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Buff Geese
Buff Geese Buff Geese Buff Geese

Buff Geese

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It is interesting that the buff color is not common in wild waterfowl. Most other domestic and wild geese have combinations of white, gray and black coloring.

The Buff goose was developed for commercial meat production and the claim is that their feathers are easier to remove than white, gray or black feathers as they are less strongly rooted. The remaining pin feathers are so light in color, the carcass is as clean appearing as a white goose. Buffs are a calm, friendly breed and beautiful to watch - especially in a reddish orange sunset.

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Customer Reviews of Buff Geese

October 8, 2020 | Buff Geese

These are beautiful geese! I had some buff crosses when I first got geese, many years ago. I finally decided it was time for a few pure bred ones. They're stunning in the field. The buffs seem more docile than some of the other breeds I've kept over the years. They are clever little critters, too. I am very happy with my new birds!

October 13, 2020 | Love this bird!

First goose I have ever owned and I plan on getting more next year, absolutely amazing personality and the colors are stunning. Quiet, calm, but talks to you when you talk to them. I would recommend this goose to anyone looking to get a goose. Lovely breed wish more people knew about them! Perfect goose if you have close neighbors.

December 29, 2020 | Love our babies

We ordered geese as an alarm system to protect our chickens from aerial attacks and they have been great. They spot a hawk before it can surprise the hens and they have time to take cover. They are also very loving. We take them for a walk every morning, eat out of our hands and nuzzle with us when you pick them up. Such beautiful, sweet birds. I highly recommend Metzer’s. They were shipped quickly with care and provided the necessary information to get us going.