already started cooking with (the eggs) and gosh, are they delicious! Thank you for providing this resource all the way to Texas. I've had no luck finding duck eggs in my area (already in cold season) so finding your site was a little miracle. Thanks for doing what you do! Andrea from Abilene, Texas
Your staff is a lot more helpful than other hatcheries when I was learning & asking things so thank you. Marci from Burlington, Washington
I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for all your help with my orders. You made my process so much easier and we are very happy with our 4 duck babies. Your help was greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day. Denise from Sarasota, Florida
The ducklings arrived this morning and picked them up around 8:30am. They all are safe and sound. Thank you for an excellent job shipping them. Carolyn from Naselle, Washington
Just wanted to say thanks! The ducks and geese are wonderful! David from New Caney, Texas
My ducks arrived just a few moments ago. Ahead of schedule and everything. They are wonderful, especially when you already have khaki campbells and these appleyards are actually friendly. Jay from Thorton, Kentucky
I’d like to thank you for the care in how the ducklings were packaged and for the extra step in taking the time to label the paperwork to tell me what the ducklings were! Erin from Sand Springs, Oklahoma
We just order a few ducklings from you and we are so excited!! I loved everything I read about you and the excellent reviews, I couldn’t have ordered from anyone else. We are already looking into getting some goslings in the spring. Thank you so much and we look forward to doing a lot more business with you in the future. Lindsey from New Town, North Dakota
All the gosling arrived in top shape. They are eating and drinking well. Thanks so much. Michelle from Fort McCoy, Florida
My ducklings arrived in good health…all alive…very hungry and thirsty…! They are doing great so far! Thanks so much! Carol from Woodville, Mississippi
Hello, Thank you for such fast reply! We received our ducklings this morning, all happy and healthy and at home now. Kramer from Blaine, Washington
Well, our new "peeps" arrived today, safe and sound! The Black Swedish are omg adorable. Those little black feet and bill! My first love will always be the Pekin, but these lil black and yellow floofs are quickly winning my heart. Thank you so very much for taking the time to speak with me and address all our concerns. Our flock is now 6 strong, and we couldn't be happier. I just wanted you to know they got here fine, and we're on another duckling adventure. Thank you again. You guys rock! Stacey from Alturas, California
All 31 chicks arrived safely Wednesday and are thriving. Thank you so much! Stephanie from El Cajon, California
They have arrived and they are perfect. Thank you so much. Lindsey from North Bend, Washington
I had a wonderful experience with your farm. I ordered 6 Indian runner ducks... I would like to give you more of my business in the future as I have a small farm in which I would like to grow slowly to a larger farm. This was our first time with an on line and in the mail order and delivery. You all were very nice. Especially Tory who was the associate whom helped me. Thank you very much. I plan on doing business with you in the near future. And, I'll let all my farmer friends know about you as well. Cynthia from Taylors, South Carolina
Thank you so much. Your customer service is awesome. Gretchen from Georgetown, Texas
I received the Broilers yesterday [1200 of them]. I picked them up in Great Falls Mt. The broilers looked very good. Johnathan from Pendroy, Montana
I just picked them up today and they look great, very energetic and healthy. We have always got our ducks from your hatchery via the Co-op and been very happy. Della from Monroe, Washington
You have superb ducks! Liz from Hadley, Massachusetts
They are very pretty birds, and this will be something I do very often.... I have only seen good things about y'all and now I see why. Thank you so much! Colton from Falkville, Alabama
I just wanted to let you know that we had a good experience using y'all as our exclusive cornish cross supplier for all 860 cornish chicks on our farm. Our chicks almost always arrived healthy and the rare times they didn't it was easy to fix with customer service. We look forward to additional business with you in 2023! Paul & Bri from Lansing, North Carolina
They’re all seemingly doing great and I am very happy with Metzer Farms. This was my first order of any birds from you guys and I’m very impressed. I will be ordering from you guys again for ducklings and possibly guineas later in the future. Davinity from Bristow, Oklahoma
Thank you!!! Both female goslings arrived in great condition! Love that we can get goslings later in the season!!! Daniel from Colmesneil, Texas
Thank you for being such a reputable company, and standing behind your “merchandise.” Victoria from Myrtle Creek, Oregon
Thank you so much for your quick response. We are going to try again with our incubator. Deep gratitude for being so responsive. Shanie from Deming, Washington
Thank you so much, received the 3 girls today, it did take 3 days. Will send pictures when they grow up. Thank you again. Susan from Akron, Ohio
Thank you so much, our ducklings are amazing! We are using them for our agriscience program at school and will keep them for egg production and selling at the farmers market. Rebecca from Winter Garden, Florida
My ducks arrived in perfect shape! Thanks for being so helpful and I will definitely be ordering from you again and recommending you to all my friends!! Max from Bainbridge, Georgia
We received our duckling this morning! They are so wonderful and sweet. Lisa from New Hartford, Connecticut
All 25 Cornish Cross arrived safe and healthy. Thank you so much! Dan from Westborough, Massachusetts
Hi - I’ve had my babies about 24 hours and I just wanted to let y’all know how impressed I am. I had reservations ordering a baby animal thru the internet and having them mailed but as soon as I opened the box they were so happy. I have 2 beautiful, healthy, lively ducklings and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you! I love them. BTW- The Black Cayuga is named Chanel and the Runner is Coco. Katherine from Euless, Texas
Our three little beautiful ducks arrived safely yesterday! Thank you! Claudia from Columbia, Alabama
I ordered 6 eggs from your farm and I got 2 more - total 8. I had 100% hatch rate and I’m so happy with them! Lina from Santa Ana, California
Awe thank you. They are so cute and we love them. Mary from Key West, Florida
My four assorted runners were shipped Tuesday afternoon, and I was able to pick them up from my local post office Wednesday morning. They were chirping and very lively right from the beginning. After seeing the shipping package set-up Metzger Farms uses to ship ducks, my wife is no longer worried about buying ducks through the mail. We will definitely be buying birds from you again :) Juan from Fresno, California
I just wanted to thank all of you at Metzer Farms. We had an unfortunate incident at my small farm and my beloved ducks were killed. I ordered 2 babies from you and could not be happier! While we will always miss Stella and Aflac, the 2 babies you sent us have brought back our joy of having ducks. They are the sweetest little girls and we are so in love with them! Thank you for letting us enjoy having ducks again! Nancy from Riverview, Florida
Thank you so much. I am very pleased with my order and I will be using you in the future. Glen from Greenbush, Maine
I just wanted to let you know our order of geese arrived yesterday afternoon and they are healthy and eating and drinking well. I want to thank you for the quality of birds. Keep safe and thanks again. Bill & Ramona from Millford, California
Thank you for your prompt response! You guys have been excellent to work with. Rachel from Otsego, Michigan
We got all the birds in good health - 470 Pekin. Leonard from Hawley, Minnesota
All ducks were received and healthy. Came out of their box looking for something to eat and drink. Thank you for our new ducks! Tammy & Ben from Rogers, Arizona
Baby ducks arrived. Super cute. Thank you. Ted from Hernandez, New Mexico
Thanks. I love these eggs. Vicky from Colorado Springs, Colorado
Thank you for being one of the few reputable online duck egg marketplaces. Chris from San Antonio, Texas
Received your eggs today and they’re wonderful. I like that you have a smaller hole drilled in the bottom of these. My previous eggs I purchased from another vendor had a much larger hole. Julianne from Lino Lakes, Minnesota
Thank you very much! We have used 2 other hatcheries for YEARS, and this is our first experience with your company. As I said before, dealing with your company has been a positive experience. I believe we will be using Metzer from now on. Thank you again. Have a blessed day! Looking forward to more purchases in the near future. Stephanie from Bessemer, Alabama
Ducks arrive and are thriving. Thank you. from Portland, Oregon
Thank you for your quick resolve.. It’s the 3rd time I’ve dealt with Metzer and will highly recommend to anyone.. 5 stars. Dean from Spring Hill, Florida
Hello ducks arrived alive and well. Thank you very much. James from Durand, Michigan
They certainly are enjoying more space 😊 Thank you for sending me housing requirements. Brady from Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Just wanted to say thanks - We picked up the two Muscovy ducklings we ordered yesterday and they’re extremely healthy, pretty and friendly! Y’all did an awesome job shipping them and keeping them happy during the trip. If we order any more ducks, they will definitely be from you guys! Jenna from Camden, Indiana
Hi there! I received my replacement duckling and her travel buddy this morning! They are doing great so far, I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I appreciate everything you've done! Please enjoy your day! Stacey from Newport, Pennsylvania
I picked up my ducklings at the post office at 7:15 this morning. They are so active & healthy! As soon as I put them in their "box" they started to eat & drink. It's now 10 am and they have all had their first "swim"! Very pleased with my ducklings!! Ruth from Pleasant Plains, Arkansas
My 6 assort ducklings arrived safe and sound in Blackstone Mass. Thank you so much. A wonderful addition to Brookside Farms. Mary from Blackstone, Massachusetts
The geese are the most sociable babies I've ever seen. So pleased with them. Leslie from Camden, Tennessee
Thank you for all your help with my wife on the phone. We made all the recommended changes and this batch of ducklings is doing very well. James from Spokane, Washington
Thank you so much. We have ordered from you guys before and have had great success I appreciate your time and how quickly you got back to me. Thank you. Meredith from Barrington, New Hampshire
I appreciate your company, the incredible customer service, and the birds you sell! Jared from Hyrum, Utah
I appreciate it and absolutely love our little ducklings! Been wanting cayugas for years and so glad to finally have them! Heather from Amesville, Ohio
Hi - I have hatched 8 eggs that I received from you guys in May in a Mixed Duckling purchase. I have a bunch of happy and healthy 1 month old ducklings! Michele from Woodbine, Maryland
Thank you. I will definitely be a return shopper. My dad has been wanting ducks for a long time and now your company has made him so happy. Julie from Delhi, Louisiana
Just a note to say thanks for the 24 Muscovy ducks. They all arrived healthy and very active. Robert from Carlisle, South Carolina
My baby goslings came in the mail today all happy and healthy. Thank you. Carolyn from Craigsville, Virginia
We got them!! They all made it. The post office saw me in line before they opened and let me grab them. They are drinking and eating without issue and of course full of peeps! Thanks, they will be spoiled. Sonja from Fayetteville, North Carolina
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my order of four ducks a few weeks ago and very happy with my order of six geese. It was amazing to me how healthy and vibrant they were when I received them here in Pennsylvania and it only took a couple of days to get here. Thanks so much!! David from Wyalusing, Pennsylvania
I have my eye on geese once get these matured and settled. 😁 Let me know if you need any information from me. Wonderful experience. Brinda from Berwick, Louisiana
I received my 4 ducklings Wednesday and I just wanted to say how happy I am with them! They are so happy, healthy, and active! Thank you! Caitlin from Princeton, Illinois
We have the 4 Swedish Blues that arrived today. They are sooooo cute! We have them and they are drinking water and they are nice and warm. They gave a little duck yawn and a little duck butt wiggle and it was absolutely perfect! We have them all set up and they are happy and settled. I just wanted to share this joy with you. Thank you so much for all the care you have put into these ducks and getting them to us safely. Sarah from Marysville, Washington
I wanted you to know that our 4 ducklings arrived safely; peeping up a storm and ready to rock n roll. They survived their journey well. Thank you so much. Carrie from Dike, Texas
Picked up babies at 4:30 this am. Eating and drinking. All is well in this duck home. Connie from Conway, South Carolina
Very Happy! We received all of our ducks today. The kiddos are very excited. The ducks are healthy and doing very well. Thank y'all very much! Pastor V from Flint Hill, Virginia
Thank you so much. We are very happy with our purchase and excited for extra egg production from these specific ducklings! Sarah from Adel, Iowa
Good afternoon. We received PO#2355 all in great condition! Thank you for your continual support and assistance. Kind regards. Debora from Goulds, Florida
I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that the goslings that we ordered arrived and they are all (4) very healthy and happy. I am happy to report that with the order from Metzer Farms, I have finally received my one gander and 3 female Sebastopol Geese that I have been trying for for the past few years. So....A BIG THANK YOU to everyone at Metzer Farms. From our family to you, we wish you all the very best and cannot thank you enough for the Blessing you have provided. All the very best! Velorie from Spirit Lake, Idaho
All 12 ducklings arrived alive and well. Thank you for prompt, efficient service. Robert from Sanford, North Carolina
The ducklings arrived bright and early, in wonderful condition, and are happily exploring their new surroundings between naps! Thank you all very, very much! Liz from Hadley, Massachusetts
I just wanted to thank you for all you have done. If I ever need any more I will certainly use you and I will tell anyone that asks that they should use you!!! Once again thank you. Linda from Eclectic, Alabama
All my ducks arrived alive and well. I love them! Thank you. Morgan from Odessa, Minnesota
I received my African Geese today and would like to comment on a few things. The packaging of the Geese was far better than other poultry I have received from other Hatcheries. The Geese were in excellent condition. I just wanted to thank you and assure you we will be back for other purchases. Bill & Ramona from Milford, California
Just a quick note to report that ducks arrived on Wednesday morning. They were in great condition very active and healthy. Thank you for great service. Bill from Satsuma, Alabama
Thanks for all you did to help. The ducklings arrive in wonderful condition! They are doing great...😊 Elizabeth from American Canyon, California
I got my birds.....all fifteen healthy and happy! Thank you very much! Bryant from Citronelle, Alabama
Good morning! Once again our 5 babies arrived safely! These ducklings are so much more spunky than the 8 we ordered last year. I'm thinking because it was a much shorter travel distance from TN. You all are amazing! We have nothing but great things to say about our experiences with you. I will leave a great review. Thanks again! Kelly from Pennsville, New Jersey
Our ducklings arrived safe and sound and enjoying their new home. Thanks. Cindy from Paso Robles, California
My 6 babies runners ducks 🦆 arrived safely and alive this morning. They are beautiful and a great mixture as promised. Patricia from Hernando, Mississippi
Great. Thank you so much! I did receive them today.. so much cuteness... Thank you all are happy and look healthy. Kathy from Thompsonville, Michigan
Just wanted to let you know my four birds all arrived safe. Thanks. Richard from Fort Myers, Florida
I just wanted to thank you for shipping my babies. They are definitely worth the wait. Thank you for the updates too! Carmen from Terrell, Texas
Thank you, Ashley. I'll be on the lookout for the shipment. Excellent customer service. Tyson from Rosburg, Washington
The three Appleyards came in this morning and are doing very well. I wanted to let you know and thank you! I will definitely order from you all in the future and recommend you as well! Gwen from Philadelphia, Tennessee
Thank you very much! They are super Adorable. They’re going to make a great addition to my little flock. Ralph from Sutter, California
Oh, my gosh! Our ducklings arrived so happy and healthy! You all are amazing! Thank you! Emily from Gunnison, Colorado
I just wanted to send a quick message to compliment your customer service! Thank you for the quick and friendly help every time I’ve needed it. Thanks. Katie from Odessa, Washington
Thank you for the extra duckling. They are doing great. Dawn from Grayland, Washington
Hi, We received our ducks alive and healthy today. Thank you for making our experience a good one. We will definitely order from you again. Connie from Carsonville, Michigan
My lovely lady goslings arrived today! They are beautiful and doing well! Shelbea from Lawrenceburg, Indiana
All ducklings in good shape thank you!!! Jimmie from New Branunfels, Texas
Guineas arrived in healthy, all alive and in excellent condition. Jeannine from Carencro, Louisiana
Thank you for your ducks! They are beautiful! Benjamin from Middle River, Maryland
Thank you kindly for the refund. That is great customer service and greatly appreciated! Elizabeth from Davidsville, Pennsylvania
I just wanted to thank you for these amazing ducks we got from y'all back in January. They have grown so fast and we are in love with them. We really enjoy just sitting outside watching them all over the yard. Can not wait until they start laying eggs. Sarah from Little Rock, Arkansas
Received our ducks today! Thank you so very much! And the way they were packaged was pure genius! Will definitely get our future fowl from you all! Matt from Bellefontaine, Ohio
I am allergic to chicken eggs and our family has enjoyed your eggs immensely. I had been egg free for a couple of years. Your company has restored my ability to enjoy so many wonderful dishes that I had given up hope of ever having again. Thank you for everything. Rachel from Hopkinsville, Kentucky
All ducklings arrived safe and energetic yesterday morning. Thanks and I will continue to recommend Metzer Farms. Chris from Fayetteville, Georgia
Hey! I just wanted to let you know that our ducks and Guineas arrived today and are loving their new home. Thank you so much! Tracy from Baxter, Kentucky
Hello, I just got my first shipment of ducks from you guys, just wanted to thank you for how nice they looked. They had an awesome setup in their shopping box and couldn't have looked happier when they arrived. Thank you I I can't wait for my other shipments to come in. Andrew from Ukiah, California
I so appreciate your guidance and swift communication to my every inquiry! You guys rock! Jennifer from Arlington, Washington
Our prior order of Running Ducks and Geese are growing fast. We have a rapidly growing brood. Thanks for taking care of us. Have a great week. Don & Lorraina from Hannibal, Missouri
The birds are doing great. I will definitely use your farm again. I have also been telling people about your business. Thanks again. Joseph from Alden, New York
Thank you very much. My delivery came very quickly and my goslings all look beautiful and heathy. I will definitely be doing more business in the future with your company. Thank you again. Devon from Tioga, North Dakota
Ducks arrived in great shape. Thank you for the great customer service. Doris from Vernon, Arizona
I just wanted to let you know that the ducklings arrived yesterday, and are in their new home and have made my aunt very happy! Thank you for having the breed that she wanted, as the local stores we visited did not carry the Appleyard breed that she wished for. Thank you Tori, for your wonderful customer service and assistance with our order. Judi from Crete, Illinois
My order came in this morning, and everyone was cheeping and alive - Thank you for the wonderful packaging job and friendly service! I'm looking forward to another order from y'all in July. Kristen from Bunker, Missouri
Order received. Thank you. Adorable babies! Noelle from Lathrop, Oregon
We had all 5 geese show up alive. Was so excited! To see they all made it without any problems. Anthony from Higbee, Missouri
I just wanted to let you know that our baby ducklings arrived safe and healthy today - They are doing very well and we are very pleased and excited to add them to our family! Robert from Greencastle, Pennsylvania
You guys are my "go to" for poultry whenever I know of someone who's looking to add to their flock, for general information on poultry or QUALITY livestock. People always tell me how beautiful my ducks are. All the years I've had Metzer Farms ducks, I've never lost any to diseases or had any malformity. You guys are the GREATEST & I highly recommend Metzer Farms to ANYONE interested in QUALITY poultry. Learning about your Tennessee farm made my day! Kathryn from Cabool, Missouri
Order arrived today 04-28-22 in excellent condition. John from Superior, Montana
Hi, I order 12 Swedish blue duck eggs about 2 weeks ago. They arrived quickly from all the way across the country and damage free. Last night my wife, our two boys and I candled them for the first time and all but 3 showed signs of life. It was amazing to see the tiny flicker of a heart beat beginning. So I wanted to say thank you for your services. Aaron from Frostburg, Maryland
My ducklings arrived this morning in great shape plus thank you for the extra! Nancy from Reedley, California
First and most importantly, you guys are awesome. I love my ducks and now my geese. They are ridiculously pampered and spoiled. Gordon from Brookfield, Connecticut
Very pleased with your customer service. Thank you. Elena from Richmond, New Hampshire
I picked up my 2 new ducklings Wednesday at the post office. They are doing great. Thank you for resolving the issue for me! Stephanie from Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Amazing service. Got my birds in great health just wanted to say thank you and I'll keep my next buy with you guys. Thank you again. Zeb from Ludell, Kansas
I hope this email finds you well. I just want to THANK YOU for sending the extra eggs. I really appreciate it. They arrived today safe and sound. We will keep you posted. Wishing you all the best. Paulo from New York, New York
Got a phone call this morning from the Post Office, just got the girls home. They are in amazingly great shape, little to no travel stress observed. Drinking, eating and zooming around the brooder. Thank you so much! Warm Regards. Bob from Elburn, Illinois
Thank you. I am very happy with my first experience with y'all and will not hesitate to recommend to anyone who is interested in ducks, chicks or geese. Shay from Pulaski, Tennessee
Tremendous experience overall and foresee us ordering again. Keep up the great work! Chad from Clover, South Carolina
Thank you for your quick response! I’ve had no other issues and am enjoying the others, happy with my service. I appreciate your help very much. Amanda from Harleyville, South Carolina
My order arrived this morning, both gosling's healthy and happy, got them home just 49 hours after hatching. Great job guys. Thanks. Joseph from Lithia, Florida
Hello from Montana Got my babies this morning very good shape. They are drinking and eating. Again, Thank You for all the info you gave me over the phone. I cannot wait to order from you again. Jill from Bigfork, Montana
Just wanted to let you know my three Toulouse goslings arrived this morning. So cute and seem healthy and happy! Mitch from Hudson, New York
We were thrilled to receive our recent order from you yesterday. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do! We love our Metzer ducks (and now geese too!) Robin from Milan, New York
Thank you again for your wonderful customer service. It has been a pleasure working with you. I will definitely recommend you to our friends. Danielle from Skagway, Alaska
I picked up your wonderful package today from the post office today! They seem like they are all in great condition so far. Jordan from Pittsgrove, New Jersey
I wanted to thank you for my beautiful ducklings. John from Staatsburg, New York
No question. I just wanted you to know that the peeps got here just fine and they are busy playing in their water and food. Love baby geese.... Jan from Browns Valley, California
You guys are the best! Thank you so much. Janet from Points, West Virginia
Thank you so much ! It’s so nice to deal with a company with great customer service. I’ll recommend you guys to all my duck friends. Colten from Batavia, Ohio
Wow that was quick. Thanks for the excellent customer service... Thanks again, you guys are top notch. Justin from Bellingham, Washington
Thank you so much! Chicks arrived today and are doing awesome! ...Thank you again, love your hatchery and have always had amazing experiences. Blessings. Amber from Rehoboth, Massachusetts
Thank you very much. This gives me hope in honest businesses, and I will be glad to keep purchasing your birds. Stephen from Springdale, Oregon
I just picked up my baby ducks. They are so cute! They are very active. They are eating and drinking lots of water. They are running round. They sure have healthy lungs. Thank you so much for these adorable 💗 baby ducks! Linda from Campo, California
Hi! I ordered some Khaki Campbell hatching eggs, and I'm thrilled that we had so many actually hatch. I was so nervous since I've never done this before! Jessica from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Just wanted to let you know that I received my Khakis yesterday. All 30 are in excellent condition and beautiful. Lori from Anchorage, Alaska
I just wanted to say thank you for the replacements. These ones came out of the box super healthy and doing good. Karyn from Adams, Oregon
Thank you for your ducklings. They are all well and so adorable! I look forward to purchasing from you in the future. Ruth from Far Hills, New York
I can't wait for the new additions to my little flock as everyone always compliments how beautiful and healthy the birds are. Nothing but good things to say about my experience with your company and the quality of the birds you produce! Bill from Milton, New Hampshire
I wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU! For all the help and prompt response in replacing the birds we lost. The new shipment arrived and they are doing well. We truly appreciate you guys! Thank you again. Amber from Salem, Oregon
Just wanted to say our ducks arrived and are doing good. Thanks! KrisAnn from Lola, Texas
Ducklings came in good health....all 7!!! Thank you! Michael from Ben Wheeler, Texas
2nd time I ordered 2 ducklings from you sent from CA to IN. Both sets arrived safely with happy little ducklings. Very happy with the service. Thank you! Dusti from New Pekin, Indiana
Thank you for all the great info and quality birds we get from you. Mary Ann from San Luis Obispo, California
Have had 15 of your Golden 300 hybrid for a year. They are wonderful layers. We get 12-13 huge white eggs every day without fail! Ray & Retha from Hubert, North Carolina
We are now 6 months with our Guineas we bought from you and they are doing fantastic! Johnson Hill Farm from Bangs, Texas
Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the quality and expert way you handle the shipments. My ducklings are healthy and happy. Thank you! Shelley from Hemet, California
I love all my ducks and I'm especially smitten with my geese!!! Julie from Burkburnett, Texas
I have been very pleased with all of my ducks and geese so far!! They have brought a lot of life, joy and laughter and helped in cleaning up all the extra growth around the farm. The added bonus is also the fertilizer they added back to the soil. Leah from Blacksburg, Virginia
My ducks are healthy and as happy as the day I got them from USPS. You guys are hands down the best. You guys are a breath of fresh air and care just as much about the ducks as if they were still on your farm in California. Please continue the good work you do. Alex from Saint James, Minnesota
I'd just like to thank you personally for all the insight you've provided me when I asked questions and the helpfulness you and the team have been. Alex from Saint James, Minnesota
We recently purchased 60 Cornish Cross from you. They all arrived safely and within one day of ordering, thank you! Robert from Rescue, California
My ducklings arrived. Thank you for putting such care into your poultry!!! Pamela from Paulden, Arizona
I just wanted to let you know I received my order and all the little ducklings seemed happy and healthy. And you were right about two days vs three for delivery. Marc from Southside, Alabama
I'm just letting you guys know all my ducklings arrived alive and well. Couldn't be happier because of the amount I shipped! You guys really know what you are doing! Alexander from Saint James, Minnesota
My order arrived in exactly 3 days and these eggs are excellent! Thank you for such a quick order! These duck eggs have a wonderful flavor and texture even though they are bigger than chicken eggs. Thank you again for such a quick order of these wonderful eggs! I'll definitely be ordering again. Jason from John Day, Oregon
I just wanted to let you know I received my new Indian Runner babies and so excited for them to join my little farm. Thank you. They are beautiful and arrived safe and happy.
I must admit I was worried about ordering ducklings from so far away. I am pleased to report they all arrived safely having consumed all of the grogel. They are happily eating, drinking, and pooping and I will happily order from you again.
Thank you for the two new babies. They are healthy as can be. The three older ones I had ordered previously welcomed them as soon as they came in and started protecting them right away. Thank you so much! James from Moore, Oklahoma
We have ordered Cornish Cross chicks from your company before and have had great success and top notch customer service to go with it.
I wanted to say thank you for my recent order of Runner ducklings & Guinea keats. Honestly I was a little worried when I realized that they would travel across the Country from CA to NC, however they ALL arrived in good health and after 2 days here are still ALL doing very well. Thank you for your quality service. Rachel from Marshville, North Carolina
The ducklings were received in good health and are thriving, growing quickly and very lovely. Thank you! Jennifer from Ashuelot, New Hampshire
All birds arrived and are doing well. Also, the ten ducks you sent last month are thriving....thanks so much. Leonard from Liberty, Kentucky
As always, my 6 ducklings arrived very safe and sound. Even the post mistress commented on how well they were shipped. As always, than you very much! Valerie from Gig Harbor, Washington
My babies arrived in two days, all the way to Florida. I have been really worried with it being so hot here but all arrived looking healthy, immediately almost without any teaching, took to water and food. Thank you so much! Crystal from Pomona Park, Florida
Just want to say thank you very much. My ducklings arrived all safe and energetic this morning. Dewyse from Lawtey, Florida
Our babies arrived safely this morning! Thank you so much! Kelly from Pennsville, New Jersey
Wow super fast shipping and everyone is doing well. Thank you! Nathan from Oakland, California
Ducklings arrived in excellent shape. No issues. Thanks for the excellent service. Charles from Glen Gardner, New Jersey
Everyone arrived alive. Got them with some friends and they are eating and drinking it up. Thank you for prompt shipping. Thank you!!! Dale from Thomaston, Georgia
Ducklings arrived happy and healthy. Thank you for a very pleasant transaction experience. Tim from Grand Ronde, Oregon
My ducklings are perfect and adorable. Thank you for your help! Carissa from Charlestown, Rhode Island
Just wanted to say that your company has really been fantastic! Quality birds, excellent customer service and policies. Thank you for doing what you do and doing it so well! Lindsay from Port Angeles, Washington
I've received two deliveries from you so far and I've been impressed with the quality of your birds. It's so nice to work with you and I just wanted to say thank you for that. Ron from Bakersfield, California
Another order from Metzer and another successful delivery. 4 baby girls doing well, 2 Rouens and 2 Blue Swedish.Thank you for all the healthy beautiful ducks we have gotten from you. Cathy from Barbousville, Virginia
I wanted to say thank you. I ordered Mallard eggs from you and got them within 3 days. I incubated all 10 of them and I'm happy to say we had 8 successfully hatch last week. They are now 4 days old and are so much fun and so cute to watch. One happy customer and duck mama!! Shirley from Woodhaven, Michigan
I just wanted to reach out and say I was very happy with my experience with your company! Our ducklings arrived happy, healthy and a whole day earlier than expected. Alycia from Boise, Idaho
Everybody made it okay and happy! Benny from Webster
Thank you for the very prompt service. We love Metzer Farms for quality of your ducks and geese and now for the outstanding service as well. Juanita from Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
Just to let you know the eggs we purchased and set in the incubator on March 10, 2021 have hatched and we had 13 of the 14 that we had set hatch. I plan to do this again with my animal science class next school year and get eggs from you again. Thank you for allowing us to purchase the eggs and for your farm for the raising of the duck eggs for hatching purposes. Kevin
I wanted you to know our ducklings arrived this morning. We are so appreciative and so happy they were alive. Thank you for promptly replacing them. Gary from Lenoir City, Tennessee
Our ducklings arrived safe and beautifully! What an amazing job you all do with packaging! Rebekah from Merrimac, Massachusetts
Ducklings arrived safe and surprisingly very energetic. All are taking water and feed and getting used to their brooder. Thanks a bunch! Chris from Fayetteville, Georgia
Thank you for the ducklings. They arrived this morning and are the most active and happy looking ones I've had shipped. Amy from Dry Fork, Virginia
My Golden 300 Hyrbrid arrived in excellent health. Ray from Hubert, North Carolina
I just received my 2 White Crested ducks and I'm extremely happy worth my purchase and the way they were packaged. Thank you so much! Caitlin from Bellingham, Massachusetts
My Pekins are great. They are laying and they are wonderful pets. Sweet and clownish. Sally from Boulder, Colorado
One of our employees used to work at farm store in California and she told me that the difference in quality between your ducklings and the ones they ordered elsewhere was your favor, or course! Siobhan from Purcellville, Virginia
Thank you so much! I will definitely put out some reviews and good words for you around here. Thanks Edwin from Awendaw, South Carolina
Thank you, they all arrived early this am - 100% alive and chiriping. Thanks again! Jason from Rescue, California
Letting you know that all three ducklings arrived safe and sound! They are very happy and healthy, love to cuddle. I have decided to name them Ingrid, Myrna, and Duke! Thank you so much for the ducklings! Much appreciated. Chelsea from O Brien, Oregon
All 24 ducklings arrived this morning healthy and ready to get out of their box. They all look perfect. Thank you guys! Kenneth from Meansville, Georgia
Thank you so much for the great sale and of course the great quality of your birds. My Pekins arrived in 2 days peepy, and perfectly healthy. Ellie from Brandywince, Maryland
Thank you so much! This time all the ducklings came healthy and alive! You guys are the best farm ever. Thank you for your service, the shipping was really fast. Nuha from Woodbridge, Virginia
Thank you so much. I think all places should do business like this honest and right again. Will be buying all my chics from your farm. John from San Bernardino, California
Just to let you know, I'm really enjoying your website and all the information. It is very evident that you care for the animals and your clients. Angie from Camas, Washington
I got my ducklings and they are in great shape. Thank you Metzer Farms. Shelly from Jacksonville, Florida
I picked up the duckling order from the post office this morning. All 12 were acting very alert and vigorous! I am very pleased that they were so active and that everything went smoothly with the post office. Thank you for your attention to detail, instructions on the website and on the back of the invoice are a nice touch. Sunny from Brentwood, California
Just wanted to thank you for making all the adjustments to my order. The two ducklings arrived safe and sound. Thank you to John Metzer and his team of workers for the amazing experience. Looking forward to getting more ducks in the future. Jo from Redmond, Washington
Our 3 replacement ducklings came in this morning. They all seem very healthy and are eating and drinking like normal. I just want to say thank y'all so much for everything. I appreciate y'all and I will 100% be ordering from y'all again in the future. Margaret from Lucedale, Mississippi
I received my shipment of precious baby ducks this morning. They arrived safe and sound. They are eating and drinking, all seems good. I have never ordered through the mail, but I have read many comments on FB Raising Ducks 101, recommending your facility. I will certainly recommend Metzer Farms and purchase again. Kimberly from Gardner, Colorado
Thanks Metzer Farms! All my ducklings arrived in two days, in perfect condition, active and hungry, and took to feed and water immediately. The neighborhood kids are interested, asking questions and learning all about ducks, as am I. They named them all! Black Jack, Smack Jack, Flap Jack, Cracker Jack, Billy Jack and Bumper Jack. Steve from Troy, Illinois
I'm new to raising any kind of livestock. Your website is excellent, easy, intuitive interface and loaded with useful information instead of marketing hype, and I appreciate it - a good website is a sign of a good business. steve from Troy, Illinois
Thank you so much for the two absolutely beautiful baby Cayugas. They arrived happy, healthy and started eating and drinking right away. It was love at first sight! I've named them Annie and Nettie. JoAnn from Northwood, Iowa
We received the ducklings today, a day early as you stated. The post office called us at 7am and we went and picked them up. The kids are thrilled they're both here, and we thank you for an awesome first experience with you all. Thank you again. Todd from Seneca, South Carolina
Ducklings arrived early this morning - quacking! THANK YOU!! Pete from Crescent City, Florida
They are here, eating and drinking, and settling in. All alive! So happy!! Thanks again for replying. I am thrilled and will definitely do business with Metzer Farms again! Brooke from Glendale, Arizona
I'm beyond happy with my order of Cayugas I received yesterday. I was a bit worried since I was on the wait list since June for these babies but after getting them home, they are lively & immediately took to drinking/eating. Thanks so much for the time and effort put into your ducks that's behind scenes and goes unnoticed. I'm very impressed with this order and will order again in the Spring! Christian from Eubank, Kentucky
Thank you for helping us. I am truly grateful for you expertise and service after sale! Donna
I know you deal with 100's of birds daily and that you took time out for Molly means a lot to us. Stay safe. You have a customer life! Donna
Hello!! I wanted to send a message letting you know 2 of our Khaki Campbell ducklings arrived today in perfect condition! Thank you so much!!! They are precious as can be and will make a wonderful addition to our tiny flock. Courtney from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
I got a call from the local post office yesterday morning at 6:30 saying the chicks had arrived, so I picked them up 15 minutes later. They are here and doing fine and I wanted to thank you so much for getting them here so quickly and safely. Connie from La Selva Beach, California
We have had our ducklings for 12 days now and what a joy they are!! Thank you soooo much!! Nancy from Wildomar, California
I'm way happy with my order. They are cute as can be. I'm over the moon in love. Lisa from Castle Rock, Washington
I received my ducklings this morning! They made it to Orange, Texas at 5:41am and notified by 7:26am! The service of Metzer has been fantastic. It has been a great experience. Thank you so much for the awesome quacks!! Kristi from Orange, Texas
I purchased seven Welsh Harlequin ducklings from you in April and I just want to say they are beautiful birds and I am enjoying them so much! Thank you! Christine from Ferndale, Washington
Thank you for my order of 3 baby ducks. They're beautiful. Gayla from Dewar, Oklahoma
The 3 Runners arrived alert and in great shape. I am so pleased with how they were packaged. I give you a great review. Thank you! Colleen from Northfield, New Hampshire
The ducklings arrived early this morning, the post office let me come to the back door at 7:30am! They seem totally healthy and very lively. Thank you so much! I'll be sure to recommend you in the future. Kristin from Orleans, Massachusetts
Successful delivery! THANK YOU!! I'm in love! Sharon from Lodi, California
We received our 2 Blue Swedish babies just over two weeks ago, and I just wanted to thank you and give you an update on them. They arrived healthy and happy and are doing really well as an addition to our backyard farm with our 4 month old Mallard. Ann from Novato, California
Thank you for my new flock of friends! They are growing like weeds. Soon they will be out cleaning the yard and eventually producing wonderful eggs. Much appreciated. Julie from Anacortes, Washington
I just wanted to post a testimonial on your website. I ordered 10 ducklings and they arrived happy and healthy. This is the first time I've ordered from a hatchery and I'm very pleased with my new baby ducklings. Robert from Reno, Nevada
I got my ducklings this morning and they are absolutely beautiful and in great shape. Thank you so much for all of your help and please tell Ashley I said thanks to her too. You guys are the BEST!!! I love my little babies. I was afraid when I had them pinioned they would have a big hole in their wings but you can't even tell it! I was so happy to get them and see how healthy they are. Thanks again for all your help with this matter and for being such a great place to order from. Debbie from Pataskala, Ohio
Our newest additions, Daisy and Ruby arrived safely. They are currently inside getting adjusted. Can't wait to put them outside in their new duck habitat. Mark from Paramus, New Jersey
Got my six goslings this morning. They came in wonderful condition. Already ate some yard grass, feed and water. Thank you very much for your kindness! Next spring when you hatch some more, I will want more goslings. Thank you very much! Wally from Pineville, Louisiana
My ducks and goose made it to cute...excited being first time duck and goose mama! Thank you! Melanie from Benton, Arkansas
Thank you for all you have done. I appreciate your professionalism and consideration. Both babies arrived in excellent condition and are doing well. You went above others I have bought from. Laura from Purdy, Missouri
We just wanted to let you know that 120 beautiful and active Pekin ducks arrived today at our farm. We are so appreciative of your amazing business and look forward to seeing these guys grow. Gregg Spiegelman from Yamhill, Oregon
I picked up my Runner ducklings at the post office, they are drinking and eating and so healthy! They were worth the wait. Will be purchasing through you again. Cheryl from Fort White, Florida
Let me just compliment you on your Cornish Cross chickens. I have always held you guys up as the premier duck hatchery. Let me just say that these birds have outperformed any hatchery I have brought from in the last few years. These birds are huge and unaffected by the Summer heat. I look forward to continuing to order ducks as well as chickens from you all. Thank you! Derek from Seymour, Tennessee
Thank you, thank you, and thank you. We just picked them up from the post office and they are alive and happy. I appreciate the tracking information and thanks to that was able to coordinate with the post office to get them safely home. I'll definitely be returning on any future purchases and thank you again. Mike from Milan, Michigan
I appreciate your quickness and understand why this company was highly recommended. Thank you and have a good day. Mike from Milan, Michigan
New birds arrived today 100% alive, thanks for the great service and will be ordering more in the future. Patrick from Westfield, Maine
We got our ducks today and were very energetic and happy when we picked them up at the post office this morning. Thanks for customer service over the last 3 months as we prepared for the new family pets. Wendy from Davis, California
I just got my shipment of ducklings today. They arrived in great shape, and are settling in nicely. The whole process of ordering and shipping was smooth and trouble free.
We have been super happy with your ducklings so far and keep recommending Metzer Farms to friends and on facebook groups. This is the only issue we've had after several orders and this is an easy fix and nothing to do with the quality of the birds. Thank you for that! Rebecca from Oswego, New York
WOW!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!! My ducklings arrived, way quicker than expected, all very healthy ducklings, eating, drinking and playing with their new one week old Cayuga siblings! Thank you so much, again, you guys are AWESOME!! Jeff from Guilford, Vermont
I just wanted you to know that Bruce and Irene gosling arrived healthy and strong yesterday. Already loved by the young girl that wanted them. Jim from Cleveland, Georgia
I got the birds. They look very healthy. Say thank you to all your staff and keep doing a good job. Johnny from Rexburg, Idaho
The babies arrived safe and sound, and OMG are they cute! I'm thrilled with them! Mary from Stockton Springs, Maine
The babies arrived today and are doing well. They are beautiful. Thank you very much. Another successful arrival. Lisa from Orange, Connecticut
I just wanted to say thank you! I am a first time buyer with you all and your customer service is excellent. I bought some Mallard eggs to hatch and they all arrived perfect. I incubated 4 duck eggs for the first time and all hatched healthy and happy. They are adorable. I could not have done it without you all. Angel from Purcellville, Virginia
I received my order of ducks and they are healthy and beautiful. I am impressed with the way they were packaged. From the straw to the gel food dishes to the heat pack that was still warm after 4 days..amazing. I couldn't be happier and will HIGHLY recommend Metzer to anyone ordering ducklings or chicks. Rebecca from Forestdale, Massachusetts
Our baby goslings arrived before 8:00am this morning. My husband went right down to get them. I gotta tell you he was like a little kid at Christmas!! By the way he's 68!! To say he was pleased with them, is an understatement! Thank you so much!! Louise from Earlville, New York
Thank you so much for your help this whole week. I know I've been bombarding you with emails and questions, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your quick responses. Ashley from Rock Hill, South Carolina
My first EGG-sperience with getting birds or hatching eggs from a hatchery and Metzer Farms was EGG-straordinary! I ordered 3 Chocolate Runner hatching eggs and 2 Cayuga hatching eggs. All arrived in EGG-cellent condition! And they sent and EGG-stra Runner egg! 100% hatch rate! They are a month old now and thriving. They were my first ducks and were worth it. If you want ducks, order from Metzer Farms! Lily from Pine Lake, Georgia
I just wanted to let you know our three beautiful ducklings arrived this morning. They are doing fantastic! We are very pleased! Staci from Duchesne, Utah
Received order no problem what so ever. Always a pleasure doing business with you. Third year with no issues. Steven from Maybee, Michigan
Just an update to let you know my little ducks arrive in great shape and are doing well. This made my granddaughters day and she has been the mommy figure to these little guys and gals since their arrival. Very happy with the purchase. Mark from Salmon, Idaho
My geese arrived promptly at 6:13am at my post office and they are all in perfect condition. I was surprised at how active compared to chickens they are at only three days old. They immediately started foraging as soon as I took them out of the box and were eager to be hand fed. This was a great experience and I'm already looking forward to future orders. Justus from Liberty Hill, Texas
I received the chicks this morning - all alive and raring to go. I like the green gel cup too...that's a nice touch. Thank you for the great communications and great chicks! Jason from Rescue, California
Just wanted to let you know we got the 14 chicks and ducklings. They are all healthy and happy in their brooder. The kids were thrilled to see the chicks especially our 10 year old. I joked to my son that the ducks imprinted on him and he will be followed from now on. Thank you for taking such good care of them. Margaret from Roseville, California
Just wanted to say "Thank you" for my new Buff goslings. They arrived safely and are happily living under a warmer in my porch. They have already started following me around when I let them out of the pen and they are content to be held and petted. As always, great service! Wishing you the best this season and look forward to contacting you next spring for my next order. Michael from Sharon, Massachusetts
Our Muscovy ducklings just arrived. All are doing great. What fun. Watching and playing with them has given us something to do during our "house arrest". I hope all of you are doing well. Thank you for your service. John from Pierce, Colorado
Last year we ordered 10 hatchable Pekin duck eggs. We received 15, and hatched 10! It was a great experience for my boys. This year during the sheltering, we are considering the prospects of hatching Mallard duck eggs. Thank you for your attention to detail and for your kindness. Tim from Sacramento, California
Our ducklings came today and they are ADORABLE! Just wanted to say thanks for brightening our quarantine, the boys are so excited to watch their ducklings grow. Gave your website to several friends who saw how cute they are via social media and have asked how we got them by mail, lol. Lynee from Salem, Oregon
Our order arrived last Saturday and I quickly incubated them. I candled them today and am happy to report that all but one look like they are growing. Thank you so much!! I will gladly recommend your farm!! Cameron from Wakefield, Rhode Island
My beautiful Embden name Borris and Henrietta, they are so loving and talkative.... school time they were there to get the babies off the bus. They lay down near you while your outside. I have conversations with my geese. They talk to me all the time. I love them so much. LeAnn
The 3 little geese have arrived in Apex, NC this Wednesday morning approximate 7am. All three are in excellent health. Thank you for getting them here alive, great job for such a long trip. We are all well, so will enjoy watching the natives grow in our beautiful springtime weather. David from Apex, North Carolina
Thank you, Metzer Farms for your time, professionalism, speedy delivery and (most importantly) healthy babies!! This veterinary tech is VERY pleased! I will definitely pass on your name and you will have my business in the future!
Metzer Farms knows EXACTLY what they are doing! These babies were in a sturdy, breathable box with 2 cups of gel food (stapled to the side, smart!), a hay nest and a heat pack (brilliant!). I expected that they would be stressed from the trip, but they settled in playing, eating and drinking right away!
I ordered 4 Muscovy ducklings. I was apprehensive because 1. I've never mail ordered live animals before and 2. I live on the East Coast. I just received them this morning. Let me tell you, they are happy, healthy, and cute as a button! A dream come true for my 15 year old step daughter.
We ordered 8 mallards. They arrived on schedule. They were nicely packaged with bedding, a warm pack and a cup of water. They all appear vigorously healthy. We couldn't be happier. Thanks to the folks at Metzer Farms!
I want to tell you about my pair of Gray Toulouse geese that will turn 13 years old on April 6th. They have been the most faithful geese to one another. The gander is a great guard to his goose and the goose is the best brooder and mother I have ever seen. They are both great parents. I've purchased them when I was 13 and now I'm 27. Better than any dog. Haha Ethan from Carson City, Michigan
I just wanted to say thank you for sending our lovely ducklings and goslings. They arrived safe and sound early yesterday morning and were very lively and ready for their adventure. Again thank you so much. Lili from Sultan, Washington
I ordered a duckling and gosling..I really need a goose to hang out with my ducks at home. I would have purchased more, but it's really tight with fulough. Thank you people so much for continuing your business yet again! Dawn from Orlando, Florida
The ball ducks arrived today. They are settling into their new home. The family loves them and everyone is eating and drinking great. We are so excited to start our duck journey!
I ordered some Pekin ducklings that shipped on March 2. I want to let you know that they arrived in perfect condition and started eating and drinking immediately! Now they are happy healthy babies with ravenous appetites. Geri from Mendota, California
Just wanted to say thank you!! I received my babies this morning and they are all doing great! Sydney from Phenix City, Alabama
Very impressive on your way of customer services and also website information. It gives us full of support for our first try of waterfowl raising. Mei from Lake Oswego, Oregon
Great birds and quick delivery! Christian B.
I received 5 healthy Muscovy ducklings this morning, thanks to all involved. They are doing fine. Roger from Oakland, Oregon
The ducklings arrived this morning and all appear to be in great shape. Thank you so much. You folks rock! Jeff from Basehor, Kansas
My Grandson's ducklings arrived happy, healthy and warm, thanks to the heat pack. Can't wait until he is able to show them at the fair! Pam from Hebron, Indiana
Eggs arrived yesterday! So fast and so beautiful. Clearly labeled. Thank you! I can't say enough good things about you guys! From phone order to hatching! Elsa from Woodstock, Vermont
All four babies arrived looking well and are already figuring out their new surroundings. Thank you so much! I've hatched and raised Silver Applyards before and they have been by far and away my absolute favorite breed, so I'm excited to watch these little ladies grow! Liz from Farmington, Utah
Kudos on being able to successfully ship Muscovy across the Country! Chris from Worthington, Pennsylvania
I received my precious little ducklings this morning. Oh my goodness they are so adorable. They love to be loved. They are so full of energy. I'm excited about raising them. Thank you so much for my beautiful ducklings. Sheila from Brandon, Oregon
We bought 10 Welsh Harlequin duck eggs from you a couple of years ago. Arrived in Alaska beautifully and 10 were fertile (you sent 12). Almost 3 years later, we have adored our ducks and this breed is the sweetest. Rachael from Anchorage, Alaska
We are happy to say that all of our little ducklings arrived happy and active even after a trip across the chilly country. They came out of the box ready to take on the world! Jennifer from Medaryville, Indiana
Our absolute favorite duck for small scale duck egg production is the White Layer that we purchase from Metzers. We have only had wonderful experiences ordering from you all, thank you. Katie from Charlestown, Indiana
I picked up our ducklings this morning and they are wonderful!! So impressed with your system for shipping them safely! I think I want to raise baby ducks forever, lol. We will be ordering again...soon! Mary from Edmond, Oklahoma
Received the ducks in great shape as always. Thank you for continuing this service. George from Stuart, Florida
Received ducks on Wednesday, healthy and happy. Thanks for the new additions to our flock. May order more in the Spring. Have a great winter. Todd from Edmore, Michigan
The delivery came through without a hitch. The whole batch was hearty and has done well. Thanks so much for your great service. I am sure I will be getting more in a few months. Janie from Caldwell, Idaho
I wanted to let you know the 6 ducklings arrived in NH, in perfect shape, happy and active and all is well!! Thanks to you and your company. Martha from Sutton, New Hampshire
Thank you so much for my replacement ducklings. They arrived this morning happy and healthy. I gave you a 5 star review and will refer anyone looking for ducklings in the future to ya'll. Heather from Kittrell, North Carolina
Minutes after I talked to you the post office called (one in Rockford-IL - bigger city than where I live) and said my chicks where in. I went and got them immediately and they're all alive, safe and well. Got them home and they're running around in the pen, eating and drinking. Thanks so much. Mary from Winnebago, Illinois
The Appleyards keep up a pretty constant chatter, just wish we knew about what! Usually one leads off with a really loud, Groucho Marx sound, then there is a chorus of quacking until they all get it out of their system for a few minutes. Also there is almost constant head bobbing, which we've read can be flirting or a sign of happiness. They keep all the fruit trees and grape vines well pruned at least a few inches about their heads. Pam from Aurora, Oregon
We received our 6 Appleyards back on March 20th and could not be more thrilled with their growth and beauty. We've raised other breeds in the past and enjoyed them all, but none came close to these. Not only are the Appleyards lovely, they are noisy and hilarious, just what we love in a duck. Pam from Aurora, Oregon
I really enjoy these ducks. They have wonderful personalities and are a joy to watch. This morning they found a shiney reflective surface and were bobbing and nodding to their reflections. Thanks for your help! Susan from Anchorage, Alaska
Thank you for being so kind and making available every thing we need! The books I purchased from your company are amazing! I'm loving our new adventure raising ducks and chickens! Sharie from West Bridgewater, Massachusetts
I just received the blown eggs I ordered yesterday. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the care you took in the packing of the eggshells. It has been a while since I've ordered any shells to work on and, honestly, I have some bad memories of how most orders were packaged. Thank you so much for setting such a high standard and when I do need more eggshells, I will be contacting you again. Karen from Asheboro, North Carolina
The goslings arrived and they're great! I love them! I'm excited to embark on this new adventure! Lisa from Dixmont, Maine
Right on schedule! These little Cayugas started to hatch today - exactly 28 days after I placed them in the incubator. I have two that are hatched, a third that is nearly hatched, and all but 1 or 2 eggs with evidence of attempts of trying to hatch. Thank you again! Carla from Arkdale, Wisconsin
Thank you for the job well done!!! I will be certain to share my experience with others around here. Shirley from Knox, Tennessee
I just wanted to personally thank you guys for shipping my ducks safely! They are beautiful! Christin from Wake Forest, North Carolina
The ducks I have purchased from you over the years have brought my family and I so much joy! Especially me and our young granddaughters. Thank you for the care you take in shipping these babies across the country to provide such happiness! Janis from Panama, New York
I received my 11 ducklings Wednesday, 6/5, after being hatched Monday morning 6/3. Two day shipment to my home in Panama, New York is great!! All 11 baby ducklings arrived healthy and lively, and remain that way. Janis from Panama, New York
I'm very happy with my order. All ducks and drakes made it alive. Top notch service. Thank you very much. Shawn from Spencerport, New York
If my husband lets me sneak more into our new flock I'll order again and again from Metzer. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Great prices too for the service you offer. Ashley
I found Metzer online to ship us 3 new Pekins as the stores around us were out for the season. They shipped them in this perfectly figured out box. They were the 2nd cutest things I've seen (my kids are the 1st only by a hair). They were healthy, happy, and gloriously wonderful. Ashley
I just wanted to say how happy I am that ordering my eggs and receiving them was so quick and easy. I am so excited for this batch of eggs to hatch! I will definitely be a returning customer for my poultry needs. Thanks again! Susie from Syracuse, New York
This is my second time ordering ducks from your farm. So happy with both orders. Thank you for making it so easy and offering such beautiful healthy ducks. Vince from Marblehead, Massachusetts
I had to let you folks know how very pleased I am. Your hatchery delivered on every promise made. The ducklings arrived energetic, hungry, and thirsty as can be. Healthy little females just as I'd hope for. I will be buying more waterfowl, game fowl, with confidence they are healthy. Thank you for your care, even for a small order such as mine. Annabelle from Lawrenceville, Illinois
I just want to thank you! I ordered just two female Rouens as egg laying pets fro you all a month ago, and I couldn't be more pleased! I have raised a few ducks in the past and I've never enjoyed such strong healthy animals as these.These two girls are also docile and friendly. Thank you for such quality! Grant from Lake Oswego, Oregon
Thank you for our order. Our Golden 300 hybrids and Pilgrim geese are all GREAT!! They arrived healthy and ready to grow.
All ducks arrived safe and sound. Your company is amazing. Thanks once again. James from Grass Valley, California
Thank you so much for the ducklings. All arrived well and they are happy. The crests look really good. Antoaneta from West Park, Florida
My ducklings arrived this morning and they are all healthy and happy! I was very happy with the little nest in the box, you guys obviously know what you're doing. We'll definitely order from you guys again! Thank you! Kathryn from Stevensville, Montana
Thank you very much really like the birds. They are enjoying themselves, eating, drinking and sleeping under the lamp. Thanks again. Roger from Long Prairie, Minnesota
Got my baby ducks this morning. The health and activeness of these ducks was unbelievable. I have ordered baby birds for years and have never gotten birds that were so nice and active. Roger from Long Prairie, Minnesota
The ducks arrived and are doing great! That was nice of ya'll!! I'll recommend ya'll to my friends when they get some ducks. Isaac from Douglasville, Georgia
Out of the 10 fertile eggs we had 6 hatch yesterday. 3 Cayugas and 3 Welsh Harlequins. We kept one of each and re-homed the others. Thank you for providing the eggs which gave us an amazing experience! Sarah from Baltimore, Maryland
We have been customers of Metzer Farms for a few years now and just wanted to tell you that we were very excited to see that all of the 100 Cornish Cross and 130 Grimaud Hybrid arrived this am in very good condition. We appreciate you taking the extra steps to insulate the boxes. It was 1 degree F this am here. Thank you! Jason from Putney, Vermont
I had never ordered from the mail before. I was totally impressed with the whole process, ordering and delivery. You guys definitely have it down. We love our new babies, Snowball, Fawn, DOS and Aflac. They are very healthy. Thank you for making this process so easy. Ann from New Bedford, Massachusetts
I appreciate you guys and all the work you do. I have ordered from you guys three times and I have been happy with my order every time. They come very happy and healthy! Riley from Jackson, Tennessee
I heard of Metzer Farms through a podcast of a couple years ago. Next year we are thinking of adding geese to the farm! We appreciate the work of Metzer Farms! Lisa from Bishop, Georgia
Thank you for the wonderful service. I wanted to thank you for being patient with me. I have sent a lot of messages to you guys about my eggs arriving. They arrived a couple hours ago and they are perfect. Erica from Cove, Oregon
Just wanted to say thank you very much for the babies, your quick response in the change of shipping dates and the overall process - it was a breeze! I truly appreciate everything and so happy with your product and service - I will be sure to recommend you!! Liz from Florida City, Florida
My two male Rouen ducklings arrived this morning! I was so nervous because we are having a cold front here in Florida and the temp dropped down to 45 last night...But, both arrived happy and healthy, drinking and eating right away. Liz from Florida City, Florida
I love my Golden 300 and tell everyone I know about these wonderful hens. At $12 a dozen, each egg is a dollar. It makes me feel like I own Golden ducks who lay dollar bills for my family to enjoy. Seth from Central, Utah
My recent order of duck eggs arrived in perfect condition - no scrambled eggs! I love your packaging. Will try the jumbo duck eggs in the future just to try. Thank you. Tracy from Portland, Oregon
Hello! I have had such great experiences ordering from your hatchery. I mentioned Metzer in a recent blog post, hope that is ok. Jennifer from Indianapolis, Indiana
We just won Grand Champion at the San Benito fair with our Cornish Cross from Metzer! Thanks a ton! We also placed 2 other pens in the top 5. Andy from Hollister, California
I am very pleased with my experience with you guys at Metzer Farms and would like to thank you for your extraordinary work. Katelyn
Ducks arrived this morning. All are alive and vocal. Thank you everyone for your help. Robert from Pike Creek, Texas
Than you for making this Birthday special. I see more ducks in the future. Lisa from Redmond, Washington
I just wanted to let you know we received our ducks last Wednesday morning and could not be more pleased. They both just love to snuggle, it made it very hard to give them away. I am having duck withdrawls. But they made the perfect gift for my nephews 30th birthday and house warming party. They were the hit of the party! Lisa from Redmond, Washington
Thanks Alexa, Ashley & the Metzer Farms crew! My dozen Harlequins arrived this AM safe and sound, and are LOVING their new home! You ARE the BEST!!! Tim from Sacramento, California
What it comes down to is bragging to a lot of people about how nice and patient you were with me and a hope that if all goes well in my 75 year life, I can order 6 more next year. Julie from San Diego, California
We received our order invoice 189821. Three ducklings arrived in excellent condition. Our four kids and us are very excited and happy with the ducks received from Metzer Farms. The transportation box and accommodations are impressive. These ducks are very active and curious....wonderful. Thank you Metzer Farms. Tricia from Pierre, South Dakota
We are so thankful to have had such great experience in watching our geese grow. It has been such a joy! They are well and husband and I raised two great guys. We settled down a bit now and this has just been such joy to us!! Nancy from Roanoke, Alabama
I received 5 Silver Appleyard ducklings two days ago. I just wanted to let you know that they arrived safely and they are the sweetest little birds! They are all healthy, eating, drinking and of course pooping like crazy. Thanks for my feathery cuties! Lea from Battle Creek, Michigan
What started as a couple of ducks for fun has become a passion, hobby, way of life for us. And it is something my husband and I can enjoy together. We adore our babies. Thanks to you our pond is filled with love and feathers! BethAnn from Sherman, New York
A huge thank you for the wonderful ducklings I've received from you over the last two years. They have brought us so much JOY and purpose. BethAnn from Sherman, New York
I received my three little ducklings Wednesday and they were in perfect condition and in great health. I would recommend you to anyone planning on getting baby birds. Again thank you for our little Buttercup, Coco and Gypsy. Sean from Bremerton, Washington
I just wanted to say "Thank you" to Metzer Farms for outstanding customer service! You have a customer for life and I will be returning to purchase all my eggs from you in the future! Have a Great Day! Scott from Dallas, Texas
Ordered 2 female ducklings and they arrived safe and sound. Will be ordering from you if I need anymore in the future. Jose from Justin, Texas
Thank you so much for your understanding and flexibility. I greatly look forward to receiving these animals and I do want guys to know that I highly respect your company and you are the only farm I refer people to as your services over these years have been nothing but satisfactory. Have a wonderful day! Kristin from Woodland, California
I have had good experience with Metzer Farms. I also have had questions about my ducks that they were quick to answer and they even asked the owner of Metzer Farms for me. They were very helpful. Pat
My baby ducklings(Surfin" Babies) arrived this morning on schedule. They were very active and peeping. The post office was impressed with the packaging and the ducklings, as was I. Looking forward to purchasing others and giving you thumbs up. Dawn from Floyd, Virginia
I could not be more pleased with my order. I am happy I found your website and I certainly would and will order from you again in the future. Stuart from Corsicana, Texas
I received my ducklings and they were active and healthy. So glad to get them and bring them home. I followed the instructions and they started to drink and eat very quickly. Stuart from Corsicana, Texas
Thank you for beautiful American Buff goslings. I cannot believe how fast they arrived! They are beautiful!!!! Thank you!!! Jo Ann from Malone, New York
Babies arrived healthy and full of energy. So happy we chose Metzer for our ducklings! Jean from Hubbell, Michigan
We do absolutely love your/our ducks! Thanks for the great genetics. I would love to invite you to see our free range flocks in action. I'm sure you see plenty of ducks but of course we feel ours are special! Karen from Lebanon, Tennessee
They traveled well and they have made mine and my family's lives even better. I will recommend you to everyone and I will praise your company's name every chance I get. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keri from Lakeview, Ohio
I just wanted to write and thank you SO very much for my babies. They will be 4 weeks old on Tuesday and they are the most gorgeous ducks and geese I have ever seen. So very healthy. Keri from Lakeview, Ohio
I was very happy with my shipment, and how you organized the birds by banding. Great information included with the shipment. I will be recommending your company to my fellow fowl lovers. Denise from Puryear, Tennessee
I got my babies at 8:05 Alabama time this morning and I cannot thank you enough!I am over joyed. The baby geese are adorable and we call them our "Little Buntins". Everything is going so well and I just had to send a big THANK YOU to you all there at Metzer Farms. Nancy from Roanoke, Alabama
I just wanted to tell you what an amazing experience my little preschool had with your eggs we incubated and hatched. I asked for 15 mixed eggs; you sent 17 and 14 of them hatched! We had SO MUCH FUN with them. We look forward to doing it again next year. We can't thank you enough!! Patricia from Houston, Texas
I am in Anna, Texas and this was my first order with Metzer. My ducklings arrived early yesterday morning. They were all accounted for without a loss. I am pleased with my experience! I look forward to making future orders with Metzer Farms. I have spread the word about your family farm and will continue to do so! Lindsay from Anna, Texas
Year after year, California ducklings leave Monday and arrive Wednesday at 8am like clock work. Thanks! Best waterfowl you can buy. Blake from Genoa, New York
Just wanted you to know that my two baby Welsh Harlequins arrived in Butler, PA today and they are perfect! So adorable, and so cuddly. Thank you! Cindy from Butler, Pennsylvania
Just wanted to let you know the replacement Buff arrived with his travel partner safe and sound. I'm very grateful and you will definitely receive repeat business from us. As well as our recommendations to anyone I know shopping for a new hatchery. Joshua from Longmont, Colorado
Thank you guys for all your help and patience with all my questions last week. It goes a long way to show me that us small family farms are just as important to you as the big guys. Joshua from Longmont, Colorado
I love my babies from Metzer. All ten are doing great. They're gorgeous, healthy, and much better all around than the ducks I ordered from a different hatchery on a prior occasion. I will always order from Metzer Farms from now on. Jennifer
Just to let you know my order arrived this morning and all baby ducks are alive and active, trying to jump out of the box when opened. Thanks so very much from over very satisfied customer! Dawn from New Iberia, Louisiana
I ordered 20 straight run French Pearl Guineas and got them back in June...I am a big fan of Guineas and had them forever. This is by far the nicest flock of birds I've ever had. Ed from Waverly, Virginia
I have hatched and raised everything under the sun and always have 4 incubators going so it is nice to find a place I can trust when I need stuff. Garrett from Smithfield, North Carolina
I wanted to say thank you to your farm. I have ordered, hatched, and raised from numerous placed including hatching and raising my own birds. Most companies are all about getting paid and no customer service or gratitude to the customer. Your farm is the opposite of most places and I will recommend you to anyone I know looking for animals you have. Garrett from Smithfield, North Carolina
Just wanted to thank you so much for our ducks. They all arrived healthy and in good condition. The enjoyment these ducks bring is immeasurable. Your duck farm will be at the top of our list for ordering our future ducks! Janis from Panama, New York
Hello, I just called you to tell you how great you are. The ducks are in fine condition and have doubled their size in a week. Out of 5 stars I'm giving you 6. David from Durham, North Carolina
They are good looking ducklings and I can't wait to see how they grow out! Thank you all so much! A three day cross country (from CA to NC) with no losses speaks well of your care in raising healthy birds!! Jes
After a little panicking, I got a call on day 3 that my babies were here! I was expecting some losses...but when I peeled back the lid..I had 10 unhappy (who wouldn't be after that trip) but healthy ducklings squinting into the light! We got home and they got settled into their brooder, started drinking right away and are running around, happy to be done with their travels! Jes
Thank you so much for your response and time. I ended up taking her to the vet today and got antibiotics and anti-inflammatory for her. The vet also knew about Metzer Farms and said he would recommend ordering from you. Kristian
Thank you again for another perfect order. All 3 of my Buff ducklings are happy and healthy. Good and fast shipping to Ohio. Dalton from Unknow
I just wanted to send a quick message to say how impressed I am with our purchase from you. My daughter, who is 15 years old, ordered 6 various breeded ducklings. They all arrived alive and healthy. They are about 10 days old now, and they are doing very well. She is one very happy young lady! Tege from Groveton, New Hampshire
Hello, didn't know if you had a place to write any reviews about your service, but I was a first time buyer from Iowa and your shipping was amazingly fast and the packaging was extremely well thought of for shipping hatching eggs. All were in excellent shape. And had 100% fertile rate. Keep up the good work!! Nick from Lehigh, Iowa
Been wanting to write and let you know the ducks arrived safely and are doing well. My parents are excited to have them and keeping them busy. They can't stop talking about them and how fast they are growing. James
The ducks arrived safely and are doing well. My parents are excited to have them and keeping them busy. They can't stop talking about them and how fast they are growing. James from Marietta, Georgia
Just received my 4 ducklings (2 Buff and 2 Welsh Harlequin)...was nervous about them making the trip healthy bu they all seem fine! Eating and drinking well...I live on the Eastern end of Long Island so they traveled a really long way!! So excited to be a duck mom! Thank you!
Just received my 4 ducklings (2 Buff and 2 Welsh Harlequin)...was nervous about them making the trip healthy bu they all seem fine! Eating and drinking well...I live on the Eastern end of Long Island so they traveled a really long way!! So excited to be a duck mom! Thank you!
Received my replacement Buff goslings today, all is well. Many thanks to you all again! I recommend you guys to everyone who has complimented our birds! Angela from Oakdale, Louisiana
The Baby Runner ducks are beautiful and healthy. Thank you so much for everything. I couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend Metzer Farms!! Your the BEST! Cindy from Utica, New York
The baby Runner ducks arrived in great shape! Fast shipping and great service...All the way from California to New York! Outstanding!! I am so very pleased with your customer service and quality of the Runners! Cindy from Utica, New York
I delightfully received my Sebastopol gosling and white crested ducking. They are so beautiful, strong and healthy. I want to thank you for your patience and advice when helping me choose my precious pets. The lady I spoke with was a tremendous help. Lara from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
My order arrived healthy and vigorous!! Excellent work AGAIN!! Many thanks. James from Mauriceville, Texas
The ducklings arrived this morning in wonderful health. I was like an expectant parent waiting for their arrival. I will be ordering some geese in the near future from you all. Miriam from Mer Rouge, Louisiana
After I had ordered your eggs I read a lot about the potential negative side of trying to hatch shipped eggs. It made me worry that I should've tried local eggs first. But your excellent packing job and healthy eggs has shown me that it is possible if done correctly. Rachael from Anchorage, Alaska
I wanted to thank you for all your help and for answering my email questions quickly. Since this was my first time incubating eggs, I was a bit nervous to do it incorrectly. Of the 11 eggs you sent me, one was infertile and two quit within the first three days of incubation. All of the rest hatched wonderfully over a three day period and the babies are doing great! Rachael from Anchorage, Alaska
I was worried about ordering them from California because that is pretty far from Iowa but you guys packed my babies wonderfully and all 6 of them are alive and healthy. Thank you and I will definitely be ordering from you guys again. Kristin from Royal, Iowa
Thank you very much for the tracking number. I was able to follow my ducks and get them 7 hours earlier by picking them up at 4:30 in the morning at a near by town post office (15 minutes away from me) instead of waiting for them to make it to my local post office. Kristin from Royal, Iowa
I picked up my order from the Oakdale post office a little before 8am this morning. What a lively bunch! Most are sleeping now after a very energetic time of exploration of their new home. Thank you very much. Carol from Oakdale, California
Just a quick note to let you know my geese arrived today safe and sound! They are all eating and drinking, they are beautiful! Thank you so much! Laura from Richlands, Virginia
This order was fulfilled today. Three of the most beautiful happy ducklings I ever saw. Thank you. David from Sanger, California
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I know that you are a large company and ship thousands of waterfowl, but my small order of geese were for pets. When the first set arrived deceased, I was heartbroken. Samantha was very kind and helpful on the phone, arranged a second order, and I now have 3 gorgeous little geese wreaking havoc in my garage. I will tell anyone I know looking for waterfowl to call Metzer. Julie from Hickory, North Carolina
They're great! I received my 10 little Welsh Harlequin ducklings yesterday morning. They were thirsty and hungry, but robust. I was worried about them yet they traveled well for newborns! They seem to be getting on really well. Thank you for making this easy! Catherine from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Thanks for your amazing customer service and for breeding such gorgeous and exceptional ducklings. All the ducklings you sent us are doing fantastically! Amanda
The goslings arrived today. They are beautiful, and very healthy. Healthy is the key! Customer service friendly, and knowledgeable. I would recommend your company to others. Thank you! Rebecca
We recently purchased eight Indian Runner ducklings from you. We just wanted to say that they all arrived safe and healthy. We were concerned about their trip across the country, but thanks to you and your wonderful packaging, they all made it safe and sound! Amber
I am delighted to inform you that all 11 Rouen baby ducks made it safely all the way out to North Attleboro, MA. My young children can't believe how awake and animated they are. They are all eating food and drinking water and are just now settling down to rest in their new brooder home in the vicinity of the heat lamp. Job well done and thank you. We will definitely be ordering from you in the future. Michael from N. Attleboro, Massachusetts
I do sincerely appreciate everyone at your farm taking time out of their busy day to always be kind enough to answer my questions. To get an answer back to me on this right away only shows your professionalism. Brenda from Loxahatchee, Florida
I received my order at 9:00am this morning. All 10-exactly what I ordered. All extremely active and alert. They ate and drank immediately and are finally settled down taking a nap. I am very very satisfied with how my order went with you guys. Thanks so much. Afton from Pinehurst, Idaho
I'm beyond pleased with my order and will recommend you guys to everyone! I will be ordering some goslings from y'all next :-) Angel from Oakdale, Louisiana
5 stars! I was a little worried about ordering baby ducks all the way from California to Louisiana. My order of 30+ ducklings arrived Thursday morning. Every single one looks fiesty and healthy! Jumping out of the box immediately to greet us. Angel from Oakdale, Louisiana
I ordered ten Khaki Campbell eggs from you. I'm on day eighteen of incubation and so far ten of the eggs are still developing perfectly. I just wanted to thank you for not only the fast shipping with amazing packaging but also for the excellent fertility rate! I will definitely be purchasing more eggs from you guys in the future! Brittany from Willits, California
I am so happy with my ducklings. They arrived yesterday morning. I got the call at 7am. All were lively and started eating and drinking immediately. I was very worried, being that it is January and we live in New Hampshire. Bree-Ann from Wilmot, New Hampshire
The average live weight of the 200 ducklings we market is over eight pounds at seven weeks. Jim from Mt Pleasant Mills, Pennsylvania
For the last shipment of 2000 ducklings that we picked up at a freezing airport, we only had one dead duckling when we got home. Normally we market 1980-2000 ducklings from each shipment of 2040 ducklings (including the 40 extra). Jim from Mt Pleasant Mills, Pennsylvania
I will definitely let all my followers on FB who follow my ducks know what a wonderful hatchery you all are! Thank you for sending me hope. We could all use a little hope, even if it's in the form of an egg. Wendy from Franklin, Tennessee
I can not even begin to tell you how happy I am that I am dealing with honest people who sent me these eggs. I think it's important for you to know that you brought happiness to someone who has been struggling to find it due to a sickness that I can not control. Wendy from Franklin, Tennessee
I just wanted to take a moment to email you guys and let you know that I am so happy with my decision to purchase hatching eggs from you. With a great deal of hesitation I ordered eggs and to my surprise candled all 11 eggs tonight and every single one had the beginning stages of a developing embryo. Wendy from Franklin, Tennessee
When we first started thinking about ducklings, I wasn't sure where to order from. After seeing all the great reviews of you guys on Backyard Chickens, I went with my gut and ordered through you guys even though you were so far away. I am so glad I did:-) Lisa from E Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Just wanted to say thank you for my beautiful ducklings! You all did an amazing job packing them up to handle their journey. All six made it all the way to Massachusetts in great shape. Lisa from E Longmeadow, Massachusetts
I ordered 20 chickens and 15 ducklings that were delivered today. All of my birds arrived alive and in very good shape! I could not be more happy or impressed with by the service and quality of Metzer Farms! This is certainly where I will place all future orders. Robert from Ridgeway, South Carolina
I wanted to send a big thank you to you and your farm. My birds arrived all in healthy condition. Very impressed with your fast communications nice staff. Great work guys Derek from Rock Fall, Illinois
Ducks arrived this morning at 6:45 and they are adorable. I have to admit I was skeptical about mail ordering ducks, but the whole thing went off without a hitch! They are a nice addition to our growing urban flock:-) Thank you! Michele from Topeka, Kansas
Also thank you for such a quick response, you are by far one of the best agricultural companies that I have ever dealt with. Isaac from Westminster, Massachusetts
Our six-pack of ducklings arrived yesterday morning, and are in great shape. Thanks for finding a way to send out a smaller minimum order, with the heat pack. In the past I've had to order more than I wanted to keep. Your website provides a great deal of helpful information and your service has been quick, professional, and greatly appreciated! Laurie from Guffey, Colorado
Just received my two female Pekin ducklings this morning. They arrived in perfect condition. Both very healthy and happy babies. Thank you very much. Will order from you again! Shanna
I placed an order with you in May of this year. I was so very nervous, however with the wealth of information on your website and the great condition the babies were in, they are now just about fully feathered. I am so happy with the quality and great health of these birds. I will be placing another order in the spring of 2017. A huge thank you and you get 12 out of 10 stars for your service, bird care and breeding. William from Oak Point
I picked them up this morning and found two happy, hungry, and thirsty ducklings! They were packed very well. Thank you! Burley from Columbus, Ohio
I picked them up this morning and found two happy, hungry, and thirsty ducklings! They were packed very well. Thank you! Burley from Columbus, Ohio
I got my ducks on April 18th and they have provided me so much joy and a lot of entertainment. They are all such good quality and you guys have helped me so much for a first time duck owner! Kendal
Our pair of French Toulouse goslings arrived two days after ordering....and we live on a remote island in Alaska where our mail comes daily by float plane, if the weather is good. They arrived in perfect health, and are already munching happily on grass tips! Thank you so much! Caleb from Metlakatla, Alaska
Hello I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Metzer Farms and staff. My four black female Swedish ducklings arrived this morning and are in great condition. They are all running around happy and healthy! Brooklyn from Ferndale, Washington
I recently ordered some goose and duck eggs from you and would like you to know they arrived perfectly intact and looked beautiful. I am in the process of writing an egg decorating craft book and wanted to let you know that I will be listing you as one of the best suppliers of eggs. Maya from Lantana, Florida
Our ducks arrived a few days ago. Because we live in Alaska, they had been in transit for over a day. They arrived healthy and a little frantic (which I took as a sign of outstanding intelligence). I was worried that the fate of 4, one day old ducks, when sent on a cross continental postal odyssey, would not be a good one. But Helga, Belinda, Gwendolyn and Beeky are doing great. Thanks so much. Vanessa from Anchorage, Alaska
The baby goslings I received from you folks are doing great. Active, talkative and very alert. They are all, if not even more than what I expected. Thank you for providing us with an opportunity to raise these heritage breeds. Keep up the great work. Don from Farmington, Maine
Hi, just informing that the ducks arrived early this am and seems to be fine. Thank you for doing a great job. We are looking forward to seeing them grow as family pets and producing eggs to feed our family. Jacqueline from Becket, Massachusetts
Just wanted to say thanks so much for the beautiful healthy ducklings and great service. You run a top notch business and it was nice working with you. Tim from Oak Grove, Minnesota
I received 5 duck eggs about a month ago. I followed your instructions on incubating duck eggs, I turned them 7 times in the beginning and then decreased as the days went on but always turned 3 times a day. So 28 days went by and all 5 ducks hatched! I even called your office during the hatching process and the staff always eager to help answer any questions I had. Lori from Norwalk, Connecticut
I would like you to know how much you helped me today with figuring out how to raise my goslings to manage our incredible amount of rain. More than anything, your advice game me confidence about raising my goslings, calming, helpful and kind people like you are wonderful. Ashley, you are a blessing for "newbies" like myself. Vicki from Rock Island, Texas
First I will tell you that we bought a dozen birds - received on 5/25 (hatch date 5/23). They are beautiful and healthy. You are doing a great job and I was very happy with the birds we bought and also how we were treated by Metzer. Melinda from Capron, Illinois
Our 4 Toulouse geese 1 male and 3 female where shipped on Monday,May 23rd and we received the call at 4pm from our post office here in Alaska that they had arrived on Wednesday May 25. We picked up at 5:30 and everyone was doing great they have been here over night and are eating, drinking and active this morning. We will recommend you to others and will be ordering again in the future. Ruth
On behalf of the children and teachers, I would like to report that we have veins in our eggs! The candling experience was absolutely beautiful. There were goosebumps and smiles of pure joy. We are so grateful you pushed us to move forward because this experience is absolutely beautiful. Lauren from Dearborn, Michigan
Our Welsh Harlequins arrived at 6:15am at the post office this morning. All five are in good health and eating and drinking well. Thank you for your great service. Granddaughter is one happy little girl. Henry from Dallas, Oregon
Your strain of Guineas are of very high quality and consistently are at the top of classes in shows. Gary APA/ABA licensed judge Gary from Eureka, California
I received my replacement ducklings yesterday. They are doing great. So are the ducklings that arrived last week (as well as the gosling). I love them! We have cuddle time twice a day. Thank you again for not only the quality of the birds you raise, but the quality of your company in general. Your company came highly recommended - and I will do my part in recommending you also. Robin
You guys have gone above and beyond. Your customer service had been great and it has been a pleasure to do business with you. Justin
I received my pair each of Toulouse and Brown Chinese geese in early April. We have enjoyed every moment with them and are having fun watching their feathers come in and their confidence grow. I wanted to say thank you for the safe delivery of healthy birds, and all of the great advice and information your website provides. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone looking for waterfowl! Kristen from Huntingtown, Maryland
What an amazing flock of ducks matured from the ducklings of early February. Thanks again for all your help with the replacement. I couldn't be happier. Kathryn from Arp, Texas
Just wanted to let you know, I received my two beautiful Rouen Ducklings today and I am VERY pleased with them! They came happy, healthy and are doing wonderful!
If every American business offered the quality of products and customer service that you do, we wouldn't be buying so much from overseas and the US would be the great country like it used to be. Ed from Eden, New York
The rest of the ducklings and geese we got on April 14th are thriving. They're getting so big we need to move them to a larger pen today. I figured it would take 3-4 weeks for them to get this big since birds from other hatcheries took that long. Definitely some quality birds. Thanking you with gratitude. Ed from Eden, New York
As always, the babies arrived perfectly with sweet smelling hay and lots of energy! Thank you so much! Melissa from Montpelier, Vermont
Thank you again for your dedicated customer service and the quality of the birds we received from you. I will give you 100% satisfied feedback. Ed from Eden, New York
I wasn't sure where to leave a review for my order from your website and farm but I was so pleased with the ducks I bought I felt I had to let you know. I ordered 6 female Mallards and they arrived quickly and in great condition. Metzer Farms has great service and great ducks, and I'd definitely refer you guys to anyone and definitely will be ordering more ducklings and hatching eggs from your site. Alex
You all are my favorite hatchery. Excellent, stellar customer service and wonderful healthy babies. Meryl from Westford, Vermont
I would like to thank you guys so much for our new members of the family. I picked up our baby Mallards this morning and they were healthy and playing around. They love their new home. Again thank you! Cody from Camplejeune, North Carolina
I just wanted to let you know, I had ordered ducklings for the first time ever online from you guys...they arrived safe and sound, and every single one of them looked very healthy! I just wanted to thank you so much for being a good business and making my first online chick ordering a success! I will be doing business with you for any future purchases. Brittany from Mendon, Vermont
Ducklings arrived early this morning and were very busy drinking and eating and they are now napping. They are beautiful, healthy and I'm very happy with them. Thank you very much. Polly from High Falls, New York
Thank you very much for your prompt, detailed answers of all my questions. You and your hatchery are class act people! The only hatchery I will be buying from! Michael
Wanted to say how happy I am with you all. The baby ducks got here safe and all ok. I want to know how I can write a feed back for you guys. Thanks Gladys from Ripley, New York
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for our three Khaki Campbell girls that you mailed to us June 9th! They are happy Boise, Idahoan ducks now and we love them so much! Thank you for every step of the process and how professional and helpful you allowed this process to be for our family. We would not hesitate to refer someone to your farm, thank you so much again! Osborne Family from Boise, Idaho
I am here to tell you that your Blue Swedish ducks are FANTASTIC. The show I went to was the Rocky Mountain Feather Fanciers show in Brighton, CO. I ended up winning reserve medium duck for the futurity part of the show, but in the traditional I ended up winning Champ Medium duck, Champ Showmanship in the senior division, and Champion waterfowl by a JR. Nathan from Penrose, Colorado
Just taking a moment to say thanks! All 10 made the trip just fine and are now eating and drinking like good little ducks. Only problem is before they arrived people had talked me out of 6 of them. Guess I should have ordered more!I have a feeling this is just a start:-) Bruce from Pueblo, Colorado
I'm so impressed with y'all! I received my duck eggs two days after I ordered them. I just wanted to say thank you and that I'm really impressed! Keilie from Carthage, North Carolina
I just wanted to let you know I got my ducklings from the post office and I am very happy with the quality of ducks you provided and I really like how you packed them. Keep up the good work!
I wrote a while back about the 7 eggs I got from you that were all fertile. Well 6 of the 7 hatched (woot woot!) They are all healthy and strong at 2 days old. Thank you so much! Jennifer
Our ducklings arrived today all the way in South Carolina and we had no losses! All 12 are doing great. Also, I dealt with Ashley about my credit card not working, and she was super nice and helpful! Thanks for everything. I will definitely tell others about you all. Jordon from Travelers Rest, South Carolina
My 3 year old son and I were so excited to pick up our ducks from the post office this am. As always the birds arrived safe and sound with their GROW GEL! The post office lady told me that ducks from another hatchery didn't make it and they had no food on their transport. I love your quality and super customer service and look forward to ordering from you every Summer! christine from Eugene, Oregon
Earlier in the year, we bought 4 of your Embden goslings from a person that ordered 60+ goslings from you. Again, healthy as can be. They are calm, wonderful pets that I use in my animal program. Metzer Farms is the BEST! Thank you! Verna from Garretson, South Dakota
We recently ordered 5 ducklings from you. You shipped on August 10th and they arrived in Sioux Falls, SD on the evening of the 11th! Our distribution center called us and we picked up 5 healthy ducklings. They are calm, wonderful pets that I use in my animal program. Metzer Farms is the BEST! Thank you! Verna from Garretson, South Dakota
Babies arrived this morning alive and full of spirit. They are beautiful and I do so appreciate the above and beyond service you went to to make up the lost babies from my original order. I will be telling all my friends about you and will only buy from you from now on. Garland from Brodhead, Kentucky
I just got my order of ducklings! All 5 of my ladies were in AMAZING health and vitality! Thank you so much! I couldn't wait to get them from the post office, I was there at 5:30....they were just peeping away in their box!! Thanks for your care and quality!! LeAnne from Marysville, Ohio
I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know my geese arrived this morning healthy, happy and ready to go! They are doing wonderfully and have the greatest little personalities! Thank you for my beautiful babies! Ashley from Madera, California
I wanted to personally thank you for dealing with my order. The goslings arrived very alert and strong. They have been growing very nicely and I'm sure they are gonna become beautiful geese. I will definitely order from you in the future. Carlos from Chappaqua, New York
Thank you very much for being a pleasure to work with. My ducklings arrived Wednesday morning, just as you said, all healthy but jetlagged - ready for a brooder and a good meal. I wanted to thank you for excellent customer service from Kelly, who I had the pleasure of speaking with a couple times. She was very reassuring to me. Keep doing what you are doing! Maureen from Madison, Wisconsin
Our 5 Pilgrim geese arrived yesterday to the post office. We went and got them, they survived the night just fine and would love to do more business with you in the future. Kelly
We received our order of Cayugas, White Layers, Golden 300s and Buffs that were shipped to us in Anchorage, Alaska. We are writing to you to let you know we are very satisfied with our purchase and will be referring you to everyone who express a desire to raise ducks. Adolf and Nickelle from Anchorage, Alaska
Thank you so much for packaging them with natural hay in the bottom and the large cups of grow gel. They all look healthy and energetic. Thank you also for the excellent customer service. We are very, very pleased with our experience with Metzer and will give you a favorable review. Clint & Wendy from Hayes, Virginia
Hello just wanted to say my ducks arrived safe and sound. Just wanted to say they are so cute that I am glad I got them from you guys. Thank you very much! Robert
I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the trouble that you put up with in dealing with me. You guys were great to work with and I have nothing but great things to say about Kelly and Ashley and how helpful you two were... Jason from Portland, Oregon
I have never left a review before with any business but we are so happy with our baby ducks that I just had to this time. We are madly in love with our new family members! Lol. Our ducks are so healthy, sweet and precious. They have brought so much joy to us I just had to say THANK YOU!! Tawanna from Wedowee, Alabama
On March 11th I received replacement Guineas which were all very much alive and well. I would like to thank Ashley and everyone at Metzer Farms for what turned out to be a very positive experience. Michael from Leonardsville, New York
I called the hatchery when I got home and reported my findings. The phone was answered by someone Ashley, and I must say she was very courteous, professional, and reassuring. What an asset to your company. Michael from Leonardsville, New York
We bought 5 Welsh Harlequin ducklings from you last Spring. We couldn't believe how productive they are. We were getting 5 eggs a day through the coldest part of the year, when the chickens weren't laying as well. These are also very nice pets, and not as skittish as some other ducks we've had. I don't know when we'll need more ducks, but we'll be sure to get them from you when we do. DD from Wisconsin
We bought 5 Welsh Harlequin ducklings from you last Spring. They arrived happy and healthy, and they are still doing very well. We got them for backyard slug control and egg laying, and they've done a great job of both!These are also very nice pets, and not as skittish as some other ducks we've had. I don't know when we'll need more ducks, but we'll be sure to get them from you when we do. DD from Wisconsin
We just have to thank you again for the geese we ordered this morning! Dave Anderson, poultry judge and our good neighbor, said many good things about you folks - so we just had to bring your birds to our home! Regina
This past June, I ordered 6 Hybrid 300 from you. I just wanted to contact you and tell you how amazing these birds are!! They started laying in October and have given me 6 eggs a day!! They stopped just for two days in early January when we had very cold temps, but now they are back laying, and I swear, their eggs keep getting bigger!! The taste of these eggs are amazing! Again, thank you for wonderful livestock!! Steve from Paducah, Kentucky
We want to let you know how pleased we are with our ducks, 4 Runners and 2 Welsh Harlequins. We received them on April 30, and they have been going strong ever since. We have had no problems at all and enjoy them every day. Right now they are averaging 5 eggs per day. Jim from Greenwood, Delaware
Thank you for a lovely and lively batch of ducklings. This is our first batch of Rouens and we're looking forward to what looks to be a beautiful adult bird. Robin from Saint Paul, Oregon
We received your Mallard duckling shipment this morning, they look great and I would like to thank you. We appreciate your care and consistency in all that you do. Southeast Poultry Re from Athens, Georgia
Many, many thanks for the wonderful, amazing and outstanding geese. I adore them! They are the most personable geese I've ever been around. Sheila from Iron City, Tennessee
I ordered a trio of French Toulouse from you in June of this year. I just wanted to write and tell you how impressed I am with them! They arrived all bright eyed and running around. They had devoured every single piece of grogel in the box. Sheila from Iron City, Tennessee
Just wanted to drop you an email to express our sincere gratitude and thanks. You and Metzer Farms have been so helpful and with all the info you have put on your blog and website our ducks are a success! Thank you for giving us so much info to be successful since we were not experienced in ducks at all! Eva from Culpeper, Virginia
The ducklings arrived in excellent condition. Thank you very much for all you have done for me. I can't say thank you enough. From time to time I will let you know of their progress. Allan from Chilliwack, British Columbia
You really can't compare the taste of a Pekin with that of a slimy river duck...your ducks are the best and healthiest of all including my own hatch. Janet from Bethel Island, California
Everyone loves duck eggs here, especially the duck hunters. Everyone should know by now that some of the more famous bakeries use duck eggs and if you want a good holandaise sauce, there's no other egg that compares. Janet from Bethel Island, California
My Grandfather received his hens on the 5th, and they are in perfect shape. He's extremely grateful to you for the way you handled the situation, and will continue to order from you in the future. Jessica from Lindale, Texas
I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the duck eggs I ordered. All that were fertile at candling (8 eggs covering 3 different breeds) hatched yesterday and this morning. Everyone looks healthy and happy. Karen from Arcata, California
I'd like to say thank you for the wonderful ducklings. I piled them all on my lap when I got them home and they stayed there for maybe a minute and then they were off to the races. They are much friendlier and don't run from me like ducks I had ordered about 5 years ago from another hatchery did. Leslie
I am having a blast with my Khaki Campbell girls! They keep me much more entertained than I ever thought they would. Kaylynn
Received 12 duck eggs plus one extra at begging of July. Turned every eight hours and sprayed with water until day 25. Temperature kept at 99.5. Just hatched 11 nice ducklings and am very satisfied. Thanks Pete from Drums, Pennsylvania
The female Khaki Campbell started laying exactly on Thanksgiving Day. Fast forward to today and we are now 237 laying days out from that first egg and she has only missed FIVE days of laying an egg. 232 eggs in her first 237 laying days. Great line of Khaki Campbell girls, Metzers!! Bobby from Punta Gorda, Florida
For all intents and purposes, Metzer Farms waterfowl is superior to all the other large hatcheries in the USA. from West Virginia
The customer service is exceptional, I even spoke to Mr. Metzer about dealing with a difficult postmaster and he helped me find another way to get my geese. I highly recommend Metzer Farms to anyone who wants quality waterfowl at a reasonable price. from West Virginia
I live on a small farm, in West Virginia, and I'm very pleased with the quality of birds Metzer Farms provides. I've purchased several geese from Metzer Farms and they are all very healthy birds. from West Virginia
Thank you so much for being so efficient. I contacted a previous company who still even now hasn't replied so it's reassuring to know there are nice companies out there! Daniella from UK
Hello, I want to let you know that my husband and I were extremely delighted and quite surprised when our 4 ducklings arrived this morning and were all in good health. They were supposed to arrive on Wednesday but did not arrive at our local post office until this morning(Thursday). We were so worried that we would have one or more losses, but were extremely happy to see they were all doing well. They have been eating, drinking, running around, and napping all day long. We just love them. Mary from Lewisberry, Pennsylvania
You always seem to have everything organized and ready to go out when customers want it. I have referred other people to this wonderful business; you deserve lifelong customers such as us and many others! Jay from Lakewood, Colorado
I am taking the time to let you know I am pleased with your service, great prices, and organization. I love how when the post office messes something up with my order, you take responsibility and make it right by replacing or refunding any birds that did not make it. Jay from Lakewood, Colorado
Just to let you know the two Tufted Buff geese arrived today in perfect health, cheeky and plump. Thank you! Pat from North Salem, New York
I have three female Khaki Campbell ducks, two of which wanted to sit on eggs. 11 of the 13 eggs you sent hatched and the mamas are now co-parenting the brood. So fun to watch all three of them with babies! Sally from Gustavus, Alaska
I recently ordered duck eggs from your company and was a little worried. Rest assured you went above and beyond my expectations! I ordered 16 assorted duck eggs. Of those 16, 10 hatched. Steven from Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania
All were strong and lively (and noisy and eager to eat and play in water) on arrival and thrived from the start. This has been such a pleasant experience. I am going to place an additional order for Runner ducklings. I have recommended you to everyone I meet who is interested in ducks, geese or turkeys. AnnieLaurie from Allyn, Washington
A note from another happy and grateful customer who has received my baby ducks...healthy and happy...they give me happiness. Thank you. Jeanne from Bondville, Vermont
Just wanted to say thanks for the hatching eggs sent earlier this past April. All six were viable and five hatched. I never hesitate to tell people where my ducks come from, or how pleased I am with my purchases. Tara from Rhode Island
Our shipment of Jumbo Pekin ducklings arrived yesterday....great condition. They are lively, eating and drinking their fill. Thank you for a great product..."er I mean for our ten little babies!! Eura from Coos Bay, Oregon
Wanted to thank you for the goslings we received this morning. They were in excellent health and had only 2 DOA's out of the 506 shipped. John from Bluffton, Georgia
I just wanted to drop a note to say how pleased I am with the geese and duck I received. One duck did die the day they arrived, (you offered to replace her, but I declined) but the others are growing well and are very friendly! If my husband ever agrees to more geese, I will definitely order them from you! Allison from Denron, Virginia
After speaking to one of your employees on the phone however, they were able to work with me and find a much closer ship date! I can't wait to receive my new babies! I will be referring Metzer Farms to all of my poultry friends! Sara from Clermont, Georgia
Beautiful keets, very, very healthy after their cross country journey. I feel like I need to put them down for a nap, but even covering the brooder has not stopped them from eating and drinking and running around. Sure you did not send me little piglets with feathers??? Bob
I was concerned in placing an order that required the ducklings to be shipped from coast to coast. But after looking at several hatcheries and breeders, I selected Metzer Farms. I am so happy that I did. Kudos on the obvious care and quality of your breeds. Juanita from Nokes
The heating pad, cup of "something" and the over-all health of the birds, gives your company an A+ rating in my opinion. Juanita from Nokesville, Virginia
I am most impressed. Of the many shipments of chicks, ducklings, and guineas from other hatcheries and breeders, yours by far, has shown the most concern over the shipping care of the little birds. Juanita from Nokesville, Virginia
These two geese you sent me are SO lively and healthy! I am excited to watch them grow. The post office called me at 5:30am and I bounded out of bed so fast! When I peeked in the box, they immediately came towards me, chattering away. I cannot get over how lively they are! Christina from Cotati, California
Ducklings arrived safe and sound this morning. Thanks again for all the excellent customer service. Tim from Grand Rapids, Minnesota
The girls have arrived to their new Texas home safe and sound. They are beautiful and appear to be healthy and strong. Thank you! JuanNell from Wimberley, Texas
Your goslings are great and are so fuzzy. They arrived healthy, happy, cute and get along with my other poultry just fine. Two thumbs up for the breeders. The wonderful Metzer Farms staff takes good care of their birds! When I said that I would do business with you again, I knew I would. Jay from Lakewood, Colorado
My waterfowl arrived safe this morning. They left you at 7:00am Monday and I received a phone call today Wednesday at 7:15am. Everyone is fine and now eating and drinking. We are all happy now. They are just beautiful. Barbara from Enumclaw, Washington
My Sebastopols arrived yesterday morning as scheduled...on my birthday!!! Their warm pack was still a little warm for them...they were happy to arrive at their new home. Thank you for their safe shipping! Now to name them!!! Connie from facebook
I want to thank Metzer Farms for my reshipment of ducklings arriving safe and sound! They are lively and doing great and my children than you for the great variety. I'd take a picture, but they are too lively to stay still for one! Yolanda from Easton, Maryland
Thank you so much for all of your kindness and help. I'm taking measures now to test and fix the incubator. Thank you for everything. Alice from Kalispell, Montana
My 3 female ducklings arrived at my house in Missouri safely today. They are beautiful. I have heard good things about Metzer Farms which is why I chose to order from you. Thanks so much. Chrissy from Ferguson, Missouri
I just processed my ducks at 7 weeks and one day. They look awesome! The weights were way beyond my expectations. There were hardly a hand full of pins. I have tried different Pekins each year that I have raised pastured poultry and these are the first ones to grow off this well. Thanks- I'll be ordering more! Leann from Greenwood, Mississippi
Just wanted to let you know 10 out of 11 Mallard eggs hatched. It's amazing that I got this great hatch rate with shipping eggs from CA to FL. James from Groveland, Florida
We picked up our new arrivals at the post office this morning. We wanted you to know they arrived safely, active and took right to water and food. This is my first duck purchase, but I doubt it will be my last. Thank you for your great service in providing us with these babies. Phyllis from Bullard, Texas
My order of Blue Swedish ducklings arrived in cold snowy Pennsylvania today in very good condition. Thank you. Dale from Jonestown, Pennsylvania
I just wanted to say I ordered fertile duck eggs from your farm - they are all fertile. I am very happy with the eggs the farm sent me. I will tell others about how great the farm is. Cathy from Beaverton, Oregon
All ducks had telltale green grogel beacks, so I know they all made use of it en route. Thanks again for my lovely starter flock! Elena from Lafayette, Colorado
Despite - 17* temps, my ducks arrived in perfect shape! I'm thankful for the heat pack and grogel you packed them with, and everyone was eating, drinking, and snacking within minutes of being unpacked. Elena from Lafayette, Colorado
My first ducks were 2 Blue Swedes, 2 Cayugas, and 4 Golden 300s I purchased while I was in college at UC Santa Cruz and picked up at the farm. They were lovely birds and you were lovely people, and seeing your facility and pasture then has stayed with me as an image of what a great hatchery should be. Elena from Lafayette, Colorado
My cousin may want some ducks. I have just been raving about you guys. When it comes time for him to order, I will definitely send him your way. And any other person who might need any. Amy from Big Bear Lake, California
Thank you so much for the awesome birds. You have amazing customer service and I'm so thrilled with my two new additions to my flock. They are both healthy and quaking. Again thank you so much. Amy from Big Bear Lake, California
We have always won with your geese and especially Jumbo Pekins. They just don't have much in WI for waterfowl. My order usually arrives with very low if any mortality considering it comes half way across the US. Thanks again. Kim from Melrose, Wisconsin
We just wanted to tell you how excited we are, the first egg hatched today in the 4th grade classroom at Surfside Elementary. It is a beautiful baby Mallard. Thanks for all the wonderful eggs and the information on your website. The kids are so happy. We candled them twice and the kids were able to see movement in most of the eggs. Erika from Ind. Harbour Beach, Florida
My ducklings arrived happy & healthy. As always I am thrilled with the ducks I get from you. We always get many compliments on the ducks we have at our herding trials. Great product and awesome service! Debbie from Oregon House, California
The eggs arrived yesterday in perfect condition! What a CLEVER way to ship! And the eggs taste great!Thank you SO much! Lana from Lakemont, Georgia
From the research to ordering to shipment to now enjoying these little ducklings, it's been a great experience with Metzer Farms - thanks! Sara from Lexington, Kentucky
Thank you, Kelly and all the Metzer Farms for our happy and healthy ducklings that just arrived! Everyone was eager to stretch their legs after the trip:) The Cayugas are just beautiful. The Pekins are very friendly. And the Khaki Campbells are quite sprite and playful already! Sara from Lexington, Kentucky
If only all the facets of our farm were as easy to deal with as you guys, everyone would be in the duck business. Rebecca from Amite, Louisiana
The way ya'll are packing birds is great. Saving a lot on shipping cost. Thank you all very much. Healthy birds, great service and tech support, we couldn't ask for better partners in the duck business!! Rebecca from Amite, Louisiana
The way ya'll are packing birds is great. Saving a lot on shipping cost. Thank you all very much. Healthy birds, great service and tech support, we couldn't ask for better partners in the duck business!! Rebecca from Amite, Louisiana
I got my six babies early!! Thanks so much for getting them to me perfectly fine.They are happy as can be and tall robust little Indian Runners. I've already mentioned Metzer Farms to a couple people. Also thanks for the great customer service and answering my questions Ashley! Christopher from Eugene, Oregon
Ducks have arrived! Safe and sound. Thank you Ashley for reassuring me via our phone conversation. It is very warm here and I was frantic. Good job everyone!! They are wonderful! Pamela from Acampo, California
Thank you so much for the ducklings. The kids love them and I can't tell you how much it means to our farm. You guys are really great. Jennifer from Cape Elizabeth, Maine
We picked up our new ducklings from the post office dock at 6:15am. We began spoiling them at around6:32am. They've got a good life ahead of them at Tyrant Farms! Thanks for providing such beautiful, healthy birds! Tyrant Farms
We received our 7 little Indian Runner ducks. They arrived in great health and are doing awesome! I will recommend y'all to anyone looking for ducks or geese. Chuck from Nada, Texas
I just wanted you to know that we just completed the Provincial APA show and District International Waterfowl Breeders Show at the Coombs Fair in British Columbia. A young Pekin duck that I got from you this spring won the Show Champion. The judge was extremely impressed with all the birds in their composition. I have been competing for 5 years in the APA and this is the first time I have ever seen a standard duck place in either Show Champion or Reserve. Suzin from Blaine, Washington
I received my 6 new ducklings in perfect shape! They are all healthy and happy. Eating, sleeping and running around. I ordered Welsh Harlequin's. First time ordering from you and am very pleased. Jackie from Big Sandy, Tennessee
My babies just arrived today, Tuesday 9:45am! Post office is fast! Thank you so much, they're beautiful and healthy! I've named them Coco & Ginger :-) Susan from Glendale, California
You shipped me 3 Embden goslings. When the post office called me, I hurried there and opened the box and saw the most beautiful baby geese I have ever seen. I want to thank you for the great service you provided and for shipping me the most precious babies. They will be loved. Kim from Jonesboro, Louisiana
Great place for ducks, it's where I send everyone for ducks that call me, thanks John for your commitment to excellent ducks and great customer service. Elijah
Your birds are all wonderful. Your Tufted Buff geese are my favorite (I have one pair now but will be adding more!) and your Welsh Harlequin and Cayuga ducks have always impressed me! I show them every year and they continue to place first! Alison from Saco, Maine
I appreciate the wonderful customer service. You are an excellent company to work with and I will continue to buy waterfowl from you and recommend you to anyone who asks! Alison from Saco, Maine
We have always been pleased with your product, how you do business, and I recommend your birds whenever I can. Susan from Lincoln, California
I just wanted to let you know that we received our duck and goose order today. They all arrived happy and healthy. Thank you so much for your high quality birds. Susan from Lincoln, California
I like to make it a point to tell a business when I am pleased with their service. I really appreciate your focus on customer service and I will not only order many more birds from you, I will refer other people to your company. Blake from Roseburg, Oregon
The book i ordered on raising geese arrived today...just two days after ordering!! If this order were on eBay, your feedback from me woudl be five stars!! Dolores from Cashmere, Washington
We received our baby ducks yesterday. They arrived on time and are so cute and adorable. Every one of them are active. As soon as we opened up the box, they tried to jump out. These ducks bring bundles of joy to us. Thank you so much and if we need more ducks, we will order from you guys. Jennifer from Lakewood, Colorado
I just want to let you know we received our babies yesterday! All of them are doing well and are so excited about this new adventure! Thanks so much for delivering beautiful and top quality birds! Can't wait to place an order with you again in the future. BJ from Damon, Texas
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent ducks you sent! I picked them up this morning and they were all perfectly healthy and alive...And got home to realize you sent an extra duck! Thank you!! I will most definitely be buying ducks from you next year and for years to come! Jeff from Reno, Nevada
So happy with the Welsh Harlequin ducklings I received today. Shipped across the country, entire order is still alive and very sassy :) Emily from Clymer, New York
My class had such a wonderful experience learning about the life cycle of the duck. They loved candling them and seeing the development. I really appreciate the quality of the eggs!! Victoria from Cross River, New York
I wanted to take the time out to thank you for our recent purchase. I am a second grade teacher in the Bronx and I ordered 16 fertile eggs from you 2 months ago. I am SO pleased to tell you that out of the 17 eggs that you sent, ALL 17 were fertile and 16 hatched!! Victoria from Cross River, New York
We received our ducklings and goslings last Wednesday at the post office. They came in great shape and are healthy and happy. I'm so thrilled with them. They are growing nicely and we will order again from you. Monica from Big Sandy, Tennessee
Just wanted to let you know that we received our three ducklings. They are very energetic and happy. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. Kim from Hemet, California
Our baby geese are here! As so many have said on this site as well as Metzer Farms site, they arrived happy, hungry and healthy. I can't wait to see my Super Africans grow up! Rich from Springfield, Ohio
Thank you so much for the very healthy Welsh Harlequins they are doing wonderful only regret I have is not getting a bigger order! Nathan from Dustin, Oklahoma
We received our Cayuga ducklings yesterday and they are so amazingly goodness. I swore I wasn't adding any birds this year....but their perfection had me setting up my brooder last night! Michelle from Issaquah, Washington
I received all my ducks today and they were all in great shape. Is there anywhere on your site I could write a review? I could express my feelings and it would help your site's ratings. Marv from Amidon, North Dakota
We had several questions we emailed you and they were quickly handled. We will definitely only buy our ducklings in the future from Metzer Farms! Nicole from Minot, North Dakota
Hello from Minot North Dakota. We just wanted to thank you for our ducklings they arrived as said and in great health. Nicole from Minot, North Dakota
The birds arrived in great(perfect!)condition this morning, thank you so much! I will definitely order from you again! Melissa from Montpelier, Vermont
I just wanted to let you know that my goslings arrived right on time yesterday and that I could not be more happy!! I was worried about the fact that they were having to travel from California all the way to North Georgia; it turns out that I worried for nothing. They arrived in perfect shape and full of energy!!!! James from Ringgold, Georgia
Thank you for the info you have given us. 5 of the 8 eggs hatched! Your patience and time are greatly appreciated! They are all eating, drinking, peeping and active. My kids are so happy! Lisa
Loved the Golden 300 Hybrid from Metzer Farms. They were the first 3 ducks I got 10 years ago and they were all very personable, prolific layers and long lived. Joanne from Shirley, Massachusetts
Most of your testimonials are from new owners, but we wanted you to know that years later, we still appreciate the help and advice on breed selection and if I could convince my partner to get a third goose, you will have our business again. Alex from Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
The first stop we made after opening the box at the post office was our local avain vet, who was shocked at how spry and active they were and how little stress they seemed to have been under during their cross country trek. In three years we have had virtually no health concerns with them. Alex from Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
We received 27 beautiful healthy Khaki Campbells this morning. All are doing so well. Thank you from Tuscon! Tara from Tucson, Arizona
We picked up 12 healthy looking babies from the post office this morning. The delay was no problem especially when receiving such fine birds. Many thanks for a job well done by the Metzer team! Amy from Fort Worth, Texas
Hello! I just wanted to follow up and say thank you for the quick shipment and compliment you on how well you package the eggs. I will be ordering from you in the future and also recommend you to anyone that may ask! Angela from Camby, Indiana
This order arrived today in perfect shape. The eggs are magnificent. I can hardly wait to turn these beauties into lace! You made my day. Beth from Bishop Hill, Illinois
I called a few weeks ago to ask why you thought my ducks were eating less. By following your advice we got back on track and our ducks are now starting to lay eggs. I appreciated the time you took to address my concerns. Shannon from Watkins Glen, New York
Our baby ducklings just arrived, and they have been watered, fed, loved on, and settled in. We are delighted with them, and want to say "Thank You" to everyone there! Cynthia from North Fork, California
I received my shipment of 30 blown goose eggs today. They were packed beautifully and in very good shape! I was very impressed with the outstanding condition of the eggs and how clean they were. I will certainly order from you again! Tamma from La Mesa, California
I just wanted to drop in and say I ordered a Buff trio and 2 Welsh Harlequin ducks from you and I could not be happier! They are growing up very nice! I will buy again. Thank you! Ivette from Bristow, Oklahoma
I am pleased with your high operating standards and the customer care I experienced. I want to say a special thank you to Ashley for alerting me when I made an error in ordering. You dealt with me professionally and I am another very satisfied customer. Carmie from Stafford, Virginia
I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know the 5 little ducklings I ordered arrived this morning, safe and healthy. They are adorable, I'm delighted with them. They are eating, drinking, and running all around their pen. Thanks again. Lorna from West Burke, Vermont
All ten ducklings arrived perfectly without any issues and very active!! Thank ya'll, they're awesome! Brittany
We love our Cayuga ducks and Buff geese we got from you. They are growing like crazy and are just gorgeous. Thank you again for your excellent service. Bluestone River Farm
I must say you have a great staff for an employee named Ashley helped me through my endless question via email.
And your customer service is exceptional. My goslings arrived on time in a clean, comfortable box with gel to eat. Thumbs up!!! Kimberly from Ann Arbor, Michigan
We are happy to find a company that would let us order just two; in the past we have not gotten geese because we did not want more than two and after seeing how vigorous these two are you will have all our waterfowl business! Kimberly from Ann Arbor, Michigan
Thank you so much for the two wonderful African goslings we purchased from you. They arrived healthy and happy and are such a delight each day. Kimberly from Ann Arbor, Michigan
We received our ducklings from you all yesterday and they arrived in wonderful shape. This is the first time we have ordered live birds and we are extremely pleased. Whenever we need live birds again we know where to come. Thanks so much! Priscilla from Trussville, Alabama
Goose and Gander are also very nice birds to live with while Gander is more protective. Goose will approach and sit with me and Gander will also reluctantly settle close to you but he takes his job of guard very seriously. Beth from Ontario
The geese are so attractive and useful. They eat grass like a sheep and are helping to keep the lawn trim. When the ducks and the geese are out, one goose is always watching just like Canada geese in the wild do. Beth from Ontario
The Runners are used for herding and they are amazing to watch. They kind of flow like water and keep together like flocks of sparrows do when they fly only the Runners are on foot. I love them. Beth from Ontario
I witnessed a raven sitting on a fence post thinking hard about what to do. Gander was forceful and negative and the raven left. Hooray!! Beth from Ontario
They have exceeded expectations in health and quality, as usual! Beth from Ontario
I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks! I received my ducklings this morning after a bit of confusion at customs. Only 1 perished on the trip and the rest seem happy, healthy and very vibrant. I am very thrilled! Thank you again for the wonderful ducklings!! All your help was greatly appreciated!! Kristin from British Columbia
I just wanted to thank you so much for the goslings we got from you last week. They are perfect. They all got here safe and sound. I will be ordering from you again in the future. Thank you so much! Mary from Marengo, Indiana
I purchased 4 Khaki Campbell ducklings from Monroe Feed store, Monroe, WA and was told they were from your farm. Just thought I would mention they are very healthy robust ducklings. We look forward to these complimenting our home egg production project!! Geri
I love Metzer Farms, they are great. My Metzer group of geese is larger and more robust. Brian
Birds arrived in great shape. Best delivery I have ever had. Thanks Pat from Magalia, California
I received my ducklings las Wednesday. They all (3 Buff and 5 Runner ducks) arrived in great shape-strong, alert and active. Thank you for providing such wonderful and entertaining little ducks. Suzette from Casa Grande, Arizona
If I ever need to order birds in the future, Metzer Farms will be the first place I look. I'll be sure to send my friends also! Tara from North Scituate, Rhode Island
Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful Welsh Harlequin and Indian Runner ducklings, and two Buff goslings that I ordered from you. They arrived right on schedule this past Wednesday full of spunk and healthy appetite. They are growing fast and are gorgeous! Tara from North Scituate, Rhode Island
My ducklings arrived on schedule, and were in perfect condition. I just wanted to say thank you and that your ordering/shipping procedures are very proficient. Thanks again. John from Waynesboro, Virginia
Thank you for our ducks! They are beautiful, healthy and very entertaining!! Chrystin from Rochester, New Hampshire
The ducklings we purchased from you are so healthy and active, we are SUPER HAPPY! Thank you for such wonderful babies :-) We love them LOTS! Erin
I am very pleased with my order and highly recommend your company. It is a delight to work with such an ethical company. To anyone considering ordering from Metzer Farms, place your order with confidence-you will not be disappointed! Catherine from Blue Ridge, Georgia
The goslings arrived in perfect condition! I cannot begin to tell you the delight I felt when I opened the box and saw all those sweet faces looking back at me. The goslings are healthy, flourishing and growing by leaps and bounds. Catherine from Blue Ridge, Georgia
I have never ordered any live waterfowl before so I entered the process rather reluctantly. My first call to your company quickly allayed all my fears and you patiently answered all my questions. Your customer service is exemplary. Catherine from Blue Ridge, Georgia
Thank you so much for your VERY informative video on sexing ducks and geese! My geese are hatching out now and I feel more confident after watching your video on my abilities to check them out when they are all hatched out! Lisa
My three darling ducklings arrived today - healthy, active and just so cute. I want to thank you so much not only for your service but for the quality of these healthy babies.I couln't be more pleased. Linda from McCleary, Washington
I was so pleased at how healthy and lively they were after their trip. I did have you add the grow gel to the package which was all gone when they arrived and I think it makes all the difference in the world for them to have while they are in transit. Rachel from Blandsville, Illinois
Got my 8 Tufted Buff and 10 Buff ducklings on Wednesday. They all made it to Illinois in fine shape and are doing great. Rachel from Blandsville, Illinois
I just wanted to let you know I received the ducklings and goslings today! They were wonderful and cute! I love all 24 of them. They arrived healthy and active. Thank you so much! I will definitely order other breeds from you next time. Shannon
Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for the beautiful ducklings! I ordered ten assorted females and they came in today all happy and vibrant. Thank you for your excellent service and I will be sure to tell everyone about you! Marlo from Gloucester, Virginia
Last year's hatched in June, began laying all the end of November, and each duck has consistently produced and egg every day since. The drakes are real charmers with personality plus. I could go on and on about them, and all the joy they bring every day. Leslie from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Just like last year, 100% of the eggs you sent were fertile. I'm thrilled every Blue Runner hatched, and 7 out of 10 Golden 300's. I witnessed some very rough handling but your excellent way of packaging saved them all. The ducklings are all strong and perfect. Leslie from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
We received our baby ducks yesterday. Very cute, beautiful and healthy. Very nice. Thank you. Julie from Greenleaf, Wisconsin
From now on we will only be getting our birds from you. I have also told all my duck loving friends about you. Colleen from Rockville, Indiana
Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the ducks we ordered from you. They arrived healthy and beautiful. My 10 year old got them as a gift and will be showing them in 4-H this year. He is one very happy boy. Colleen from Rockville, Indiana
I had 100% fertile eggs all the way up to hatch time. I've had 6 out of the 10 hatch, which I'm very happy about. Thank you for great service, and I really appreciate your website, very informative and it was real helpful through this process. Christian
Knowing exactly what dates our ducks would be hatching and then shipped made the ordering process the most seamless I've ever done with any business. It truly was a pleasure doing business with the Metzer Farm Family and I look forward to doing business with you again. Michelle from Norfolk, Nebraska
I just wanted to send you a big thank you for the beautiful ducks and wonderful service you provide. I know I will purchase from you again in the future. Michelle from Norfolk, Nebraska
All my ducklings arrived this morning safe and sound. Very vigorous babies! Thanks! Vicki from Oakdale, California
I just wanted to let you know that my duck hatching eggs arrived this morning in perfect condition! And am so far very pleased with the service you have provided me! Thank you so much! I will be ordering from you in the future for sure! Kyle from Mason, Michigan
I just picked up ten Khaki Campbell ducklings from the post office and am now sharing them with my fourth grade class. They are all healthy, beautiful, and climbing on top of each other. Thank you all for taking great care in hatching and shipping them safely. Joseph from San Diego, California
I hatched 2 Mallard (hen & drake) and 3 Welsh Harlequins (2 hens & a drake) last May from eggs bought from you. They started laying on Thanksgiving and are producing 1 egg a day, including the little Mallard hen. We give many away to families who love them. Your ducks are first rate. Milton from Hendrum, Minnesota
All of my ducks including the original Trouble and Mischief who started the whole Live Ducks phenomenon came from Metzer. I had the honor of touring John's farm a few year's back (photos on Live Ducks). It is a top notch place and the warmest people you'll meet. Lori
I would like to encourage all of you, if you have questions to check out Metzer Farms website. I have had a few questions and they have always responded. Their website has been very helpful both personally and professionally. Caridad
They were wonderful with info and patience when trying to figure out regarding another mate for Hamilton...not like Metzer Farms didn't have other important things to do. I even drove down after work to pick up ElizaRose they set aside for me. Eileen from Mountain View, California
I want you to know I've spent hours on Metzer Farms website, learning all I can, to make my duck's lives better. Thank you for all your info you put out there to help those of us who need it! Metzer Farms is the greatest! Leslie
What's with these Golden 300 Hybrid Layers? It's the dead of a Maine winter. Gets dark before 4 in the afternoon. And we are still getting six to eight eggs a day from eight ducks! These girls don't want to quit. I keep talking these girls up to people who ask about ducks for eggs. Joe from New Sharon, Maine
I am really glad I found your hatchery because you guys have consistently sent me excellent order after order and I will continue to use you as my main supply of large eggs. Sara from Fremont, California
Thank you very much for your wonderful service. Our pair of Pekin ducklings arrived earlier than we expected and appear very healthy. The ducklings are adorable and we will definitely recommend your hatchery to friends! Rachel and Abbey from Lithia, Florida
I have been searching for goose eggs since leaving the Netherlands years ago. I am delighted. The eggs arrived in beautiful condition and will become my "canvas" for hand painted Christmas memories! Susan from Washington, District of Columbia
Well John, you won me over. I've had my Golden 300 Hybrids since April and am in love with them. For a while, all 19 ducks were laying an egg a day. With the shorter days, I'm down to 13-15 eggs per day without any extra lighting. Joyce from Enumclaw, Washington
The duck eggs were an experiment to see if there was enough interest - there is, it seems that many people have an allergy to chicken eggs but not duck eggs. Anyway, I would like to order more of the White Layers early next year. Karen from Klamath Falls, Oregon
The White Layers I bought earlier this year are fantastic layers! They began to lay just when you said they would and are still laying strongly after 6 months. Karen from Klamath Falls, Oregon
I placed an order with you guys and received my ducklings this morning. Thank you so much for getting them to me so soon I love them they are adorable. Elsa from Pittsburg, California
We have endured jabs about our "fancy purebreds" but over the years with the Khaki Campbells and the Swedes we have had wonderful health and longevity and of course it really helped being able to order just what we wanted in sexes. We know that with the quality of your birds, we have more than gotten our money's worth. Elizabeth from Grand Portage, Minnesota
The runners are a scream! They are the most talkative, active and imaginative of any ducks I've seen. Just for the fun of them though, I'd suggest runners for folks wanting a little flock of ducks to lighten life. Elizabeth from Grand Portage, Minnesota
The geese are here to help prevent raven attacks on the ducks and the three of us act like a well-oiled machine. They warn me of raven presence, I run and chase them off and we all three yell at the raven. We have had no attacks on any duck since the geese went outside. Elizabeth from Grand Portage, Minnesota
Just wanted you to know how thankful we are to have the Duck eggs. The little boy who the eggs are for feels like it is has been a long time since he was able to have breakfast with eggs and he said there is nothing like dipping your turkey bacon in an egg. Tammy from Casper, Wyoming
I wanted to let you know that the replacement ducklings arrived yesterday and are doing great. Thank you so much for being willing to replace the three that we lost during our last shipment. I look forward to doing business with you all for years to come. Wendy from New Vineyard, Maine
Our daughters will be showing at the fair this next fall and I know with this flock they will place well. Hope to deal with you again as we continue to expand our flock. Tom from Overbrook, Kansas
After having some trouble with the health of previously bought ducks from a different farm, we are so happy to have found such quality in your farm. Tom from Overbrook, Kansas
We ordered 10 ducklings from you just last week-they arrived quickly, and we were so happy to open the box and find beautiful, healthy virile babies. Tom from Overbrook, Kansas
Hello. Thank you for your excellent service. The ducks and geese arrived in great shape and they are still doing fine. The postal service did a good job delivering them. Thank you for the extra birds. Michael from Danville, Virginia
Everybody is doing just fine. Just wanted to thank you for the great, responsive service-and the beautiful Welsh Harelquin ducklings. Robin from Freeland, Washington
Thank you again for the info and for such lively and healthy ducklings and goslings. All I purchased from you arrived in top condition and have remained in great shape. If I decide to order ducklings or goslings in the future you will get my business because of your great service and quality birds. Mary from Aztec, New Mexico
Thank you so much for your quick response and also for answering quite a few questions of mine about incubating. I will definitely order from you again! Robin from Pantego, North Carolina
I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding customer service! I initially placed an order for duckling eggs, and when a few of them arrived broken (hard to believe because the packaging was absolutely excellent!), you not only shipped immediate replacements, but threw in a few extra to boot. Robin from Pantego, North Carolina
I would like to thank you again for your patience with us prior to our order being shipped. As you know, this was our first time ordering ducks (or any kind of animal through the mail for that matter). Everything your website states is true! The babies arrived safe and healthy. They are absolutely beautiful. We would, will and are recommending you to anyone who will listen to us! This was truly a wonderful experience. Pam & Gary from Phoenix, Arizona
HI-the ducklings are in their new home in Simi Valley and are doing great! It has been a big day for them and every so often I see them taking a little nap. If I hear of anyone wanting to buy or raise ducklings, I am referring you. Again-thank you! Leslie from Simi Valley, California
I purchased some runner ducklings from you that hatched 10/11/10. Saturday, my first ducklings out of the ducks I bought from you began hatching. I must say my blue female is doing a wonderful job of mothering. I have a mix of colors and cant wait to see what I end up with. Thanks Metzer for the wonderful quality ducks. Judy from Largo, Florida
Just wanted to drop you an e-mail thanking you for the great customer service. Your reliability, professionalism, and prompt reply to email correspondence was awesome! My babies arrived safely chirping away, They seem to be very healthy, bright eyed, and amazingly energetic, especially since traveling a couple of thousand miles. Julie from Pearcy, Arkansas
Just a thank you for the wonderful eggs you sent. They were 100% fertile, and the ducklings are strong and beautiful, beyond my wildest expectations. I found out you shipped the eggs the very same day they were ordered. Now that's service! I'm a very happy customer, and plan to try some Metzer Golden 300's next year. Leslie from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
I just wanted to let you know that our Blue Swedish and Welsh Harlequin ducks arrived- they where a day early, and all super healthy and active. thanks for sending us such great ducklings! Wendy from Monrovia, California
The two baby sebs arrived on schedule this morning. Very healthy and beautiful. Thanks so much. Christine from Byron, New York
Thank you again so much for the beautiful birds. We really appreciate the quality of birds. Carmen from Montreal
We ordered 3 Rouen ducklings from you just a few short weeks ago. Having no prior experience I was amazed at how rapidly they grew. Terri called me from her school where I had them shipped to with the news that they had arrived. I told her to open the box and let them see her and hear her voice and she would be their "mommy". Now they follow her around and get close to her when she is outside. They are truly amazing and such fun. Tom from Wonder Valey, California
The Golden 300 Hybrid started laying the third week in May and are now up to 8 eggs a day. We have had many comments on how handsome they are. Thanks again for the great ducks. Stone Corner Farm from New Sharon, Massachusetts
The Golden 300 Hybrid are every bit as good at foraging as Khaki Campbells, perhaps better. they remind me of that pack of Velociraptors in the movie Jurassic Park. Joe from New Sharon, Massachusetts
They provided a perfect example for others to follow by putting Service into their customer service. I am very pleased in how things worked out, and just wanted to say kudos for a job well done. Don from Shelton, Washington
Hi, I just wanted you to know that the ducks arrived at the post office as stated. There names are Donald and Daisy! We are so happy to have those little guys! I also want to take this time to Thank was a pleasure doing business with you guys. It was such a smooth transaction, no worries at all. Diane from Indianapolis, Indiana
Just wanted to let you know the ducklings arrived this morning and all were well. They were eating and drinking almost immediately after I took them out of the box. Thank you for the nice selection and for the extra baby. Edward from Upland, California
Just wanted to let you know that I got 12 very healthy and active duckling this morning. They had consumed all of their Gro-Gel and were looking for food and water. Thank you very much. I was a little nervous about the shipping aspect, but they came right on time and this worked out great. Dennis from Troy, Michigan
I would like to tell you that a Brown China hen that I bought from you has done very well for me. I took her to a show and out of twenty-two geese she took Reserve Grand Champion Goose. She took Champion Goose at a small show with only four geese and she took Champion Goose and Reserve Waterfowl at another. I plan on taking her to other shows in the fall to see how she does and I will let you know. Ethan from Carson City, Michigan
These ducks I have are so much better than the laying hens I've had previously, with higher production, stronger egg shells, and larger egg sizes. Daryl from Auburn University, Alabama
I bought 28 Golden 300 female ducklings on May 17 last year. They are wonderful layers...this past week I picked up 103 eggs from the past 105 duck-days (15 ducks X 7 days). I'm impressed! Daryl from Auburn University, Alabama
I learned it is more beneficial to order from hatcheries that specialize in specific types of birds. In your case it appears you have much better breeding stock which gives babies that are more capable of with standing the rigors of postal travel. Mary from Aztec, New Mexico
All the ducklings and goslings you arrived in great shape and alive. they have remained alive and full of energy and interest in their world. Mary from Aztec, New Mexico
Hello, Just wanted to let you know the 4 geese made it in fine condition, & to Thank you for your excellent service!!! John from Vancouver, Washington
I live in Florida and I got my Sebastopols from Metzer Farms and they have arrived great. I think Metzer Farms is a great hatchery to use, I have never had any problems ordering from them and my ducks and now geese always arrived safely. Kim from Florida
just a quick "Thank you" for our order of ducklings. The post office called dark and early at 4:45 am, and we went to pick them up. Everyone seems healthy, and they're all eating and drinking well. Thank you so much, and I hope to work with you again! Lorraine from Winchester, Kentucky
The ten ducks I ordered came in all alive and well. This is not the first time we ordered from Metzer. My husband will not order his ducks from anyone but Metzer, great company! very satisfied customer! Cindy from Lake Charles, Louisiana
Just for the record, John Metzer and staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and the birds....through the years! are very fine quality, at least in my experience. These days it's rare to find such a great customer service! Michael from Mabank, Texas
Waterfowl are in general by far the easiest type of poultry to raise. Jack from Appling, Georgia
We just wanted to let you know how excited we are to try our hand at ducks! We visited several hatchery sites but we heard only good things about your farm and decide to place our first duck order with you. Thank you all for the great info contained in your site and we will be waiting anxiously for April! Marlana from Mountain City, Tennessee
Thank you for all the info and your blog. It answered a lot of my questions. Joyce from Enumclaw, Washington
I received my 7 ducklings this morning , and all in great health, active, thirsty and happy to be in a bigger container. Thanks for the great service, and excellent packing. Rod from Duvall, Washington
Thank you, you guys are always a class-operation. Cheryl from Aptos, California
Since two weeks I am searching in the www and doesn't find duck farmers in Europe. I think Mr. Metzer, Sir, you should start a duck farm in Europe too. Europe needs entrepreneurs in your business with your knowledge Hedwig from Germany
The ducklings & geese arrived this morning. They all appear to be very healthy and happy at this point. Here are a couple of pics. Stay tune for more pics as they grow. Tell the guys in the back thanks again for sending very healthy birds. Paula from Elkton, Maryland
I believe that the ducklings (including Feline) and goslings that we get at the farm store generally have originated from your farm, they have always been healthy we have never lost one to illness. Thank you. Kristal from Columbia, South Carolina
My two goslings and 8 ducklings arrived at my post office this morning, much to the entertainment of the PO staff. They arrived chirping, thirsty and ready to eat. They all look great and are frisky. Suzy from Lyle, Washington
We got our baby Welsh Harlequin ducks, Buff geese, and Buff duck this morning at the Lynden post office. they arrived in perfect shape, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. What a happy bunch! Thank for another group of quality ducks and geese.. Herb & Marylinn from Lynden, Washington
My geese arrived to my farm in Ky. on the last date you said they would almost a month ago. All of them were strong and healthy, not a weak one in the bunch. I am thankful that you have such a wonderful service and geese. If asked. I will highly recommend you and I will definitely order from you again. Cathy from Crofton, Kentucky
We LOVE our geese, and were very happy with the way they arrived. It was our first experience in having birds shipped and I was more than a little nervous. I promise to contact you at the end of the year. Vicki from Waters, Michigan
Just wanted to let you know that our ducklings arrived safe and sound and, of course, cute as can be. I appreciate the "extra helping" of 2-very kind of you!! They are all chowing down and quite active so I'll take that as a good sign. Lisa from Carrollton, Georgia
Just letting you know my four babies arrived on time yesterday morning in great shape. Thank you for all of your support and I am looking forward to ordering from you in the future. McKenzie from Colorado Springs, Colorado
Metzer Farms has always provided exceptional service and quality birds to us, with much concern and fore thought about the health and well being of their precious babies. Michael from Dallas, Texas
Just wanted to let you all know how happy we are with our ducklings! We ordered 2 Khaki Campbell females last week and they are a Joy! "Fenwick and Brown Sugar" are doing well...I really appreciate your service and will tell others about Metzer Farms. Ashley from Smithfiled, Pennsylvania
We picked up our baby Rouen's this morning from the post office!! 12 happy and healthy babies!! Thank you so much!! David from Demopolis, Alabama
Hi! Ducklings arrived here this morning, great service! Ducklings are in great shape. Kids are so excited thanks so much! Fred from Crney's Point, New Jersey
After two semi-sleepless night because of excitement and a little worry my Sebastapol geese and Khaki Campbell ducks arrived safely and in great condition. They are very friendly and I love them. Thanks for sending such healthy birds. Susan from Freeland, Washington
Every time I call and ask a question, you have been really helpful and very knowledgeable. My wife and I really appreciate what you're doing and always look forward to our order of ducks when they arrive. Thank you for a wonderful service. Herb & Marilynn from Lynde, Washington
We sell our duck eggs to the public and our ducks can't seem to lay enough eggs to satisfy our customers. Our ducks have always arrived on time and in good happy condition. Marilynn from Lynden, Washington
My wife and I have ordered ducks from you every year since 2005. We have been extremely happy with our ducks that we have ordered from you. They are the best and always turn out to be happy and friendly ducks with lots of personality. Herb from Lynden, Washington
We received our order this morning. They are cute little things and all made the trip alive. Thank you for the extra Buff... Glad to be doing business with you folks. You folks do a great Job! Don from Libby, Montana
We just wanted to let you know that we received our two Welsh Harlequin babies yesterday and they are doing wonderful. This is the first time we have bought and owned ducks and we are very satisfied with your service. Jesse from Sonora, California
Thank you for taking the time to reply to my fax of 4/14/09. The quickness of your response along with the detail of explanation shows a dedication to customer satisfaction seldom seen these days. My compliments again to your customer service staff. I am new to this and they have been informative, patient, and extremely helpful every time I have called. Ken from Lawtons, New York
I picked up my birds and they were all very well! The pair of Sebastopol geese have been the center of all the conversations with friends and family. Can't wait for them to grow up! Thank you so much for another wonderful hatch! Looking forward to many years of your birds Andrea from British Columbia
I just received my ducks and geese and everything is great. They are settling in and are quite the characters already. This is my first time with geese so I can't wait to see how they turn out. Thank you so much for the help with ordering, you made the experience with ordering enjoyable. Melissa from Oswego, New York
Just letting you know that the pair of Sebastopol goslings arrived here in Hawaii in EXCELLENT condition! They were bright eyed, alert, and talkative...and ooh, are they so adorable - even the animal quarantine office staff at the airport thought so! Thank you for your excellent customer service and follow through on permit papers with the state of Hawaii, and securing a flight. Thank you, John, and to everyone else involved with the hatching and shipping process of the goslings. Your business is #1! Mahola, Lynne from Honolulu, Hawaii
Thank you so much, I received my small order of four baby ducks on Tuesday. They are all eating and drinking and are so cute, what great service! Perfect for the small flock family. Next time will be some Runner ducks Brian from Twenty-nine Palms, California
They arrived today! Here's a big THANK YOU! from the kids. They are excited! Pastor Kip from Bloomington, Wisconsin
Earlier this year we ordered four Black Runners, four Blue Swedes, and a pair of Pilgrim geese. I'm writing to tell you that they have been big hits at our educational farm. All are healthy and have the liberty of a large fenced pasture with our sheep. Thanks for the informative article and the beautiful birds Ed from Easton
Not that it will surprise you, I'm sure, but every one of the ducklings made the trip no problem. They are vigorous and beautiful and I could not be more pleased! All are eating and drinking and seem very happy to be out of the box. Talk soon, and THANKS! Mary from Leverett, Massachusetts
Just wanted to drop a line to share our happiness and appreciation again with you. The Sebastopol geese have matured so beautifully. Pictures do not do them justice. They are fun to watch, beautiful and adding to the pleasure of our life. Thank you for such healthy stock. Marla from Fresno, California
I wanted to thank you for our beautiful new birds! They are all lively and active, and appear very healthy. We look forward to working with you in the future. Rebekah from Sugar City, Idaho
For several years as a teacher, I ordered fertile duck eggs from Metzer Farms and hatched them in my classroom. The children were always enthusiastic about the process and thrilled to see the ducklings hatch. A successful hatch has been a common experience with eggs from Metzer Farms. Linda from Concord, North Carolina
I ordered 10! Wow I got 11 ducklings all in perfect health! Today they are huge, healthy and quacking! I just wanted to say thank you. I have recommended Metzer Farms to many people, and I will always buy from you! Lori from Romulus, Michigan
I was given 5 White Crested ducklings a friend of mine purchased from you. Owen, my only White Crested drake, won Reserve Champion Overall Waterfowl, and the females were first through fourth in the same class, they also won the best flock of waterfowl in the county! I just wanted to thank you for raising and selling such good quality waterfowl. Corey from Frederick County, Maryland
Your ducks are right at twice as big in virtually the same number of weeks as the previous ducks I was raising. You have some very impressive duck genetics. Very happy customer: Keep up the good work. Greg from Lagrange, Indiana
I showed my Brown Chinas that I got from you at all our local New England Shows (Boston, New Hampshire, Little Rhody and others). Your geese were among the best quality out here and I just wanted to say thank you for being responsible for one of the best experiences of my childhood. Ralph from Rowley, Massachusetts
I'm just a very small customer who is totally satisfied, reporting on your ducks' progress! The ducklings are wonderful, big, healthy and glowing with energy. Thanks again - as the conversation swirling around your ducklings at the clinic confirmed, one gets the best from the best so... You're the best! Beth from Thunder Bay, Ontario
I adore the ducks. They are gorgeous and well tempered. We ordered two Sebastopol geese and they are hilarious. They spread their wings to herd the rest of the flock. I had no idea how much fun they would be. Corrine from Blacklick, Ohio
I ordered 10 Rouen ducks and they arrived the day I was told they would arrive. These ducklings are doing absolutely great! I would recommend you to anyone interested in ducks. They will be greeted with a great staff while ordering, all the way to receiving outstanding waterfowl! Thumbs up to you all!! Dave from Georgetown, Delaware
Thanks for the great service! I have to be honest - I have given your name out many times to people simply because you guys provided me with great service and some great birds. I got exactly what I ordered, plus 3 extra! Well have a great day! Patty from Coshocton, Ohio
Thank you so much for making such an extended effort to find a new way for us to receive your ducks this year. Your ducks always do well at our County Fair for my sons and they do so enjoy them! We so appreciate working with you! Thanks again! Pam from Victoria, Kansas
This is my first year raising waterfowl and the birds seem to be off to a roaring start. I'm certainly taken with goslings...they seem to be such characters! Peter from Cambria, California
We wanted to tell you the good news!! We have 12 babies from your eggs!! The children got to see them hatch, which was AMAZING!! They are so precious! Thank you for all of the advice and help along the way. We will definitely be ordering again another year! Jennifer & Tammy from Lake Mary, Florida
I want to let you know that the Golden Hybrids I purchased this last spring are the best ducks I have ever kept! They lay daily, and the eggs are delicious! Also, very calm ducks and they are quiet which is nice! Anon from Clinton, Utah
Last year our 4-H group ordered ducks and geese for our county fair projects. Your ducks and geese were grand and reserve duck and goose. There were four Metzer waterfowl entered and all four were on the top! My daughter REALLY enjoys her ducks and was very proud and pleased to win. Anon from Perry, Michigan
I placed an order with you guys! I got 10 Mallards and one Sebastopol. They came in great shape yesterday and are doing great! Thanks for a pleasant ordering experience! Anon from Wyandotte, Michigan
I want to thank your farm for sending me all healthy little ducklings. I am so excited. After a few hours they were running around in the brooder. My whole family is enjoying them and they think this is a great experience for everyone. Anon from Litchfield Park, Arizona