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Floor Panels for Waterfowl

Pekin Ducks on Waterfowl Floor Panels

Waterfowl have a tendency to make their pen wet around their waterer. To prevent this, it is best to use some sort of plastic or wire flooring so the spilled water and manure goes through the floor and out of reach of the birds. No more mud! To make this possible for you, we are offering USA made 2'x4' Plastic Waterfowl Floor Panels that can be screwed on to a frame of 2"x4" lumber.

If you use deep litter, you can use wider lumber to keep the floor above the litter or add extensions as the litter becomes deeper. If you have a dirt floor, just dig a hole below the flooring so the water drains down and not sideways into the litter. If you have a concrete floor, drain the water outside the building.

Ducks find this flooring very comfortable and will spend as much time on it as their litter floor. We use this flooring underneath the waterers for all our ducks.

The hole size is designed for birds over six weeks of age. If you want to use the panels for day old birds, just roll some 1/2'x1/2' hardware cloth over it until they are six weeks of age.

If you use a single waterer for your birds we would recommend a minimum of two of our Plastic Waterfowl Floor Panels to make a 4'x4' floor.

The video on how to install Floor Panels is coming soon...


Plastic floor panels for waterfowl