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Mix Your Own Feeds For Ducks and Geese

Sometimes feed stores do not have a feed with the protein content you want. If you want to combine two feeds with different protein percentages to achieve a specific protein level in between the two percentages, use the following calculator. The protein level should be given on all sacked, mixed feeds. If you are wanting to mix in a single type of grain, the table at the bottom has typical protein levels for these grains.
What is the percent of protein in Feed A? %
How many pounds of Feed A will you be using? lbs.
What is the percent of protein in Feed B? %
What is the percent of protein you wish to achieve? %

You can use this calculator for balancing any two nutrient levels, not just protein. Use it to balance energy, or calcium, or niacin, or...

Protein content of various feeds:

Wheat, Hard13.51440
Wheat, Soft10.81460
Millet, Pearl12.01470
Alfalfa Pellets15.0881

**Source: 2009 "Feedstuffs" Reference & Buyers' Guide