Duck, Goose & Chicken Hatchery

Feed and Nutrition for Ducks & Geese

Following are supplies you can use to start your baby birds. We have chosen the best from several different manufacturers.

It is best to ship the equipment and starter feed at least one week in advance of your birds to ensure the equipment arrives and is set up when the babies arrive. If these are mailed at the same time as the babies, the babies will probably arrive a day or two before any regular boxes as live animals take priority at the post office. We can include the Brooder Thermometer, Poult Pak or five pounds of Waterfowl Starter Feed with your duckling or gosling order. The remaining supplies cannot be included in the chick box with the babies.

If this is your first time raising ducklings or goslings, we recommend you look through our collection of Books. Many of these will make an excellent reference as you raise your birds.