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Silver Appleyard Ducks
Silver Appleyard Ducks Silver Appleyard Ducks

Silver Appleyard Ducks

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The Silver Appleyard breed was developed by Reginald Appleyard of England in the 1930's. Among the heavy weight ducks, Silver Appleyards and the Saxony Ducks are considered the most active foragers.

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Some claim that the Appleyards have the most flavorful meat of the ducks and they can often hatch and raise their own ducklings. They have not laid a full season for us but they are reputedly the best egg layers among the heavy weight ducks.


Customer Reviews of Silver Appleyard Ducks

October 16, 2020 | Amazing ducks, worth every dollar

These are my first experience with ducks and you will not be disappointed. These ducklings arrived happy and healthy despite being shipped across the country. I have had these ducks now for over a year and the girls lay nearly everyday, not broody and super friendly. They love to forage and are my gardening partners following and helping as I pull weeds or dig, did I say friendly?!!! Amazing ducks!!

December 8, 2020 | Female is Outstanding

I ordered Miss Callie as a duckling and have been quite pleased with her! Shes a very friendly duck, hardy, and she has wonderful colors!