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Embden Geese
Embden Geese Embden Geese Embden Geese

Embden Geese

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Because of their fast growth rate, large size and white feathers, Embden are the most common goose used for commercial meat production. Their feet and beak are orange but their eyes are a distinct blue. Due to their large size and breeding, they are a strong breed. At hatching time you can be quite accurate in sexing the day olds from their coloration as the gray down in the males is lighter than in the females. As adults, however, both sexes are pure white and the only way you can determine the sex is the males are normally larger, more pompous and proud in their carriage and shriller in their voices (as with other goose breeds).

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Originally bred in Germany to be tall, rangy, large geese, the Embden was refined a bit more in England to be a more compact shaped goose. Either way, Embden are the largest geese, along with the Large Dewlap Toulouse. In our experience they also produce the largest eggs for those interested in decorating eggs. The first Embden geese were imported in America in 1820 and initially called "Bremens" after their port of departure. Their owner, James Sisso, reported these geese "lay in February and set and hatch with more certainty than the common barnyard goose, will weigh nearly, and in some case, quite twice the weight, have double the quantity of feathers, never fly, and are all of a beautiful snowy whiteness."

The Embden geese are very common-and for good reason. They are large, hardy, lay good quantities of eggs, will often raise a nest full of goslings and are very pretty in their all-white appearance.


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