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Buff Geese
Buff Geese Buff Geese Buff Geese

Buff Geese

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It is interesting that the buff color is not common in wild waterfowl. Most other domestic and wild geese have combinations of white, gray and black coloring.

The Buff goose was developed for commercial meat production and the claim is that their feathers are easier to remove than white, gray or black feathers as they are less strongly rooted. The remaining pin feathers are so light in color, the carcass is as clean appearing as a white goose. Buffs are a calm, friendly breed and beautiful to watch - especially in a reddish orange sunset.

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Customer Reviews of Buff Geese

October 8, 2020 | Buff Geese

These are beautiful geese! I had some buff crosses when I first got geese, many years ago. I finally decided it was time for a few pure bred ones. They're stunning in the field. The buffs seem more docile than some of the other breeds I've kept over the years. They are clever little critters, too. I am very happy with my new birds!

October 13, 2020 | Love this bird!

First goose I have ever owned and I plan on getting more next year, absolutely amazing personality and the colors are stunning. Quiet, calm, but talks to you when you talk to them. I would recommend this goose to anyone looking to get a goose. Lovely breed wish more people knew about them! Perfect goose if you have close neighbors.

December 29, 2020 | Love our babies

We ordered geese as an alarm system to protect our chickens from aerial attacks and they have been great. They spot a hawk before it can surprise the hens and they have time to take cover. They are also very loving. We take them for a walk every morning, eat out of our hands and nuzzle with us when you pick them up. Such beautiful, sweet birds. I highly recommend Metzer’s. They were shipped quickly with care and provided the necessary information to get us going.

July 24, 2022 | Buff geese

We absolutely love our buff geese! They are very gentle and friendly, and every evening I walk them up the road to the lawn area where they enjoy the grass. They get along with all the ducks and other farm animals very well. I would recommend this breed to everyone!!

September 29, 2022 | I've fallen in love

I ordered 3 buff goslings and they arrived across country, alive and reasonably healthy. One girl had obviously been more affected by the trip than the other two, and it took her some time to recover. She appeared to have some congenital deformities in her face, which probably accounted for her weakened state, and she sent me into panics with her constant wheezing. Despite all that, she grew out of the wheezing, and she's as healthy and active a goose as any other, in spite of her misshapen face. I did send pictures of her to Metzer with questions as to what could have caused it, and they were very prompt with replies and took my questions seriously, relaying my email to experts and getting back to me with updates. I'm very impressed with their ready communication on the issue, and how they took it seriously and didn't treat me like a customer with a petty complaint. As for the geese themselves, you'd be hard pressed to find a dog as friendly as these guys. They are constant companions for every farm chore, escorting me everywhere I need to go. Should I lie down to read, after a round of nibbling everything in sight they're content to cuddle up against me and nap. They are much calmer and quieter than I could have ever expected from a goose, and they've quickly become my favorite animal on the property. If it weren't for the deformity on the one goose I'd be giving a five star review, but the fact that she still behaves like a healthy goose, and with Metzers handling of my questions, they're still deserving of a very high rating.

May 20, 2023 | Beyond Satisfied!

Love them! Bought a male and female, they arrived healthy and happy! Will definitely be purchasing from Metzer again in the future:)

April 24, 2024 | Great first goose!

My buff goose, Gertie, just turned two and we couldn't love her more. I decided to add her to my small flock of ducks and hens after hearing that geese can act as protection from hawks. (I was really just looking for a reason to add a goose to the flock, though!) Unfortunately the package she was sent in got lost for several days and the three ducklings that I ordered with her didn't make it. Miraculously, after being stuck in a box for 5 days, she arrived at my post office the day after Easter still alive. I was able to nurse her back to health and she's been fantastic every since. Gertie does in fact act as another set of eyes, silently signaling to the rest of the flock when a hawk is nearby so they can retreat into the arborvitae. She's very sweet with me and my older son, and is getting used to my toddler. She hisses at my husband, whose only interaction with him is when he mows the lawn, and at "strangers" but has never attacked anyone. At this point she's also the only waterfowl I have that lets me hold her! I can pat my lap and she'll hop up most of the time, snuggling her head into my neck. Needless to say, I highly recommend Metzer's buff geese.

May 3, 2024 | Very sweet little geese!

Just recently received my Buff geese babies along with my French Toulouse geese, Pekin, and Duclair ducklings. All of the birds arrived promptly. My Duclair looked a little bit peaked but she perked up really fast after being given water with vitamins/electrolytes. All are doing very well now. The Buffs seem to have the friendliest/outgoing personalities and are so cute and puffy! They are bigger than my Toulouse's so far. I'm excited to see how they will all turn out when they grow up. I like them so much I'm planning on getting more. Great experience ordering from Metzer Farms. :-)