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Super African Geese
Super African Geese Super African Geese Super African Geese

Super African Geese

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All African geese originate in China and our Super African is an exact replica of the Lion Head goose of China. Looking at pictures and drawings from 150 years ago, it is striking how little the breed has changed. It is large with a well developed dewlap. As they are a bit more vocal than other breeds, and larger, the Super African might be the best guard goose we have.

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Some claim that the dewlap on the African was developed by crossing Africans with the Dewlap Toulouse. This is not the case, however, as the large, dewlapped African geese were in Europe fifty years before the Dewlap Toulouse geese were ever developed. Because of their larger size, the Super African do not lay as many eggs as the African nor are they as fertile. They are a very strong goose, however, and should be with you for many years.


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