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Cayuga Ducks
Cayuga Ducks Cayuga Ducks

Cayuga Ducks

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The Cayuga breed is thought to have been developed from the wild Black Duck breed in the region of Lake Cayuga in New York. This makes it one of the few duck breeds originating in the United States. Prior to the arrival of the Pekin breed, they were the bird of choice for meat production in the Northeast. Once the Pekin arrived with its white feathers and cleaner appearing carcass, the Cayuga quickly lost its appeal. They remain a very hardy duck and many of their eggs have varying degrees of gray in the shell color. On rare occasions they will lay a pure black egg.

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Their feather color is very similar to the Black East Indie but records indicate the Cayuga was developed before the Black East Indie. Both have a very brilliant "beetle" green sheen to their feathers. This is especially evident on the head of the male. As they age, however, Cayuga become almost all white after several years. This changing of colors occurs much quicker in females than males. In addition, their black legs turn more orangish in color as they age.


Customer Reviews of Cayuga Ducks

October 16, 2020 | Cute little ducklings at home safe and sound.

We got all of our Cayuga ducklings healthy today. We are so excited for their eggs.

November 30, 2020 | Excellent duck purchase

I purchased 3 female ducks end of May they came mid June and they are now producing beautiful eggs. They were very happy and healthy when they arrived and I could not be happier with my ducks and the service provided by this fantastic company.

December 8, 2020 | Beautiful Ducks

I ordered hatching Cayuga eggs [3/5] survived. The ducks that survived were healthy and now showing beautiful, vibriant colors. They are not skiddish at all, one will let me hold them and waits to be the last duck in the coop at night. I pick her up for some pets before ushering her in with the others. Very pleased!

April 27, 2021 | Daphne!

This tiny little girl is sweet, alert, and happily steps up into our hands. Darling, and healthy! Thank you!