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Fascinating Waterfowl Articles

Duck Revolution Combines Rice Growing, Raising Ducks An article by Vicky Boyd in the September 6, 2023 issue of AgAlert.
What happens when you integrate a farming system that involves producing ducks and rice simultanteously in the same field.

More good reading from Chicken Whisperer Magazine: Chicken and Ducks - Together? by John Metzer

John Metzer discusses the options open to you when deciding What Duck is Right for You? Published here in the Chicken Whisperer Magazine.

When New Farming Fails Farmer Jeff Siewicki's story of pastured poultry success. Jeff is passionate about regenerative agriculture and this is his story of him going from backyard flock to profitable regenerative farming at its best. Published in The The Chicken Whisperer, Spring 2022.

Why Not Duck Eggs? An article by John Metzer for Chicken Whisperer Magazine.
"When chefs covet duck eggs, you know they're special..."
The article covers the many benefits of duck eggs, the similarities and differences between duck eggs and chicken eggs, and some tips on raising happy, healthy ducks.

The Best Egg Layers for Your Backyard Poultry Flock An article by Sam Schipani for Hello Homestead.
This article will help you choose the right birds for your homestead flock.
"When considering which birds are best for eggs, there are a few aspects to consider: how big the eggs are, how often they lay eggs and, for some Instagram-minded homesteaders, how colorful the eggs they lay are..."

The Duck Egg Market Takes Off An article written by Emily Liedel for Modern Farmer describing the growth in demand and production of duck eating eggs throughout the United States.

Advantages of Ducks and Their Eggs
An article written by John Metzer for the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Newsletter. It describes the advantages, qualities and uses of duck eggs, how to manage the ducks for maximum egg production and where to get breeding stock and duck eggs to sample

Are Your Ducks And Geese Overweight?
This is an article from The Poultry Magazine that was originally posted on our blog.

Quack An Egg For Baking (Part 1)
Quack An Egg For Baking (Part 2 - Recipes)
An article on a customer of ours, LTD Farms in Wisconsin, and their production and marketing of duck eggs - along with recipes especially suited for duck eggs.

Water Off a Duck's Back - Showers and Troughs Match Ponds for Improving Duck Welfare
Research done in England comparing the preference of ducks to showers, baths, troughs or nipples for their nutritional and recreational needs.

Duck, Duck, Goose
By David Frey, published by Tractor Supply's Outhere magazine 2010.

Raising Ducks
This is an excellent article on comparing chickens and ducks for egg production from a small backyard flock. And then once you have made the right choice to go with the ducks, it tells you how to manage a small flock for maximum egg production. By Dave Holderread, published in Backyard Poultry.

Geese for Water Hyacinth Control
This is an article describing experiments done on how to control water hyacinth with geese. By BL Damron and HR Wilson, published in American Small Farm.

Improving Your Land with Grazing Waterfowl
A motivating article on the benefits of grazing waterfowl on your land to improve its fertility and productivity. By Jessica Klick, published in Backyard Poultry.

Single Stage Incubation
Maybe you can adopt the techniques of single stage incubation to improve your hatchability! By John Metzer, published in NAGA News.

Hawaii Duck Protocol
This is a detailed description of how to use ducks to control snails in taro farms in Hawaii. Much of this information can be used for your own non-taro garden or pond. By Penny Levin, published in Statewide Strategic Control Plan for Apple Snail in Hawaii

Unusual Brain Compositon in Crested Ducks
This is a detailed research article on the differences in the brains of Crested Ducks, interesting reading for the more science oriented of us. By Julia Cnotka, published in Brain Research Bulletin.

Mule Ducks
This is an article about the genetics behind moulards, or mule ducks.

Duck Welfare Study
Professor Marion Stamp Dawkins, Professor of Animal Behaviour of Oxford University, puts the record straight with regard to her research into duck welfare that was criticised in the popular media recently.

Using Weeder Geese
A terrific article on the use of weeder geese to improve your land. Includes information on selection, management of geese, and best practices. By John Metzer

Calling All Canadas
This article describes how to construct Canada goose nests that attract geese and are protected from predators. Please note, however, that Canada geese should only be attracted to areas where they will not cause a nuisance and are at least two miles from the nearest airport for public safety.
By George T. Kammerer III